2018: A Year of Transitioning

One year ago, in my reflections for 2017, I wrote:

This has been a year of preparation for something that is up ahead. What it is, and in what form, only the Lord knows. But the message (or more accurately, a word of caution) to me is clear. What God wants to do through Archippus Awakening cannot be achieved by one person. It may have begun with me, but it will grow beyond me. It has to. It must. If not, then the vision is way too small. As always, God is wise and He is absolutely right. I can’t argue with Him at all. There have been many moments this year where I have felt totally stretched, wondering how I can even go on. And yet, the Lord says, “Get Ready! If you think 2017 is full, wait till you see what has been lined up for 2018 and beyond.”

2017: A Year To Get Ready!

As I pause and look back at what has taken place in 2018, all I can say is, “Wow!” Allow me to share some highlights to the glory of God.

Awakening Events

In 2018, Archippus Awakening was involved in a total of 13 Awakening Events, bringing the message of awakening across the various platforms of retreats, camps and seminars (not including church services and fellowship meetings), in and out of Singapore:

  1. General Conference WSCS Methodist Church Leadership Seminar (16-17 Mar)
  2. Bedok Methodist Church WSCS Retreat (6-8 Apr)
  3. AAA Seminar @ Kidapawan City AG Church, Philippines (3-4 May)
  4. Bukit Panjang Methodist Church English Congregation Leadership Retreat (27-28 May)
  5. All Saints Presbyterian Church Camp (8-10 Jun)
  6. Paya Lebar Chinese Methodist Church English Congregation Camp (14-17 Jun)
  7. AAA Seminar @ Woodlands Evangelical Free Church (30 Jun)
  8. Woodlands Evangelical Free Church Young Adults Retreat (9-12 Aug)
  9. AAA Seminar @ Life in the Son Fellowship, Guam USA (5-6 Oct)
  10. AAA Seminar @ Bartley Christian Church (3 Nov)
  11. Bartley Christian Church Intercessors Retreat (23-24 Nov)
  12. AAA Seminar @ Salem Chapel (28-30 Dec)

Across the weekend of 3-5 August, we had our very own Awakening Event: AWE2018 at Changi Cove Singapore. This 5th AWE was an anniversary edition as we marked Archippus Awakening’s 4th Anniversary with friends and ministry partners in a year of prophetic significance.

At the anniversary dinner, the Archippus Affirmation video was launched, a powerful 3-min clip describing what it means to be an Archippus, awakened, aligned and assigned. #iamarchippus

Commissioning of Second Book: Alignment Check

On 19 September, Archippus Awakening’s second book, Alignment Check, was commissioned. This follow-on volume provides practical handles on how to conduct a personal alignment check towards discovering and fulfilling kingdom assignments. We have been very encouraged by the positive reviews received. At the same time, as Say To Archippus went into its 5th print, we took the took opportunity to give it a fresh cover, to be consistent with Alignment Check.


By the Lord’s grace, it has been more than three years since KINGDOM101 started in March 2015. And we are still plodding on, quietly and consistently. We covered 18 more sessions this year, reaching Matthew 12. More than just another bible study, the three-fold objective of KINGDOM101 remains the same: 1) to know the King, 2) to embrace His kingdom, and 3) to receive kingdom assignments. Join us when KINGDOM101 resumes with 12 more sessions in 2019.

MAP: Mentoring Aligning Process (Jun – Dec 2018)

Last year, we piloted this aligning initiative of Archippus Awakening. This year, under the leadership of Pastor Susheel, MAP had its second run involving nine MAPpers and five mentors. After six months of learning and processing the Alignment Check through the A-R-E-A framework, it was truly heartwarming to hear each share how they are now more aligned with Jesus and kingdom perspectives. Some have also received better understanding and deeper insights about their own kingdom assignments.

2018: A Year of Transitioning

If 2017 was a year for us to get ready, then clearly, 2018 has been a year of transitioning. Although I am still the main voice of Archippus Awakening, the Lord is preparing others to declare this message of awakening. In this past year, I am excited to note that more and more are stepping up to share the load. Not all may be preachers or teachers, but true to the spirit of what Archippus Awakening is about, we are all happy to remain “almost anonymous” as long as the saints are awakened to serve Jesus through their God-given kingdom assignments. (Read their Archippian journeys and stories: Testimonies).

I closed last year’s reflection on this note:

It is time to “enlarge the place of your tent” (Isaiah 54:2). It is time to build the arc: A community of Archippuses who will assemble, exhorting one another to remain awakened, aligned and assigned. We will also be ready to release each one to his or her kingdom assignments in their Areas of Operation. We are not bound by membership or obligation, but by kingdom connections, partnerships and relationships. We will be fellow soldiers who will celebrate one another – our struggles, our successes, our stories.

2017: A Year To Get Ready!

To be sure, it will be a while yet before we are even close to realising this. That said, I am encouraged that we are moving in the right direction. What the Lord has begun to do in 2018, I believe we will see greater clarity in 2019 and the years ahead. As with all transitions, there can be many moments of uncertainty, even anxiety. We don’t see every step precisely along the way. But we know that as we plan and move forward, the Lord is with us and He will direct us accordingly.

“A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

On this note of transitioning, the Archippus Awakening website is presently undergoing a revamp. Bear with us as we transition to a new look to welcome the new year. Give us suggestions on how to improve and what else to include so that we can serve the body of Christ more effectively.

Wow! I still can’t believe that it has been five years since I first received the assignment of Archippus Awakening in 2013. Where we are today, it is entirely by the Lord’s grace and His enablement. All praise and glory belong to Him, and Him alone. I also give thanks to the Lord for bringing so many to journey with me. These have stood by me and cheered me on through the toughest of times, and continue to do so. To these Archippuses – dear brothers and sisters, fellow soldiers – I honour and salute each and every one of you.

Lord Jesus, as You have led us thus far, You will lead us forward into 2019 and beyond. We don’t know how long this transitioning will be, or what it may bring. We only know to stand on Your faithfulness and to rest in Your grace, knowing that You are worthy of our highest praise and our deepest devotion. May we all be found faithful to fulfil our kingdom assignments to the glory of Your name and kingdom!

“The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests with the Lord.” Proverbs 21:31

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