Awakening Event: AAA Seminar Guam 5-6 Oct 2018

To the glory of God, and by His grace, Team Archippus just returned from declaring the message of Archippus Awakening in Guam, USA. Yes, you read it right … Guam, USA.

Last July, Pastors Mark and Terry Benevente were in Singapore, ministering at my home church (Full Gospel Assembly) in their capacity as directors of Elijah House Guam. That weekend, I was the rostered speaker at FGA, sharing the one and only message upon my heart – Archippus Awakening. After the service, Ps Mark approached me and said, “Our church needs this message. Can we fly you over to Guam to declare it?” We set up a lunch to chat more. Looking through our ministry schedules, September or October 2018 were possible options. Across the next months and a few email exchanges, the dates were finally set as 3-8 October 2018.

Team Archippus (from left): Siew Hoon, Lay Leng, Helen, Ps Mark, Henson, Henry, Ruth & David.

2018 has been an exciting year for Archippus Awakening. As I shared at our 4th Anniversary Dinner on 3 August 2018, “Recognising the prophetic significance of 2018, in anticipation of what God is going to do in and through Singapore, in the region and around the world, Archippus Awakening is prepared for the increase that is to come (whatever that means, in whatever form) as we cross from the 4th year into the 5th year.” Although we didn’t know what the Lord has in store, there were already two items on the calendar that we could look forward to: 1) Book Commissioning of Alignment Check in September; and 2) AAA Seminar in Guam USA in October.

I was all prepared to travel alone this time, but the Lord had other plans. He opened the way for Siew Hoon and Lay Leng; and then my children, David and Ruth. A while later, I learned that my parents had rearranged their travel plans to join us in Guam (one day later). Just like that, Team Archippus was assembled and formed!

Team Archippus with send-off party (the Lim Tribe & Ps Susheel)

Our journey started from Terminal 1 of Changi International Airport at 1:30pm, Wednesday 3 October. We flew to Manila, laid over for almost 4 hours, and then to Guam, arriving at 4:30am the next day. Pastor Mark was such a welcome sight as we stepped out after clearing immigration and customs. Thankfully, the hotel was just 10mins away and we were all very happy to quickly check-in and get some sleep before meeting Ps Mark for lunch.

After a lovely Mexican lunch, we did a little sightseeing. Driving around, it felt more like a holiday than a ministry trip. Ps Mark brought us atop Mount Santa Rosa, the highest peak, where we prayed over Guam. We stopped by Ps Mark’s home for a while before heading out to Two Lovers Point. Although drizzling when we got there, the skies cleared up in time for beautiful sunset shots, followed by dinner with Ps Mark and Ps Terry.

Our first stop on Friday morning was Life in the Son Christian Fellowship, the host church and venue for the AAA Seminar. After settling projection details and setting up the book table, we spent some time praying for the seminar.

We then headed off to SureStay Hotel for the Guam Ministers’ Association lunch fellowship, where I was privileged to share a short devotional with the gathering of pastors and ministers, exhorting all never to settle for mediocrity in our service to the Lord and His people.

The AAA Seminar kicked off to a good start on Friday night with the introductory session, “Another Awakening: Who is Archippus?

The next day, the remaining four sessions were delivered, “Staying Awake: Ready & Prepared“, “What’s in a Name?: Enough Horsing Around“, “Alignment Check: AA to AO” and “Finish the Race: Go for Gold“.

Siew Hoon and Lay Leng took turns to share their own Archippian journeys. David played with the worship team. Ruth managed the presentation from the AV booth. Dad took photos, and Mom was quietly supportive.

The response to the message of Archippus Awakening was very positive. Lay Leng reflects, “God has indeed gone ahead of Team Archippus to Guam and started His awesome work in the hearts of these beautiful people at the AAA Seminar. We were much encouraged by their hunger to receive the Archippus Awakening message by Ps Henson.” Siew Hoon shares the same sentiments, “The Lord indeed had prepared hearts to receive the awakening message. I was very encouraged to see the response of the people at the altar, and many kept coming to buy the books (which sold out very quickly).

The Lord was not only present with us at the AAA Seminar but also at Sunday’s service. Siew Hoon writes, “I felt the presence of the Lord once I stepped into the sanctuary that morning.  When worship started, His presence became stronger.  I sensed that the love and presence of God was like a canvas above everyone.”

After bringing the message “The Walk of the Wise“, an invitation was made for salvation and eight persons responded to believe in Jesus. What joy and excitement as we stood and prayed alongside these new brothers and sisters in Christ!

From left: Lay Leng, Siew Hoon, Henson, Ps Mark, Ps Terry, Helen, Ruth, David & Henry.

Our Guam ministry trip drew to a close on Sunday night with a simple celebration meal with Ps Mark and Ps Terry. We give thanks to the Lord for their gracious invitation to Guam and their warm hospitality in Guam. Our prayers continue to be with them as they lead and guide awakened Archippuses towards kingdom assignments in Guam. God willing, we will have another opportunity to co-labour again in the near future.

On Monday 8 October, 4:30am, we left Sante Fe Hotel, making our way to the airport for our flight to Singapore via Manila. Thank God for journey mercies, we arrived at 1:30pm, 10mins ahead of schedule.

To God be all praise, honour and glory! #iamarchippus #aaaguam

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