Awakening Event: Bedok MC WSCS Women’s Retreat 6-8 April 2018

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We give thanks and praise to the Lord for yet another opportunity to declare the message of Archippus Awakening to the Body of Christ. This time, the invitation came from Bedok Methodist Church’s WSCS President, Mrs Annie Yeo. Learning about Archippus Awakening at their WSCS AGM in 2016, she wanted more to be awakened, aligned and assigned for the Lord.

Over the weekend of 6-8 April, 30 women gathered in Hatten Hotel, Melaka (and one brother, as official photographer). It was an intense time of learning and processing. That said, it was also a warm weekend of fellowship and fun.

“I have been awakened at the retreat by Ps Henson’s teaching. It’s now my part to intentionally stay awake, working towards my alignment check with God to receive His assignment. A war horse in the making? ” – Mrs Annie Yeo, President, BMC-WSCS

Here are some of the ladies’ main takeaways:

“I never thought going to a retreat can get slapped by God. It was truly an awakening event that I have learned so much through this retreat. How to move my perspective of salvation view to the kingdom view. A few points that I have taken away from this retreat: 1) Never say never if your heart is right with God on His mission. Everything starts with love and doing it for the kingdom; 2) Always do self check and align with God constantly. For example : what is my alignment with the 4 traits [of one who is awakened and aligned]? I never come across asking these questions to myself before; 3) Hot, Cold, Lukewarm illustration kept me thinking where is my current position. My current serving – was it just completely activities?; and, 4) Am I ready running the race like a war horse for God with the assignment given to me? Or just for a show ? Last but not least, the part of the Alignment Check from AA to AO is my biggest takeaway. Need to go home to slowly digest it. It does blow my mind off. What am I doing for Jesus ? “Focus on the aligning. Let God do the assignment.” Not only self check but aligning with God’s purpose is the most important for me now. Thank you Pastor Henson for the message and thank you sisters Lay Leng and Phei Nee.” – Jovi Low

“Praise the Lord for making it  possible for me to join the retreat. I am glad that I went and I felt that I have learned a lot from Pastor Henson’s teaching. At least now I can understand the 3 words, Awakened, Aligned and Assigned. I remember hearing Ps Henson preaching this two years ago at our WSCS AGM but somehow nothing went into my head. However, at this retreat, I felt God was with me and I was very focused and could understand Ps Henson’s message loud and clear. Thus it has AWAKENED me. I pray for God’s grace and guidance to make me a strong ‘war’ horse and not a ‘show’ horse. I pray for spiritual and physical strength in order to be able to align and to do assignments for the Glory of God’s kingdom. Lastly, God blessed the retreat with a good and obedient community. God blessed me with new friends during the retreat. Glory to God and thank You, Lord for the retreat.” – Jennifer Quay.

“My main takeaway from this retreat is that we are all Archippuses who need to wake up and be aligned to the assignment that God has given to each of us. Discipleship starts from the time we accepted Christ as our Lord and Saviour. Pastor Henson’s teachings really open my mind to understand that while I can be so busy doing many activities at church and even outside of church, yet they may not be God’s given assignments.  it also makes me re-evaluate my current activities to confirm whether my direction is aligned to God’s given assignment. Most importantly is the alignment check. I am looking forward to the empowerment by God to do His assignment. He is the King and I want to just totally rely on Him, obey Him and be empowered by Him to do whatever He has assigned to me. Unless we obey, the power doesn’t flow. Thus the most important is to have a relationship in Him and rest in Him, and our assignments will come at His timing. I am looking forward to attend the next Awakening Event in August.” – Doris Tan

“Nobodies getting out of slumber … Awakening out of a deep slumber requires a compelling reason.  And the end times time-line is certainly compelling.  At least for many of us who were at the Retreat (6-8 Apr 18) taught by Pastor Henson Lim, it was compelling enough for us to ask “What next” after being awakened. For me, it was an awakening to the fact that in God’s kingdom, nobodies have a role and function, albeit in a life-time that might never ever be noticed.  I felt burdened and yet uplifted by this.  Being a nobody gives one tremendous licence to “just do church” without too much fuss.  But not anymore since Archippus was a non-entity reminded to heed his ministry in God’s kingdom. Hence, the burden of “What next?” But it was for me, uplifting to also know that nobody is too non-descript or insignificant NOT to be given assignments from God.    How amazing is that?!  The Word of God is filled with the lives and deeds of spiritual giants.  How do “nobodies” measure up?  Why will He use nobodies?  How do the nobodies or Archippuses fulfil the God given assignments in alignment with His will?  Surely spiritual giants can do them better?  But I worship an extraordinary God.  He uses the foolish things of the world to shame the wise.  And being unknown, unseen, and unheard of – gives the nobodies, a perfect launching pad for an “invisible ministry” known only to God and aligned to His will.  Surely,  the collective power of awakened “war horses” in the spiritual lives of nobodies can become such a force to be harnessed for the work of His kingdom.” – Mrs Tay Sor Har

The Lord also provided the opportunity to bring two Archippuses along to partner and support Henson in this kingdom assignment. Since it was a women’s retreat, it was only appropriate to invite two sisters to share their own Archippian journeys to encourage the ladies. And Lay Leng and Phei Nee both did so very well. Here are their reflections and learning experiences:

“When Ps Henson first asked if I would like to join him on this retreat, I was very excited. It would be such a great opportunity to gallop with the Master horse! I had to contain the excitement, and as Pheinee and I prayed together for this retreat, the excitement grew. And now I know why! There were so many ‘Hallelujahs’! Witnessing again and again the hunger in the ladies, their heart always postured to receive, was a ‘Hallelujah’ for me. Hush. One could hear the pin drop. The atmosphere in the room was intense. The ladies were listening. Ps Henson was teaching on the urgency to know and fulfill our assignments, as the battle rages in these challenging last days we live in. One could hear the loud silence, and imagine the message sinking in. When the ladies were presenting their takeaways it was evident that God has handpicked these ones to be channels of the AA message to many more. Hallelujah! Receiving first-class hospitality from the ladies was yet another ‘Hallelujah’. They fed us from the coach to the meeting room to the stopovers. Pheinee and I were assigned to share our Archippian journey and take part in the group discussions. The ladies had also received our sharing with grace and openness. From receiving the Archippus Awakening message to now declaring it, I found myself much moved in my heart as I recounted God’s greatness and goodness. I was in my hallelujah zone! Finally I cherish the sweet moments loving and serving our King together with Team Archippus – Ps Henson and Pheinee. We wanted a mini celebration (over waffles) of a completed kingdom assignment. But we couldn’t locate the restaurant. Ps Henson had been standing long hours after teaching four full sessions and facilitating two group discussions but he walked on with us. I was touched by his heart for our King and His people. Salute.” – Tan Lay Leng

“I too was very excited about this retreat. I knew that I would definitely learn a lot from Ps Henson and Lay Leng. And what a trip it was! My heart was full; filled to the brim by the love, warmth and the hospitality extended to us by the ladies at the WSCS retreat. One key thanksgiving for me is definitely God’s empowerment throughout the whole retreat. While Lay Leng was in her ‘hallelujah zone’, I was definitely not in mine! Speaking in front of adults has never been what I enjoy doing and what more in front of a group of ladies with such rich experiences themselves. However the Holy Spirit moved powerfully, and granted me the boldness to speak and share what He has deposited in my heart for the ladies. It was no longer about me and what I could do but to trust Him in every step of the way and allowing Him to lead and guide me. Another highlight for me was sitting with the ladies listening to their discussions and hearing them articulating their takeaways from the retreat. Lay Leng and I had prayed that God would prepare their hearts to receive the AA message but He did more than we had asked for! My heart leapt when I heard the ladies readily using the Archippian language and there was such openness to receive. I knew many of them had not only received the message but it had taken root in their hearts. I had my Hallelujah moment during the group discussions when many questions about the Kingdom were raised and one of which was if there was a difference between a believer and a disciple. This was exactly what we had gone through during our MAP session! I was so thankful for the opportunity to articulate what I have learned. The word ‘teamwork’ kept surfacing in my mind as I was reflecting on the whole trip. There’s just this sense of common purpose that bind us together and us moving in sync with the Holy Spirt. Not forgetting there was a group of powerful of intercessors who were praying for us back at home in Singapore. I guess that was one of the key difference when we were on assignment. Lastly, I am truly grateful to be part of the team. I have learned much by just observing the Master Horse on assignment. Appreciate Lay Leng’s heart to serve and even though she is in her ‘hallelujah zone’ she never takes things for granted and always postures herself to listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. There were many precious moments during the whole retreat. I am thankful for this opportunity to serve alongside Ps Henson and Lay Leng!” – Ong Phei Nee

Thanks to Annie and BMC-WSCS for hosting us and looking after us so well. We believe that God has begun something in the hearts of these women as they bring back the message of Archippus Awakening to Bedok Methodist Church, and into their respective Areas of Operation (AO). May the Lord continue to work through each of these as they are awakened, aligned and assigned for Jesus and His kingdom! All glory and praise to the Lord!

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