Team Archippus returns to Philippines to declare AA Message

The “Awakened. Aligned. Assigned.” Seminar in Kidapawan City was originally scheduled for November 2017. However, in view of the Marawi situation, it was postponed to May 2018.

But God’s timing is perfect.

Pastor Joel Acaso, Senior Pastor of Kidapawan City Assembly of God Church (KCAG), would update that in November, the Lord brought revival to KCAG. Although exciting, after a few months, many started asking, “What next?” This is not an unfamiliar question at all. What happens after God brings an awakening? The ground had been prepared for Team Archippus to bring Archippus Awakening’s message of “Awakened. Aligned. Assigned.” to KCAG at the AAA Seminar on 3-4 May 2018.

TEAM ARCHIPPUS (from left): Lindsay, David, Anna, Aaron, Henson, Lay Leng, Steven, Susheel, Kwee Lee, Siew Hoon.

Archippus Awakening was briefly first shared in Philippines at the Prayer & Leadership Seminar in October 2014 (the ministry had just been birthed in August 2014). On that trip, I travelled and ministered alone.

3.5 years later, Team Archippus, comprising our own first fruits, returned – significantly – to the City of Fruits and Highland Springs to present the full message of Archippus Awakening:

  1. Another Awakening: Who is Archippus?
  2. The Kingdom Advances: Fellow Soldiers
  3. Stay Awake: Ready & Prepared?
  4. What’s in a Name?: Enough Horsing Around
  5. The Place of Grace: There’s Work To Be Done
  6. Alignment Check: From AA to AO
  7. Tour of Duty: Shared Kingdom Experiences
  8. Finish the Race: Go for Gold!

In all, eight sessions across two full days and nights, supported by the Archippian journeys and experiences of team members.

On Saturday morning (5 May), two teams joined KCAG in village outreaches and feeding programmes. I stayed back with Pastor Joel for a prayer meeting. It is exciting to note that the Lord has begun something in the island of Mindanao. What a privilege to stand with my Pinoy brothers and sisters, to pray for Philippines.

After that, we met with a few pastors to hear what God is doing in the nation, and how He might be leading. A national event has been planned in South Cotabato and an invitation has been extended to Archippus Awakening to be a part of this initiative.

On Sunday (6 May), team members were assigned to preach and minister at four churches. After that, we re-assembled for a celebration lunch with KCAG, giving glory to the Lord for all He has done! That night, we were hosted to another Filipino meal. We even got to experience a typical blackout and had to dine in the dark. Even so, it was a meaningful time interacting and fellowshipping with the leaders of KCAG.

We give thanks and praise to God for new friends and kingdom partners in Philippines. God willing, we pray that the Archippus Awakening message will move out from Kidapawan City, to awaken and impact even more Archippuses in Philippines.

Team Archippus Takeaways:
Susheel, Anna & Steven
Lay Leng & Siew Hoon
Kwee Lee & Lindsay
David & Aaron
KCAG Church Shares

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