Awakening Event: GC WSCS Leadership Development Seminar 16-17 Mar 2018

I thank God for the programme that the WSCS women participated from 16-17 March 2018.  Pastor Henson Lim‘s sharing was so passionately delivered that it inspired us to recognize our need to be awakened and be aligned in order to fulfill our respective roles and tasks as leaders to bring Glory to Jesus and God’s Kingdom.

Although the seminar was only one and a half days, it was an enriching, inspiring and a blessed time of learning.

Henson, with Chinese translator, Wai Yee.

The following are testimonies from two CAC WSCS sisters:

“It was a miracle that the Lord touched the hearts of thirty-six CAC WSCS women from nine CAC Churches to attend this awesome leadership training initiated by GC WSCS! Many of us from the CAC churches heard Pastor Henson for the first time and it was refreshing, inspirational and motivating to hear of what God has said to Archippus and how we, as women in the Body of Christ can respond to that call too, for us to be awakened, aligned and assigned and to live our lives worthy of our calls in Christ Jesus. It is definitely a seminar strongly encouraged and recommended for all to attend!” Daisy Ling, Vice President, CAC WSCS

Ladies of the General Conference Women’s Society of Christian Service (GCWSCS) of the Methodist Church of Singapore declaring the Archippus Awakening Battle Cry!

“Pastor Henson Lim shared the Word of God with so much passion and urgency. All the women present learnt that we need to be awakened, aligned in order to know and fulfill our God-given Kingdom assignments. We were reminded that we are to focus on Jesus, to know the Will of God for us, to know our Kingdom assignments at various seasons of our lives. Let us march on as Army of God, be obedient to Him to fulfill our Kingdom assignments for God’s Glory!” Dawn Lim Hwee Siok, Ang Mo Kio CAC WSCS

My personal takeaway – there were many challenges in organizing the seminar, however, our Lord Jesus is an Awesome God who removed all obstacles and fulfilled His Plan and Will. It was a second time for me attending Pastor Henson‘s teachings, nonetheless, it was indeed a blessed and refreshing time!  I was indeed Awakened, Aligned and Assigned to do His Kingdom Assignments and not my personal assignments! Praise God and Glory to Him for His Blessings upon His beloved women!

With President Li Bee (second from left) and Vice-Presidents of GC WSCS.

May God continue to do his Work through the women in WSCS by Awakening, Aligning, and Assigning them to the Area of Operation to do His Assignments to raise His Kingdom!

Contributed by Ms Deviki James, Vice President, GC WSCS
The Methodist Church in Singapore

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