KINGDOM101 Three Years On: What A Trek It Has Been!

This praise report must most certainly begin with doxology: To God be all glory, honour and praise!

After receiving the assignment of Archippus Awakening, I sought the Lord for what to do next. His words to me: “Teach the kingdom. Use the gospel of Matthew.” That started the notion of offering an expository series that revisits the fundamentals of the kingdom of God. The objective: That the right kingdom foundations may be laid that kingdom assignments may be received and fulfilled. This initiative would be entitled KINGDOM101, drawing from the academic usage of the term 101, denoting an introductory level of learning or a collection of introductory materials to a topic – the kingdom of God in our case.On 18 March 2015, the expository journey of KINGDOM101 started in #11-11 CT Hub. It wasn’t long before participants realised that this was not the regular bible study or a typical course most are used to. We may have started, but we sure don’t know when it would end!

After three years of KINGDOM101 and 72 sessions later (now at FGA@Playfair), we are only just about to complete Matthew 9! Then again, therein lies the main point: It’s not about attending another programme, or quickly finishing another course only to sign up for another. My invitation to all is that they come because they want to know Jesus as their king, to embrace what His kingdom is all about, and then to receive and serve Jesus through their kingdom assignments.

Thanks to technology, KINGDOM101 is able to serve those who can’t make it on Wednesday nights, and also extend its reach beyond the shores of Singapore. Each teaching session is edited and uploaded to the Archippus Awakening channel on SoundCloud and iTunes. The stats reveal a very encouraging figure of more than 28,000 plays (give or take a few bots – haha!).

In marking this three-year milestone, here are some cheers and words of encouragement from KINGDOM101 trekkers:

“KINGDOM: 1 – One of the sharpest teachings; 0 – Zero regrets attending; 1 – One too many gleanings. Many More Anniversaries Coming!” Tan Lay Leng

“CONGRATS Henson & Team Archippus ! Since joining KINGDOM101 late Oct 2017, I’ve truly been awakened & blessed by your clear faithful teaching (& enlightening book). Re-aligning gradually to HIS assignment – journey of following our awesome Master.” Eugene Ang

“Happy 3rd Anniversary KINGDOM101! Though it’s only my 3rd visit, I believe God is weaving something out of these meetings in everyone’s lives if we make an effort to come.  Thank you Rev Henson for your sacrifice: time and effort put into learning the Word and preparing the slides to present us a better, clearer picture and understanding at every teaching session! With this, you have also provided us a platform to meet people from different denominations and different walks of life, to come together in one accord to worship the Almighty! 加油吧!” Pat Tan

“Congrats and let’s continue to press on for the Kingdom of God!” Gracie & Alfred

“I’m thankful to God for using Brother Henson through KINGDOM101, spurring me to read deeper into God’s Word. In the process, being awakened in my faith journey, yearning to be more aligned and receiving courage to do His assignments for me. KINGDOM101 has helped me seek God’s Kingdom through knowing, loving & serving my King Jesus by His Holy Spirit’s empowerment! Go Go Go 加油 KINGDOM101 till His Kingdom comes, His Will be done!!!” Catherine Chan

“Congrats to KINGDOM101 on reaching your third year on 18 Mar 2018! I am so glad to be part of KINGDOM101 since her inception and I truly have been blessed by the many teachings. Even for those few times I could not attend due to work or other urgent commitments, I would always look out for the uploading of the recording the very next morning. They have helped me align to God’s heart and His kingdom in all that I set out to do as God’s child. Rev Henson’s teaching at KINGDOM101 about God’s kingdom (based on the book of Matthew) is not only very comprehensive and balanced, it is also taught with much boldness and prophetic insight without compromise. I appreciate the fact that Rev Henson has put in much effort in every aspect of the process to get the messages across to the listeners – from the preparation of the teachings to the preparation of all his teaching slides each week, from the recording of the teachings to the uploading of the teachings to Soundcloud to bless many more listeners.  Thanks Rev Henson for obeying God to start this KINGDOM101 expository journey so that many of us can know our assignments and go about with our kingdom assignments with much clarity and confidence.” Lindsay Lim

“CONGRATULATIONS!  KINGDOM101 on 3 years of faithful teaching.” Rosalind Tan

“KINGDOM101 is God’s gift to the Body of Christ through the anointed teaching of Rev Henson Lim.  I thank God for His servant’s faithfulness and diligence to impart sound solid meat from the Holy Scripture without compromise.  As a result, His Word becomes active, revelatory and transforming.  You will find your mind is being renewed, the eyes of your understanding is being enlightened and your spirit man enriched and you realize there is so much more for you to unlock and discover from the Word. It whets my appetite for more. May the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth continue to impart the teaching anointing on Rev Henson Lim so that the Body of Christ will grow in maturity and able to discern between the good and evil present in the last days.” Grace Chua

Needless to say, I am encouraged by these who cheer me on along the way. Amidst other ministry engagements, declaring the message of Archippus Awakening, it has not always been easy preparing and delivering each teaching. Every teacher and preacher understands the challenges of expository preaching. Even so, as much as I know that this is to serve the Body of Christ, I am well aware that the Lord is also using this exercise to teach me first – the one who has to teach learns the most! My eyes have been opened again and again to the upside-down kingdom of God. There is no easy way to say this but it needs to be said: The gap between what we understand as church and how we are to live as kingdom subjects is so very wide. May the Lord help us not only be hearers, but also doers of the Word.

Three years of KINGDOM101. What a trek it has been. And we are not about to stop. We will keeping going on, inviting others along the way so that more may be awakened, aligned and assigned for Jesus and His kingdom! A word of thanks and appreciation too to the many Archippuses who serve quietly and anonymously, helping out with the worship, sound, projection, reception, administration and logistics. What an honour to be serving alongside each and every one of you!

Cheer us on. Pray for us. Share the teachings. Better yet, join us.

“If you have not joined us yet, do take time to do so soon whenever the teachings are going on. You will never regret it as I believe it will set aflame a strong desire to align yourself to God’s heart about His kingdom purpose in your life. Another bonus for coming to KINGDOM101  is the chance to fellowship with the other like-minded kingdom brothers and sisters who are also serious about our Father’s business. Wait no more and join us soon.  Hope to see you at our next KINGDOM101 !” Lindsay Lim

Above all, give God all the praise, honour and glory!

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