Katakanlah Kepada Arkhipus: Bahasa Indonesia Version of Say to Archippus Commissioned!

On 27 May 2015, Say to Archippus was commissioned. The first print run, just a modest 1,000 copies, sold out within a few months. Presently in its fourth print run, the Lord has used this humble publication to awaken the saints towards knowing and fulfilling their kingdom assignments.
On 5 September 2016, 要对亚基布说, the Chinese version was commissioned, enabling the message of Archippus Awakening to reach Chinese congregations in Singapore and beyond. One such example is Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church. From a one-day GCWSCS leadership retreat, a copy of Say to Archippus was brought back to TACMC. This resulted in an invitation for the message of Archippus Awakening to be shared at their Family Camp in June 2017. With the availability of the Chinese version, we were able to reach both the English and Chinese congregations of this 128 year old church!

The idea of a Bahasa Indonesia version first surfaced after Pastor Yoel Sukardi attended the very first Awakening Event, AWE2015, two years ago. The Lord placed in his heart a desire to bring this message to the people of Indonesia. Although we planned for a 2016 seminar in Bekasi, it was not to be, given certain personal and ministry developments. After settling down in his new role in GSJA Merdeka Bandung, plans were revived for an Archippus Awakening Seminar, as well as the Bahasa Indonesia version of Say to Archippus. The dates were set for 17-21 August 2017. [Read Ministry Trip Report: A Humble Beginning in GSJA Merdeka Bandung. A Great Awakening in Indonesia.]

In the months that followed, Sis Brianna readily undertook the assignment to translate the book, in conjunction with Pastor Yoel. Katakanlah Kepada Arkhipus started to take shape. In March 2017, taking advantage of my parents’ trip to Bandung, I requested them to meet and shortlist a few publishers/printers. I made a personal visit in May to meet with Pastor Yoel and Sis Duma, as well as to confirm the selected printer. With this appointment, we had the additional input of Ibu Ria and her team as they provided invaluable guidance, working with Sis Brianna and Pastor Yoel. Across emails and WhatsApp messages, it was exciting to see Katakanlah Kepada Arkhipus come together slowly but surely.

On 17 August 2017, Team Archippus made our way to Bandung, Indonesia. There was a special significance as we landed on the country’s 72nd Independence Day. It was as if a fresh message of awakening was being brought in for this nation that God loves. [Read Ministry Trip Report: A Humble Beginning in GSJA Merdeka Bandung. A Great Awakening in Indonesia.]
At the opening night rally, on the night of 18 August, I shared the first message of Archippus Awakening. Sis Brianna then shared her testimony of how she has been duly impacted by the ministry of Archippus Awakening, through which the Lord assigned her to translate the book. Immediately after that, we proceeded to commission Katakanlah Kepada Arkhipus, the Bahasa Indonesia version of Say to Archippus.

It was such a lovely sight to behold as Team Archippus and the leaders of GSJA Merdeka Bandung stood together to pray and to dedicate this publication to the glory of God and for the purposes of His kingdom!

Puji Tuhan! All praise and thanks to the Lord for allowing us to celebrate yet another milestone for Archippus Awakening! Typical of what Archippus Awakening stands for, the Lord has chosen to work through those who are unknown. As these books go out, we pray that many Indonesian pastors, leaders and members will be awakened, aligned and assigned for Jesus!

To purchase Katakanlah Kepada Arkhipus in Indonesia, visit VISI Christian Stores or buy online at www.klikvisi.com; in Singapore, email archippusawakening@gmail.com.

"I encourage every Christian to read 'SAY TO ARCHIPPUS'" – Andrew Ong

It has been two years since I returned to Singapore after being outstationed in Vietnam for four years as a ‘tentmaker’.  That was where I first met Henson Lim in 2012. Henson was a guest preacher during an Easter service at the International Christian Fellowship. I was also at the same service sharing my testimony. Since then, we kept in touch via social media.
About two years later, he shared with me that he was leaving his full-time role in a local church to start ‘Archippus Awakening’. It was also during that period that I experienced my own awakening.  God, through His word, revealed to me what His kingdom truly meant and how it was to be lived practically. This led me to a paradigm shift and the redefining of the Church in the context of the kingdom of God.
When I returned to Singapore in 2015, one of the few things on my must-do list was to reconnect with Henson. When we met, he elaborated on ‘Archippus Awakening’ and also gave me his book, Say to Archippus.
For me, the book was a Godsend. I could not put the book down when I started reading it. It was a timely confirmation and affirmation of the direction that I was taking by faith and in obedience.
Firstly, at the time of being personally awakened, I often felt alone and discouraged. I could not help but question the truths that were revealed to me and were guiding my steps.
More than often, I felt like a rebel and questioned if I was a heretic, since what I believed and chose to practise—living in the context of His kingdom—seemed to go against the conventional ways of doing church. Hence, reading about Henson’s personal journey deeply encouraged me as I could relate with his search for God’s kingdom. It was as if God was speaking to me and comforting me through Henson’s story! Reading the book also helped to crystallise my own experiences and make sense of my journey.
Secondly, I found Henson’s book to be helpful and important as the Holy Spirit uses Henson’s gift of teaching to present his personal awakening in the light of the scriptures.
For instance, Henson references the apostle Paul’s statement of faith from 2 Timothy 4:7—“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith”, explaining that the biblical ‘race’ actually points to our God-given assignment.
In reality, most Christians have not even begun their race. That’s because of a wrong understanding of what the ‘race’ means, resulting in the Church being in a state of complancency or slumber. Henson’s book does not attempt to appeal merely with his story, but to renew our minds by pointing readers to God’s truths. This is both helpful and important.
Thirdly, Henson’s example inspires me. Personally, I do not know many fellow believers who live their lives surrendered to Jesus and His kingdom purpose. Most of us play safe and live out a mediocre version of Christianity. Therefore, Henson’s obedience to pioneer ‘Archippus Awakening’ intrigues one, given that he had decided to leave his full-time role as a pastor in a local church, probably because many of us would not see anything wrong in serving full-time in a church. That should be the highest level of spiritual achievement right?
Not only does his decision go against the grain of conventional wisdom, it is also risky, given that he has a huge family to provide for. In addition, it would be  uncomfortable as he would be starting from scratch.
At his stage and age, he could easily have chosen a cosier and easier path and no one would have faulted him. Man might not have faulted or questioned him, but God would have. Hence, it is clear that Henson stepped out of his comfort zone to obey God.
Personally, I do not doubt that Henson seeks the kingdom of God, and not the kingdom of this world; so I believe his message of Archippus Awakening deserves to be heard and heeded especially in this age of time with the increasing anticipation of the second coming of Christ.
Should you read Henson’s book? Absolutely! I encourage every Christian to read Say To Archippus. Whatever your response may be, I believe you will be inspired and challenged to make your only life count by seeking and fulfilling your God-given assignment.

Andrew Ong

Andrew is married to Sharmaine. Both of them relocated to Vietnam for 4 years as ‘tent makers’ preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom. They returned to Singapore 2 years ago where they continue to fulfil their assignment in building a community of Kingdom seekers.

要对亚基布说 Book Commissioning Event 5 Sept 2016

img_3788It’s been a month – well, almost – and I still can’t believe that Archippus Awakening has commissioned a Chinese book.
The journey began earlier this year when an opportunity was presented for Say To Archippus to be translated. Although it didn’t work out, that attempt kickstarted the process. Quite soon after, through the introduction of David Ang, I met with Fong Wai Yee and the rest, as they say, is history.
More than just work on the translation, Wai Yee also attended the Awakening Event (AWE2016) in April. Returning from AWE2016 with a better feel and understanding of Archippus Awakening, Wai Yee worked on the translation over the next few months. Elder Woon Hin Swee of Full Gospel Assembly, and his wife Bat Ching, provided advice and guidance. The team worked very hard, completing the translation by end July. Thereafter, 要对亚基布说 went into the design and production phase. On Tuesday, 30 August 2016, the first print run of 要对亚基布说 was delivered, ready to be commissioned!
The day of commissioning arrived soon enough. That Monday night, fellow ministers and friends gathered to stand with us as we prepared to dedicate this humble effort to the Lord. After a simple meal and warm fellowship, guests were ushered into Studio 6 of FGA@Playfair.img_3830
Reuben Siew (English) and Angela Tan (Chinese) were the emcees and they did a wonderful job, making everyone feel relaxed and right at home from start to end. Pastor Susheel and the worship team led us all in a time of bilingual praise and worship. Short testimonies followed, shared by Albert & Shurong and Lay Leng, of how they had been impacted by the ministry of Archippus Awakening and the book, Say to Archippus.
Then came the moment I had been having sleepless nights over: my address … in Chinese! To honour everyone who made special effort to be present, I decided to share in Chinese. (It was, after all, the commissioning event of a Chinese book.) However, to do that to a reasonable standard, yours truly had to rehearse over and over again – trying my best to recognise the characters, assisted by hanyu pinyin prompts here and there, and still not really getting it right or accurate! But God knows I tried! That 25-min address was surely quite an ordeal for me, as it must also have been for all present. Without doubt, we were all suffering for Jesus that night – haha!

For the commissioning, I was joined on stage by my wife Serene, my Senior Pastor Rhordan Wicks, elders of FGA, and a dear friend and ACS schoolmate, Rev Jeffrey Tay. After the sounding of the shofar by Christopher Krishnasamy, Elder Ong Sing Lim and Rev Jeffrey Tay prayed to commission 要对亚基布说 to the Lord’s kingdom purposes.
We praise God for another significant milestone in the journey of Archippus Awakening. With more than 800 copies presently in circulation, we are believing for many Archippuses in the Chinese language congregations to be awakened, aligned and assigned – 唤醒,整装,出发!
Once again, here’s a big shout of THANK YOU to all who stood with us at the commissioning event, to all who have invested in copies of 要对亚基布说, and to all who served with joyful hearts! We are thankful for your support, prayers and partnership as we continue to declare the message of Archippus Awakening, 唤醒亚基布的信息!

Email archippusawakening@gmail.com to order Say To Archippus or 要对亚基布说.

要对亚基布说: Chinese Version of "SAY TO ARCHIPPUS" to be Commissioned Soon!

I am sure we already know this: God’s timing is perfect and He has a great sense of humour!
The moment I was ready to announce the book commissioning of the Chinese version of SAY TO ARCHIPPUS, this meme made its rounds on social media:
And now, there will be an ACS boy who will be self-publishing a Chinese book! Truly, with God, all things are possible! And yes, the end is indeed nigh.
Those who know me will understand why this is an absolute step of faith. I can’t speak Chinese to save my life, let alone teach and preach this message of Archippus Awakening! However, following the encouraging reception of SAY TO ARCHIPPUS, I received requests to translate it into Mandarin. After prayerful consideration, the Lord connected me with the right people, and the work on 要对亚基布说 began.
STA Chinese Horizontal
On 5 September 2016, 要对亚基布说, the Chinese version of SAY TO ARCHIPPUS, will be commissioned! To celebrate this milestone of Archippus Awakening, we are offering a Pre-Publication Special of S$10.00 (usual $16) for orders received before 15 August 2016.  Take advantage of this special price before the book goes to print (hint: you won’t get it at this price ever again). Place your orders at tinyurl.com/stachinese, self-collection at the Book Commissioning Event. [Read SAY TO ARCHIPPUS: Book Reviews]
As you read this, I invite you to partner me in this effort. Although doors have opened for me to speak in more Chinese churches of late, my exposure to Chinese congregations is still very limited. This is where you come in. Share this post with Chinese pastors, leaders or members so that more will be aware of Archippus Awakening, 唤醒亚基布, and what God wants to say to Archippus through the book 要对亚基布说. Direct enquiries to me at archippusawakening@gmail.com. Who knows how the Lord will lead for us to work together with these Chinese contacts so that more may be awakened, aligned and assigned for Jesus and His kingdom!
I still can’t believe that this is happening! All I know is that in and through my weakness, God will show forth His might and strength that He will receive all honour and glory. Surely, if God can speak through a donkey, He can awaken Chinese Archippuses through an ACS boy!
Thanks for your partnership and for your prayers (much needed!) – especially for the gift of tongues.

SAY TO ARCHIPPUS travels beyond Singapore


“…and yet another saw angels distributing the books all over the earth.”

Since the commissioning of SAY TO ARCHIPPUS, the book has travelled beyond the shores of Singapore, into Asian countries, Australia & New Zealand, and some going as far as Hungary, the United Kingdom and even the United States of America. Having heard and read the message of Archippus Awakening [Read SAY TO ARCHIPPUS: Book Reviews], brothers and sisters in Christ have felt led to share it with others, not just locally but also regionally/globally.

If you’d like to share SAY TO ARCHIPPUS with others in your church, your cell group, in or beyond Singapore, simply email archippusawakening@gmail indicating [NAME], [CHURCH], [NUMBER OF COPIES], [MAILING ADDRESS] and [MOBILE NUMBER]. SAY TO ARCHIPPUS is affordably priced at S$16.00 per copy. Postage and packaging costs will be assessed and advised separately. Whilst stocks last.


On 27 May 2015, SAY TO ARCHIPPUS was commissioned. Within one month, the print run of 1,000 copies was sold out. Needless to say, it caught us all by surprise. It wasn’t that we didn’t have faith in God; we just didn’t expect Him to move so fast!
I am greatly encouraged by how the Lord has been moving the books; not only in Singapore but also into different countries [Read SAY TO ARCHIPPUS travels beyond Singapore]. Yet, more than just number of copies sold, I am more interested in how hearts are impacted, stirred and awakened by the message of Archippus Awakening. To this end, I am happy to share the following reviews with you:

“I firmly believe this book is a trumpet call from God our Father to call His people back to His heart. Henson has written a very compelling and clear message based on Scriptures why we must be awakened, aligned and assigned. His heartbeat is God’s heartbeat for His Church – will we have an ear to hear what the Spirit of God is speaking at this hour!” – Grace Chua, Chapel of the Resurrection
“The message in SAY TO ARCHIPPUS resonates deeply with me… Praise God for anointing Henson with the boldness to put across the sense of urgency in stirring and awakening sleeping saints in these last days. The questions for Reflection and Discussion at the end of each chapter are particularly insightful. Saints, the trumpet is sounding, it’s time to break camp!” – Irene Chia, Cairnhill Methodist Church
SAY TO ARCHIPPUS is a timely reminder for these last days. The meaning of Christian living has been eroding over the years and has often become a form of hollowed fossils, lacking the life exemplifying true freedom in Christ. Today, the sufficiency of God’s word is often undermined and the crippling plague of activity-centred Christianity with feel-good emotional hype has displaced the basic premise of loving God. Christianity is under siege from an over-emphasis of prosperity, exaggerated grace and selfish goals. This book nudges the reader to the fundamental truths in Kingdom living. It highlights the empowerment through God’s grace and the pointed call that Christians, who love God, will follow. It reveals the subtle difference between modern Christian mind-sets and God’s truth. Henson’s ministry is not typified by a single Moses leading masses, but through the empowerment of Christ and the royal priesthood of each Christian – he awakens us to the body-life calling.” – Tay Leng Phuan, Hakka Methodist Church 2015 Camp Chairman
SAY TO ARCHIPPUS is a spiritual shofar encased in the pages of a revolutionary and revelatory book. It is a call to wake up, lace up and arm up! NOW is the Age of Archippus and each of us MUST be awakened out of our slumberous stupor to fulfill the unique ministry assigned to each of us. There is a race to be run and a prize to be won. These are perilous times we live in and there is an URGENT need for the saints to know and fulfil their God-given assignments in preparation for the return of the King of Glory. SAY TO ARCHIPPUS is a timely and much-needed prophetic clarion call. Let’s read and heed it.” – Anna D’Souza, Cornerstone Community Church
“I’m so glad SAY TO ARCHIPPUS was written and published. I am glad because, in it, Henson has shared part of his journey leading up to the launch of Archippus Awakening. I see the leading of God in that process – He’s left His fingerprints – and I’m convinced it’s God’s idea. I’m also glad to see a couple of chapters devoted to laying a Biblical foundation – something vital in any movement. It was also fun to read the more ‘prophetic’ aspects illustrated in military terms – something this Singaporean son was able to identify with. This book is a good primer on what Henson and his team have initiated under the Lord’s direction. But I think I am most glad that ‘the Kingdom of God’ and ‘movement’ are recurring themes in the book. Archippus Awakening is not about building another church/ministry but about how believers/churches/ministries can and should be concerned about building the Kingdom of God. This is the message that really resonates as troubled days approach. This book is, in a sense, a clarion call for believers to wake up, stop playing church and get busy fulfilling whatever God has assigned them to do for His Kingdom. Just like Archippus.” – Susheel John, Lead Pastor, Oasis Fellowship
“I am so thankful that God downloaded SAY TO ARCHIPPUS to Henson. As I read each page, it felt like God was talking to me personally. I was especially challenged by the knowledge that God’s Kingdom will advance no matter what. Henson uses a lot of army terms, and even for a female like me who didn’t go through National Service, the parallels are clear and easily grasped. In this day and age where we see society deteriorating at a fearful pace, this call is even more urgent. As one who now identifies as an Archippus, I cannot allow myself to be left out. I must align myself with God and be faithful to fulfil each assignment He graciously gives. Thank you again, Henson, for faithfully penning this down and blessing the Body of Christ.” – Trisha Khoo, Covenant Vision Christian Church
SAY TO ARCHIPPUS is a crucial book for our time as God prepares his people for his return. This amazingly accessible book is written in a wonderful conversational tone, filled with clear thinking, laced with theological insight and written from the heart of one who seeks to be obedient to the assignment God has given him. You will be challenged but more so than that, this book has the potential to awaken your soul and stir your spirit to action. We live in a time where we spend much of our time and energies in busy activity. This book will provoke you to pursue and seek your assignment – an assignment, when obeyed, will ultimately bring glory to the Lord. Read it. Share it. Discuss it. And let the Spirit of God awaken and align you to his assignment.” – Rhordan Wicks, Senior Pastor, Full Gospel Assembly
“Every Christian has a role to fulfill in God’s Kingdom. Do you know yours? Henson’s book, SAY TO ARCHIPPUS, challenges us to reassess our spiritual journey, be awakened, aligned and assigned for the Kingdom’s work. Thank God for assigning this ‘movement’ to Henson. As I read through the book cover to cover, there are so many areas that resonate with me. What a blessing!” – Lucas Chow, Wesley Methodist Church
“Many Christians have indeed ‘reduced God to a mere problem-solver and Jesus to a best friend who bails us out of difficult times’. Failing to have a proper Kingdom perspective can really rob the believer of his inheritance and reward in Christ. This book exposes some erroneous premises and presumptions the average Christian makes such as equating his serving in church and consequent busyness as fulfilling God’s will for him. The message of this book is an important and urgent one and Pastor Henson does not mince his words in getting it across. This book has certainly challenged me to change some of my mindsets and whilst reading it, God even revealed to me my assignment, quite unexpectedly. I know what I need to do now. Thank you for bringing clarity and focus to my previously hazy concept of God’s will.” – Cynthia Lee, Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church

To order SAY TO ARCHIPPUS, email archippusawakening@gmail indicating [NAME], [CHURCH], [NUMBER OF COPIES], [MAILING ADDRESS] and [MOBILE NUMBER]. SAY TO ARCHIPPUS is affordably priced at S$16.00 per copy. Postage and packaging costs will be assessed and advised separately. Whilst stocks last.

SAY TO ARCHIPPUS Book Commissioning: The Lord Answered By Fire!


To God be the glory!
To God be the glory!
To God be the glory!
For the things He has done, He has done!
This was the song that kept ringing in my heart as we prepared for the commissioning of SAY TO ARCHIPPUS. Amidst the many details to look into, all I could declare was the Lord’s goodness and faithfulness.
It all began on 1 January 2014, the day I officially stepped down as a pastor in a local congregation. While praying for me, a sister saw “…a book opened to blank chapter…God’s hand holding a pen…God is ready to write…” Two weeks later, I entered into my cave time to seek the Lord and to write down what He would show me about Archippus Awakening. On 2 February, after service, another sister said that when she looked my way, she heard the Lord say, “books will be written.”
On 3 June, after I preached at a marketplace fellowship, a sister updated me that when she read about my stepping down in January, she prayed for me and saw “a nib of a fountain pen.” Unknown to her, I had already completed the draft ‘manifesto’ for Archippus Awakening and these provided good preaching and teaching material as I shared about this new assignment.
On 23 August, I shared a book project with the prayer team and we began committing this to the Lord. Admittedly, in my heart, I still wondered if a book was really in God’s plan for us. As I waited upon Him, the manuscript was updated and organised.
When we crossed into the new year, I was invited to a meeting on 3 January 2015. To my surprise, Serene and I were called out and prophesied over. We received words of encouragement which affirmed the impending launch of KINGDOM101 in March. And then, the pastor spoke these words over me, “I see a book coming out of your spirit man!” Along with that, the Lord said not to worry about how to distribute or how copies would be sold. Just get it out!
This was one time I could not claim immediate obedience to the Lord’s prompting. It would be a few months later, on 18 April to be exact, that I finally announced to the prayer team that we were going ahead with the publication of SAY TO ARCHIPPUS. We laid hands on the manuscript and committed the process to the Lord. As we did that, a sister saw a bright light and horses charging forward. [To understand the significance of horses, you’ll have to read Chapter 4 of SAY TO ARCHIPPUS.]
When the button was pressed, the Lord directed and moved so quickly. I still stand amazed at how smooth the entire process was from start to end. Within six weeks, the book was published! Even more amazing was how we announced and organised the commissioning event in two weeks! What we intended as a simple meeting was expanded by the Lord Himself. On the day I approved the final artwork at the printers, I received a request from the landlord to move to a larger room on 27 May. Simply put, the Lord upgraded us!
That night, the hall was filled with brothers and sisters who made time to stand with us as we commissioned SAY TO ARCHIPPUS. It was a time of celebration as we acknowledged all who had faithfully attended and completed Phase I of KINGDOM101. We gave thanks and asked the Lord to prepare us towards PHASE II starting 8 July. After that, I introduced the book and its contents, giving praise and glory to the Lord, recognising His grace and favour upon the project. The prayer team stood with me as we prayed over the books. I was later told that someone saw the books aglow, another saw the books on fire, and yet another saw angels distributing the books all over the earth. This was indeed significant as the room we were upgraded to was Mount Carmel Room, and I believe that night, with the books all neatly stacked up, we built an altar to the Lord and He promptly answered by fire! Our prayer is that hearts will be set on fire for the Lord as the book is read.
To the glory of God, the response to SAY TO ARCHIPPUS was overwhelming. Sales was brisk and I was privileged to sign the books. We closed that night with more than 60% of the print run sold! Who would have thought that was possible?! Indeed, our God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask for imagine! Yet, beyond numbers, my prayer remains that many will be awakened and raised up as Archippuses who will know and fulfil their God-given assignments. How and when? – only the Lord knows. For now, I give thanks and praise to God for He deserves our highest worship! He has shown us over and over again – if we would listen, obey and do our part, He will more than do His, for He is indeed a faithful God!
To all who came and purchased the books, THANK YOU for standing with us and being a part of the Archippus Awakening journey. May the books be a blessing to you and to all who are presented with a copy. Above all, may you be stirred and awakened to catch the heartbeat of Archippus Awakening that you may participate in what the Lord is doing in these final hours. To God be the glory!
STA Order Pix

If you’d like to purchase copies of SAY TO ARCHIPPUS at S$16.00 per copy, please send your order to archippusawakening@gmail.com, indicating your NAME, CHURCH, MAILING ADDRESS and NUMBER OF COPIES. Postage & delivery charges will be assessed and advised separately. Whilst stocks last.