Take the Next Step. Make it Personal.

Using the book Say To Archippus, STAP seeks to help believers process the message and context of Archippus Awakening, engaging at a much deeper level beyond just reading the book, listening to the teachings and watching the seminar videos, resulting in:

  • Personalisation: To identify and consider oneself as the Archippus that Colossians 4:17 and Philemon 2 are written to and for.
  • Internalisation: To be fully convicted of what is required of Archippus and what it means to be awakened, aligned and assigned.
  • Verbalisation: To understand and use words and terms correctly, able to share and explain to others.
  • Actualisation: To not be merely hearers but doers of the word, putting everything into practice.
  • Contextualisation: To be able to apply the principles in different settings, situations and circumstances beyond the institution and organisation of church.
  • Realisation: To acknowledge that awakening is only the first step. What must follow is alignment towards assignments.


Led by an Archippus Awakening facilitator, participants of STAP (STAPpers) meet weekly (2hrs, onsite or online) over six sessions to process the following key issues:

  1. Another Awakening: Who is Archippus?
  2. The Kingdom Advances: Fellow Soldiers
  3. Staying Awake: Ready & Prepared
  4. No Apologies: There’s Work to be Done
  5. Finish the Race: Go for Gold
  6. What’s Next: Aligning After Awakening
STAP is a good first step and introduction to the Archippus Awakening message. I enjoyed hearing all the sharing which then helped me process the message better and then understand it deeper as I hear from the Lord.
Lorraine Yoong
SIBKL Malaysia
These 6 weekly sessions had not just brought me new kingdom friendships, but more importantly a greater conviction towards the AA message and clarion call. I am taking my next small step now to deepen the alignment process through MAP.
David Phoo
Covenant Evangelical Free Church
STAP helps me to start thinking about my current alignment and what His assignment for me is now. What role am I supposed to play in God's army? Am I fighting the battle where God wants me to be or am I aimlessly fighting just any battle?
Grace Nah
Petra Community Church

Methodology & Expectations

Attend an Information Session for briefing, details and to understand requirements and expectations.

Register for STAP run.

STAPpers read the assigned readings from the book, Say to Archippus (STA), and watch the seminar videos before so that all are ready to discuss and process at the sessions.

Facilitator will facilitate and direct the sessions as STAP groups consider the various issues together, guided by the teachings in the book and videos.

To get the most out of STAP:

  • Remove Distractions. Make STAP a commitment & priority.
  • Own the Process. What you sow is what you will reap. 
  • Do Your Homework. Don’t try to ‘wing’ it just before each session. Read. Listen. Watch. Contribute. Participate. Serve one another.
  • Get into the Word. Use STA as main devotional material (with bible). Pick and ponder on key scriptures from each chapter.
  • Go Deep. Be real & authentic with challenges and struggles. Go beyond typical model Christian answers.
  • Pray the Kingdom. Ask the Lord to show you a fresh revelation of His kingdom.
  • Enjoy the Process. All for Jesus.
It helped to bring much clarity, piece together and focus on the real purpose of God's salvation other than the usual gospel message(s) heard after so many years as a believer. STAP is like a wake-up call for those of us who call ourselves Christians.
Neo Hwee Ping
City Harvest Church
The learning on kingdom mindset awakens me to better appreciate and understand many bible verses. Knowing the difference between church activities and kingdom assignments relieved me of the "false guilt" I used to have.
Lynn Koh
Pentecost Methodist Church
I was reminded to stay awake by rereading the Bible in its context and keep asking the Lord what to do so I can find my misalignments and realign myself so my assignments will go as what my King wants, not according to mine.
Herly Ndahawali
FGA Batam Indonesia

STAP Runs in 2024

1, 8, 15, 22, 29 July & 5 August 2024
Mondays 8pm (onsite or online – to be advised)
Register for Information Session: 3 June Monday 8pm Zoom – tinyurl.com/stapinfo

21, 28 October, 4, 11, 18 & 25 November
Mondays 8pm (onsite or online – to be advised)
[Information Session: 30 September Monday 8pm Zoom]

Enquiries: stap@archippusawakening.org