Alignment Check: "…a much needed ‘back to basics’ guide in my desire to fulfil my current assignment."

Book Review of Alignment Check by Lily Chong
Alignment Check: this is so timely for me, a much needed ‘back to basics’ guide in my desire to fulfil my current assignment.
During the launch of Alignment Check on 19 September 2018, I remember Ps Henson telling us to read the book slowly – maybe a chapter a week and to spend time mulling/reflecting over the questions at the end of each chapter. Immediately, I wondered if I could do that. True to myself, I didn’t succeed as I kept turning the pages. I also told myself that this book will not be sitting pretty in my bookshelf. Its rightful place will be next to my Bible as I must consult it consistently. Continue reading “Alignment Check: "…a much needed ‘back to basics’ guide in my desire to fulfil my current assignment."”

Imm Sim: "To know my Archippus assignment has been very liberating!"

Can I be busy in ministry, yet not hear Jesus call me a “good and faithful servant”? How can I be a Mary in a Martha world? What is my “one thing”, then?
These questions plagued me for a long time, especially when I realised Jesus’ return is so near and one day I have to give an account of my life to Him. I had been busy and productive, at home, in church, at work. Yet, I could not shake off that nagging feeling that I had missed the point. Exactly what “the point” was, frustratingly, eluded me.
Around this time as well, God had been giving me glimpses of my calling with seemingly isolated phrases like “kingdom agenda”, “alignment”, “Issachar, discerning the times”, “intercession” and “warfare”. All well and good, but what did they mean???  I felt like I had many jigsaw pieces at hand but no clue as to what the big picture should look like.
These jigsaw pieces fitted snugly together for me when I found out about kingdom assignments through the message of Archippus Awakening at a church retreat (27-29 May 2018). At the sessions, I heard Henson explain how it is possible for a Christian to be busy and dedicated in church activity and yet miss the one thing God has uniquely assigned this individual to do. He also explained how alignment with God’s end-times kingdom agenda is every Christian’s call. I heard the very phrases God had been showing me explained in the light of an Archippus assignment. By the end of the retreat, I fully realised that God’s call on my life – my kingdom assignment – in these last days and for the rest of my life, is to be an intercessor for His kingdom. Talk about an awakening!

Imm (extreme right), at Bukit Panjang Methodist Church’s Leaders’ Retreat in May 2018.

To watch Henson teach is to watch an Archippus in action. The passion, joy, fulfillment in his voice and demeanour are so evident. It is the privilege of one living out God’s assignment for him.
Today, I affirm and acknowledge myself as an Archippus. Rather than be bogged down by busy-ness in many areas, I am busy in the one assignment God has uniquely called and gifted me for.  To know my Archippus assignment has been very liberating. It translates to how I live day to day, and I know for certain what roles I must take up and what I can shake off.
The jigsaw pieces have come together to form the big picture for me. And what a beautiful picture it is!
Imm is a wife, mother, intercessor and home tutor (in that order). She willingly gets out of bed for coffee, prayer and cooking, (not necessarily in that order). Imm worships at Bukit Panjang Methodist Church.


Alignment Check: "…an easy book to read, but not an easy one to process and live out…"

Book Review of Alignment Check by Kailin Huang
I was in a season of convalescing (after a life-threatening reaction to infection and a neck operation). While I rejoiced at God’s goodness and merciful deliverance, I was struggling with new found physical weakness and uncertainty. “Can I still continue with my demanding work? What am I then to do with my life that has been preserved?”
And the most frequently asked question, “What is my kingdom assignment?”
I am so delighted that with the publication of Alignment Check, that question is answered … with more questions to spur us in the right direction.
The first four chapters tune us in to the heartbeat of Archippus Awakening – why there is an urgent need for saints to be awakened to fulfil their kingdom assignment. (I highly recommend reading the companion volume, Say To Archippus, for a better understanding!)
Over the next forty bite-sized chapters, Henson guides us how to “Focus on the Aligning. Let God do the Assigning.”
Alignment Check 101: The process does not start with me, but with Christ the King whom I am aligning with. What a loving rebuke!
Alignment Check is an easy book to read, but not an easy one to process and live out, because it challenges the man-made norms of “religion” we are so inclined to settle into. (No wonder the author recommends reading a chapter a week!)
In a conversational yet graciously provocative way, the author dispels much “Christian-ese” and many half-truths I had grown accustomed to, encouraging us to live for the King, who is full of grace and truth. Here are some examples that stood out for me:
It convinces us of where we start, “For the love of Christ compels us…” (p37). It rebukes, “We are not nearly as interested in the will of God as we are about the will of God for me” (p55).  It exhorts us to “Boast in Weakness” (Chapter 32) for “He excels in our weakness.”
But the greater lesson in this book is hearing and seeing how an awakened, aligned, assigned saint lives! Every chapter is lit with Henson‘s remarkable personal story of faith (and coming back to faith), that includes leaving his ministry positions to move on his kingdom assignment of Archippus Awakening. This is a living testimony we can “look to as an example of one moving purposefully and faithfully on assignment” as Apostle Paul is (Chapter 13: Observe Others on Assignment).
I can already foresee that this will be one book I will return to whenever I need a wake-up call or “spiritual chiropractic” to realign. And all the merrier, when surrounded by a community of like-minded saints, Archippuses who, now awakened and aligned, can spur one another on to fulfil their kingdom assignments!


Kailin boasts in her two neck scars, which are marks of God’s goodness and mercy in preserving her life. Her spiritual birthday (3 August) is the same as Archippus Awakening’s. Since her exodus (another story!), she’s been drawing together people and their plans at Picture People Plan.

Alignment Check: "In these days of secular, nominal and cultural Christians … we have to go deep and get back to what really matters."

Book Review of Alignment Check by David Ang
When Henson asked me to share a review of his new book, Alignment Check, my jaw dropped as it is a THICK BOOK(!). However, as a good faithful friend, I readily obliged. And when I started reading it, I could not put it down until I finished it (did it in two and a half days).
Both my mind and spirit were brought to a deep examination of my inner life in Christ. I was reintroduced to authentic Christianity minus the familiar bells-and-whistles, revivalistic rah-rah type of Christian chiong (hype) which the church has grown accustomed to. Instead, Alignment Check provoked a deep, introspective and honest look at how I am living my life for Christ; and Christ only.
For me, Alignment Check recovers the simple but high call of a disciple: that plain but demanding beckoning to live the kingdom life. As Jesus said to Peter, “Follow Me,” this same invitation is still being extended to all who desire a life lived for the Master and the King. To be sure, this was a no-ifs and no-buts call which not just changed Peter’s life, but led to the greatest movement on the surface of the earth.
Contained within this 45-chapter volume is that possibility of such a promise to recapture the momentum of what began two thousand years ago. It carries an impartation which could move the needle for the Body of Christ through awakened Archippuses who read and learn from it. In these days of secular, nominal and cultural Christians, an Alignment Check is both timely and sorely needed: we have to go deep and get back to what really matters.
Knowing the author personally, and noting the coherence and integrity between the writer and the writings, made the reading of Alignment Check that much sweeter and more enjoyable. Definitely not just a regurgitation of some nice Christian theories, or some doctrine read elsewhere and reproduced here. Alignment Check was truly written from Henson’s heart, exemplified through his own life and ministry.
If you desire to be aligned with Jesus and be assigned for Him, Alignment Check is a must read…


David serves as the Executive Director of ACS Oldham Hall. He is married to Amy, and very blessed with three children. The family worships at Kum Yan Methodist Church. David loves … to read … what else? 🙂

Lay Leng: Surprises on Guam

By Tan Lay Leng

1. Seminar Success!
God has indeed gone ahead of Team Archippus to Guam and started His awesome work in the hearts of these beautiful people at the AAA Seminar. We were much encouraged by their hunger to receive the Archippus Awakening message by Ps Henson. They kept coming to express appreciation for the timely message and ask for more copies of Say To Archippus and Alignment Check. All the books were sold in no time, so we had to leave some disappointed! The Lord Himself shall bless these awakened hearts, that the message will take root and many be aligned and move on their kingdom assignments towards God’s destiny for Guam! To God be the glory!
2. Song: So Will I
The Guamanians sing beautifully and their worship team chose the song “So Will I” that God used to touch my heart. I used a portion of the lyrics to introduce my sharing on my Archippian journey :
I can see Your heart in everything You say
Every painted sky
A canvas of Your grace
If creation still obeys You
So will I
I shared how God encourages me in my Archippian journey that the joy of obedience outweighs the challenges as I align with God. I had fun in front of a gracious audience!
3. So Shines the Son!
The Lord thrilled me to no end with His ever-changing splashes of exciting colours in the sky at sunset. Every time I see a sunset, my heart wells up in gratitude towards His goodness. I am full of gratitude to be on His assignment with Team Archippus at Life in the Son Christian Fellowship. We had much joyful interaction with one another as well as with the people on Guam. It was a very small part I played but I serve a big God whose zeal accomplished all that had happened in Guam.

Team Archippus (from left): Siew Hoon, Lay Leng, Helen, Ps Mark, Henson, Henry, Ruth & David.

“LORD, You establish peace for us; all that we have accomplished You have done for us.” Isaiah‬ ‭26:12

Siew Hoon: The Lord Indeed Had Prepared Hearts to Receive the Awakening Message

By Toh Siew Hoon
My Impression of Guam:
Guam is a beautiful place.  Streets there are neat and clean, people are friendly and hospitable.  I am especially amazed by the beautiful clouds and sunset everyday.
Our Kingdom Assignment in Guam:
On Friday 5 Oct: I felt privileged to be able to partake in the Guam Ministers’ Association monthly luncheon.   The message shared by Ps Henson at the luncheon was just right.  I felt it was a timely word from God for the ministers to hear and be awakened.  I was so glad that complimentary copies of Say To Archippus brought by Ps Mark Benavente were gone in no time. At the AAA Seminar that evening, one of the ministers approached the book table to buy a set of Say To Archippus and Alignment Check.  I asked him, “Didn’t you get a free copy of Say To Archippus at the luncheon?” And he replied, “I went up to speak to Ps Henson for a while and when I turned around, the books were gone!”

On Saturday 6 Oct: In the opening worship set, I was so fascinated by the lyrics of the song, “So Will I”:
If the stars were made to worship so will I….
If creation sings Your praises so will I….
As You speak
A hundred billion creatures catch Your breath….
If it all reveals Your nature so will I….
Every painted sky a canvas of Your grace
If creation still obeys You so will I….
If the mountains bow in reverence so will I….
If the oceans roar Your greatness so will I
For if everything exists to lift You high so will I….
I simply poured out my heart to worship our awesome God.  Yes Lord, so will I …
I felt that throughout the whole seminar, the anointing of God was upon Ps Henson as he spoke.  Every session was impactful and every word spoken was powerful.  Lay Leng’s sharing was very anointed too.  As for me, I was quite nervous during my sharing.  The night before, I was trying to put in place what I had in my mind to share but very quickly succumbed to sleepiness. In the morning, I had no time to think anymore but could only ask the Lord to help me. I was very encouraged when a few sisters came to thank me for my sharing.

During the session “Finish the Race”, the slide of horses waiting to be unleashed at the race caught my eye.  It was not the first time I had seen this slide but it jumped out at me this time. It reminded me of a vision I had when Ps Henson, Lay Leng and I prayed together before the trip: a vision of athletes getting ready at their starting lines waiting for the gun to be sounded. It seemed to be an affirmation from the Lord that Archippuses in Guam would be awakened, aligned and assigned for the purposes of God.
The Lord indeed had prepared hearts to receive the awakening message.  I was very encouraged to see the response of the people at the altar, and many kept coming to buy the books (which sold out very quickly).  May both books, Say To Archippus and Alignment Check, help them go deeper and be aligned and assigned on their kingdom assignments.

On Sunday 7 Oct: I felt the presence of the Lord once I stepped into the sanctuary of Life in the Son Christian Fellowship that morning. When worship started, His presence became stronger.  I sensed the love and presence of God was like a canvas above everyone.  When the song “Nothing is Impossible” was sung, I could not help but jump for joy (I have never jumped in worship but was prompted by the Holy Spirit to jump this time).  I sensed the Lord was saying, “Now celebrate with joy. For I am doing a mighty work in the hearts of my people here.”
What the Lord is teaching me:
1) Do not doubt visions or impressions I receive (sometimes I am not sure of what I see and hear, I will ask if it is of the Lord or myself).  Just pray what I see and hear from the Holy Spirit.  The Lord is faithful to see His desires come to pass. 2) What it means to worship Him in awe.

Awakening Event: AAA Seminar Guam 5-6 Oct 2018

To the glory of God, and by His grace, Team Archippus just returned from declaring the message of Archippus Awakening in Guam, USA. Yes, you read it right … Guam, USA.
Last July, Pastors Mark and Terry Benevente were in Singapore, ministering at my home church (Full Gospel Assembly) in their capacity as directors of Elijah House Guam. That weekend, I was the rostered speaker at FGA, sharing the one and only message upon my heart – Archippus Awakening. After the service, Ps Mark approached me and said, “Our church needs this message. Can we fly you over to Guam to declare it?” We set up a lunch to chat more. Looking through our ministry schedules, September or October 2018 were possible options. Across the next months and a few email exchanges, the dates were finally set as 3-8 October 2018.

Team Archippus (from left): Siew Hoon, Lay Leng, Helen, Ps Mark, Henson, Henry, Ruth & David.

2018 has been an exciting year for Archippus Awakening. As I shared at our 4th Anniversary Dinner on 3 August 2018, “Recognising the prophetic significance of 2018, in anticipation of what God is going to do in and through Singapore, in the region and around the world, Archippus Awakening is prepared for the increase that is to come (whatever that means, in whatever form) as we cross from the 4th year into the 5th year.” Although we didn’t know what the Lord has in store, there were already two items on the calendar that we could look forward to: 1) Book Commissioning of Alignment Check in September; and 2) AAA Seminar in Guam USA in October.
I was all prepared to travel alone this time, but the Lord had other plans. He opened the way for Siew Hoon and Lay Leng; and then my children, David and Ruth. A while later, I learned that my parents had rearranged their travel plans to join us in Guam (one day later). Just like that, Team Archippus was assembled and formed!
Team Archippus with send-off party (the Lim Tribe & Ps Susheel)

Our journey started from Terminal 1 of Changi International Airport at 1:30pm, Wednesday 3 October. We flew to Manila, laid over for almost 4 hours, and then to Guam, arriving at 4:30am the next day. Pastor Mark was such a welcome sight as we stepped out after clearing immigration and customs. Thankfully, the hotel was just 10mins away and we were all very happy to quickly check-in and get some sleep before meeting Ps Mark for lunch.

After a lovely Mexican lunch, we did a little sightseeing. Driving around, it felt more like a holiday than a ministry trip. Ps Mark brought us atop Mount Santa Rosa, the highest peak, where we prayed over Guam. We stopped by Ps Mark’s home for a while before heading out to Two Lovers Point. Although drizzling when we got there, the skies cleared up in time for beautiful sunset shots, followed by dinner with Ps Mark and Ps Terry.

Our first stop on Friday morning was Life in the Son Christian Fellowship, the host church and venue for the AAA Seminar. After settling projection details and setting up the book table, we spent some time praying for the seminar.

We then headed off to SureStay Hotel for the Guam Ministers’ Association lunch fellowship, where I was privileged to share a short devotional with the gathering of pastors and ministers, exhorting all never to settle for mediocrity in our service to the Lord and His people.

The AAA Seminar kicked off to a good start on Friday night with the introductory session, “Another Awakening: Who is Archippus?

The next day, the remaining four sessions were delivered, “Staying Awake: Ready & Prepared“, “What’s in a Name?: Enough Horsing Around“, “Alignment Check: AA to AO” and “Finish the Race: Go for Gold“.

Siew Hoon and Lay Leng took turns to share their own Archippian journeys. David played with the worship team. Ruth managed the presentation from the AV booth. Dad took photos, and Mom was quietly supportive.

The response to the message of Archippus Awakening was very positive. Lay Leng reflects, “God has indeed gone ahead of Team Archippus to Guam and started His awesome work in the hearts of these beautiful people at the AAA Seminar. We were much encouraged by their hunger to receive the Archippus Awakening message by Ps Henson.” Siew Hoon shares the same sentiments, “The Lord indeed had prepared hearts to receive the awakening message.  I was very encouraged to see the response of the people at the altar, and many kept coming to buy the books (which sold out very quickly).

The Lord was not only present with us at the AAA Seminar but also at Sunday’s service. Siew Hoon writes, “I felt the presence of the Lord once I stepped into the sanctuary that morning.  When worship started, His presence became stronger.  I sensed that the love and presence of God was like a canvas above everyone.”

After bringing the message “The Walk of the Wise“, an invitation was made for salvation and eight persons responded to believe in Jesus. What joy and excitement as we stood and prayed alongside these new brothers and sisters in Christ!
From left: Lay Leng, Siew Hoon, Henson, Ps Mark, Ps Terry, Helen, Ruth, David & Henry.

Our Guam ministry trip drew to a close on Sunday night with a simple celebration meal with Ps Mark and Ps Terry. We give thanks to the Lord for their gracious invitation to Guam and their warm hospitality in Guam. Our prayers continue to be with them as they lead and guide awakened Archippuses towards kingdom assignments in Guam. God willing, we will have another opportunity to co-labour again in the near future.

On Monday 8 October, 4:30am, we left Sante Fe Hotel, making our way to the airport for our flight to Singapore via Manila. Thank God for journey mercies, we arrived at 1:30pm, 10mins ahead of schedule.

To God be all praise, honour and glory! #iamarchippus #aaaguam

Alignment Check: "It keeps pointing me to Christ! … a delightful read."

Book Review of Alignment Check by Tan Lay Leng

Alignment Check by Pastor Henson Lim is a practical guide and a pleasant read that motivate a personal alignment check. It keeps pointing me to Christ!

The author, whose first book is Say To Archippus, is the founder of Archippus Awakening, a kingdom initiative dedicated to the awakening of the saints to know and fulfil our God-given kingdom assignments. For awakened saints who desire to move on their kingdom assignments, Pastor Henson Lim’s sister book Alignment Check answers the “I’m awakened. What next?’’ question.

As a practical guide, Alignment Check provides many handles for its readers to hold on to, to apply what it means to align with Christ. In a clever use of the acronym A-R-E-A, four aspects of the Alignment Check are explained, so readers understand the journey from Assembly Area (AA) where we know Christ to the Area of Operation (AO) where we reveal Christ. Each of the four aspects – Alignment, Refinement, Empowerment, Assignment – is presented in detail and with clarity.

In Part One: Alignment, a chapter is devoted to what we should observe in others who are moving purposefully and faithfully on assignments (Chapter Thirteen: Observe Others on Assignment). It is easy to tell others to “imitate me, just as I imitate Christ”, but what do we exactly observe? Alignment Check draws from Scriptures to explain how we should observe these ones, to apply the principles learnt from their lives. “Dealign from Self, Align with Christ” is one of my favourite chapters in Part Two: Refinement (Chapter Twenty-One).  I draw hope from this chapter, like I do from the other chapters, that living for my King is never in vain. In Part Three: Empowerment, the statement, “Rest is a God-given privilege and provision through which we experience His faithfulness and goodness in ways that surprise us.” totally gripped me (Chapter Thirty-Four: Work from a Posture of Rest). Seven aspects of rest are explained to answer the question, “How does one rest well?” From the first aspect (Rest is Worship) to the seventh one (Rest is Eschatological), I was immensely motivated to check my own alignment and accept God’s invitation to enter His rest.

The chapter “Submit Your Abilities to God” in Part Four: Assignment is especially meaningful for my personal alignment check (Chapter Forty-Two). It upsets a belief I did not know I had held. The author writes, “More often than not, in trying to determine where a person should serve, the tendency is to look at their abilities (strengths, talents and gifts).” He further challenges his readers that we could do something well and still did not know our assignments. To help his readers grasp this principle, Pastor Henson recounts his meeting with Dr Benny Prasad, the musician, describing how Dr Benny sees himself first and foremost as a servant of God sent to proclaim a message. Dr Benny was invited to different countries for his abilities, but he was very clear of his assignments. The sub-point, “Abilities Facilitate Assignments” did a home run for me. I told the Lord I would give my abilities back to Him, for His kingdom purposes.

Alignment Check is one book I found myself, while taking mealtime breaks with friends between reading, not able to wait till my next reading. There is a strong sense of anticipation as to what the next chapter and the next chapter may offer! It carries an awesome authority with a personal touch that draws me to desire obedience to my King.

I also love the thought-provoking questions after each of the 40 chapters. They force me to review the material several times, which in turn motivate me to pause and reflect; an Alignment Check! These questions present a splendid platform for Alignment Check to be used in a small community of like-minded ones to embark on a journey of checking alignment together. Including his personal stories and drawing from daily life examples, Pastor Henson writes with a candid yet Christ-centred conversational style. It makes Alignment Check a delightful read.

One more thing: I could feel a heat (warmth is not intense enough to describe it) that burnt inside my heart as I progressed in my reading. Almost immediately in me surged a desire to know my King and what He says in His Word. I yearned to obey Him and be aligned with Him and His kingdom. During a Kingdom Prayer Initiative session with fellow Archippuses, one of them prayed the words in my heart; that Alignment Check is like a teddy bear one wants to hug close to one’s bosom!

Call it a ‘ten-year-series’ guide, a textbook, a manual or a survival kit to checking alignment, it is certainly a not-to-be-missed read for anyone serious to be awakened, aligned and assigned for the kingdom of God!


Three things freak Lay Leng out : the colour purple, ice cream waffles and drawing in my bullet journal. (They rhyme!)

Do You Remember the 23rd Night of September?

I know the first line of Earth Wind & Fire’s hit song very well – “Do you remember the twenty-first night of September?” – except, for me, it’s not the 21st but the night of the 23rd that I remember.
While waiting for the train that night, I snapped a picture of the arrow just for fun. As recorded in my first book, Say To Archippus:

The next day, as I reviewed the post, the Lord prompted me to look more closely. Although the arrow was the object of the photo, it was the red line about the arrow that came into focus. I remember remarking, “Something’s blocking the arrow from moving forward.” And as soon as I said that I realised, “Hey! I’m that arrow and something is blocking me from moving forward!”

Soon enough, the Lord removed that line, inviting and allowing me to move forward with the assignment of Archippus Awakening.
This brief post is to mark the significant date of 23 September 2013: that night, the Lord used a simple visual device on the floor of an MRT platform to direct me into my kingdom assignment.
It’s been five years. Archippus Awakening just celebrated her 4th Anniversary on 3 August 2018. The Lord has opened many doors for the message of awakening to be declared – in Singapore and abroad. Soon, over the weekend of 3-8 October 2018, Team Archippus will bring this message to Guam, USA.

Just a few days ago, I shared this little arrow episode at the commissioning of Archippus Awakening’s second publication, Alignment Check. When Sujuan (designer) proposed an arrow for the cover design, it reminded me of the MRT arrow. Unknown to her, I had also been using the same visual to demonstrate the advancement of the kingdom of God. In the same way, before anyone can move forward, every believer must also find his or own alignment with the Lord and the purposes of His kingdom.

I firmly believe that the kingdom of God continues to advance and He graciously invites His people to participate in all He is doing. Dear Archippus, you are included too. Get on board. Do not allow anything to block you from what God has already prepared for you (remove the red line).
Focus on the aligning. Let God do the assigning. Move forward for Jesus and His kingdom.


This article first appeared in Henson’s personal blog:

ALIGNMENT CHECK: Book Commissioning 19 September 2018

Three years ago, Archippus Awakening’s first publication, SAY TO ARCHIPPUS, was commissioned on 27 May 2015. Last night, 19 September 2018, the second publication, ALIGNMENT CHECK, was commissioned to the glory of God and the purposes of Jesus and His kingdom.
The release of this second volume has been a long time coming. Each time the message of Archippus Awakening was declared, the Lord would be more than faithful to stir and awaken the saints. After that, the most frequently asked questions were “What next?” and “How?” This spurred me to consider writing a reference book to help awakened ones make sense of all the teaching they have received, to check their own alignment that they may be rightly postured to receive their assignments.
Good thought. However, with an increasing ministry workload – praise God for more open doors to declare the AA message – getting down to actual writing would prove challenging. Setting aside time in the first quarter of 2017, I began penning the first chapters, hoping to complete the draft in three or four months. That didn’t quite happen as planned. All too soon, ministry engagements took over again. Recognising the critical need and receiving repeated requests for the book, I resumed writing again in early 2018.
It was a constant struggle juggling ministry and writing (I really don’t know how others do it). The first draft of the manuscript was completed in May, save for the final chapter. The last and 45th chapter was added in July and the production process kicked in: editing, proofreading, design, layout, printing. In between these, Archippus Awakening celebrated her 4th Anniversary, hosted our 5th Awakening Event (AWE2018) and I continued to teach and preach. Entirely by the grace of God, the books were printed and delivered just two days before the book commissioning.
The simple event was attended by about 200 guests – fellow Archippuses, pastors, leaders, friends and family. In spite of the heavy downpour, these made special effort to be present to stand with me and Archippus Awakening, praying that this book will be a blessing and encouragement to the Body of Christ. It was a glorious time in the Lord’s presence as we assembled with a common heart: to see Archippuses awakened, aligned and assigned for Jesus.
Team Archippus assembled and worked together so beautifully. Lay Leng and Reuben hosted the event so professionally, setting everyone at ease and ensuring the programme flowed well. Charles conducted an Alignment Check ‘game’, getting all to relax with some fun and laughter. Although there were some technical hurdles, the worship team under Ps Susheel took it in their stride as they led us to focus on the Lord through song and praise. Daryl and Fayth shared their own Archippian journeys authentically, paving the way for me to introduce the book.
The time finally came for the book to be commissioned. I invited Archippus Awakening’s KPI (Kingdom Prayer Initiative) team on stage to lead this significant segment. It was reported later that the presence and anointing of the Lord was felt so strongly as we all prayed. Ending this segment, Christopher sounded the shofar over the books.
With a special launch offer only at the event, many picked up copies of ALIGNMENT CHECK for themselves, friends and churches. Siew Hoon and other Archippuses managed the sales process smoothly and efficiently. As for me, I just did my best to write names clearly as I personalised and signed the books (haha!).
We give all praise and glory to the Lord! Apart from Him and His amazing grace, none of this would have been possible nor will it amount to anything. As SAY TO ARCHIPPUS has been well received, we also pray that ALIGNMENT CHECK will be a further encouragement to all who have been awakened. Dear Lord, don’t just move books; move hearts!
Focus on the aligning. Let God do the assigning.
Email to order ALIGNMENT CHECK (S$28; new release offer of S$22 for orders received in September only).