ALIGNMENT CHECK: Book Commissioning 19 September 2018

Three years ago, Archippus Awakening’s first publication, SAY TO ARCHIPPUS, was commissioned on 27 May 2015. Last night, 19 September 2018, the second publication, ALIGNMENT CHECK, was commissioned to the glory of God and the purposes of Jesus and His kingdom.

The release of this second volume has been a long time coming. Each time the message of Archippus Awakening was declared, the Lord would be more than faithful to stir and awaken the saints. After that, the most frequently asked questions were “What next?” and “How?” This spurred me to consider writing a reference book to help awakened ones make sense of all the teaching they have received, to check their own alignment that they may be rightly postured to receive their assignments.

Good thought. However, with an increasing ministry workload – praise God for more open doors to declare the AA message – getting down to actual writing would prove challenging. Setting aside time in the first quarter of 2017, I began penning the first chapters, hoping to complete the draft in three or four months. That didn’t quite happen as planned. All too soon, ministry engagements took over again. Recognising the critical need and receiving repeated requests for the book, I resumed writing again in early 2018.

It was a constant struggle juggling ministry and writing (I really don’t know how others do it). The first draft of the manuscript was completed in May, save for the final chapter. The last and 45th chapter was added in July and the production process kicked in: editing, proofreading, design, layout, printing. In between these, Archippus Awakening celebrated her 4th Anniversary, hosted our 5th Awakening Event (AWE2018) and I continued to teach and preach. Entirely by the grace of God, the books were printed and delivered just two days before the book commissioning.

The simple event was attended by about 200 guests – fellow Archippuses, pastors, leaders, friends and family. In spite of the heavy downpour, these made special effort to be present to stand with me and Archippus Awakening, praying that this book will be a blessing and encouragement to the Body of Christ. It was a glorious time in the Lord’s presence as we assembled with a common heart: to see Archippuses awakened, aligned and assigned for Jesus.

Team Archippus assembled and worked together so beautifully. Lay Leng and Reuben hosted the event so professionally, setting everyone at ease and ensuring the programme flowed well. Charles conducted an Alignment Check ‘game’, getting all to relax with some fun and laughter. Although there were some technical hurdles, the worship team under Ps Susheel took it in their stride as they led us to focus on the Lord through song and praise. Daryl and Fayth shared their own Archippian journeys authentically, paving the way for me to introduce the book.

The time finally came for the book to be commissioned. I invited Archippus Awakening’s KPI (Kingdom Prayer Initiative) team on stage to lead this significant segment. It was reported later that the presence and anointing of the Lord was felt so strongly as we all prayed. Ending this segment, Christopher sounded the shofar over the books.

With a special launch offer only at the event, many picked up copies of ALIGNMENT CHECK for themselves, friends and churches. Siew Hoon and other Archippuses managed the sales process smoothly and efficiently. As for me, I just did my best to write names clearly as I personalised and signed the books (haha!).

We give all praise and glory to the Lord! Apart from Him and His amazing grace, none of this would have been possible nor will it amount to anything. As SAY TO ARCHIPPUS has been well received, we also pray that ALIGNMENT CHECK will be a further encouragement to all who have been awakened. Dear Lord, don’t just move books; move hearts!

Focus on the aligning. Let God do the assigning.

Email to order ALIGNMENT CHECK.

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