Awakening Event: All Saints Presbyterian Church Camp 8-10 June 2018

After sharing a series of awakening messages at All Saints Presbyterian Church (ASPC) in 2017, I was invited to be the speaker for their 2018 camp. Together with the leadership, we decided on the theme: ALIGNMENT.

When I shared this ministry engagement with Archippus Awakening’s prayer team, the Lord prompted Christopher and Priscilla Krishnasamy to join me at this camp. Their assignment was extremely precise: to pray for me and ASPC.
Leading up to the camp, we met with the leaders to discuss and better understand the needs of ASPC. This helped me prepare for the sessions and provided us better focus as we prayed for this assignment.

At the camp, we were encouraged to connect with more Archippuses from ASPC (Jelin, Lindsay, Jennifer & May). The Lord sent reinforcement!

From left: Jelin, Lindsay, Esther, Priscilla, Jennifer, May, Christopher, Henson.

Over three days (8-10 June) at Forest City Phoenix Hotel, I introduced the Alignment Check to ASPC, sharing the aspects of Alignment, Refinement, Empowerment and Assignment, and challenging all to focus on the aligning and allow God to do the assigning.

We give God all praise and glory for the positive response to the message, both individually and corporately! I count it a privilege to be able to speak into the life of a local church, to feature in a small part of what the Lord will do in and through them.

Here are some key takeaways from ASPC members:

“I thank Ps Henson for helping me to see that God is bringing me through a Refinement process and that He is in control. I am personally in a challenging period of transition and while I am out of my comfort zone I take these words to heart, ‘Focus on the Aligning and God will do the Assigning’. Trying to understand the will of God for my life, I am often led to do things that I am not comfortable with and is not my strength but Ps Henson reminds us that God can show His glory through our weaknesses as He empowers us through His Spirit. There was a time when I was going through a dry season in church when the scriptures seemed to be merely words but I thank God that I found a community of ‘kingdom subjects’ in church, outside church and in business that manifested the Word with power, love and hope in daily living. And it is through this Refinement process that I am challenged to bring comfort to the Christians I meet who are themselves discouraged due to unanswered prayer and struggles in their lives. It is only by Aligning and staying close to God as we continue to believe in His promises in the Word that we can survive in this world of challenges and negativity.” Jelin Tan

“I learnt that it is through the process as we Repent and are Restored and Refined for God’s Kingdom purposes that we are empowered by God’s Spirit like how a parched ground is empowered by springs to give new growth and life. I believe that the dryness of God’s prophetic word will give way to springs of living water as we actively seek to Align to God individually and corporately. Instead of dryness, there will be an abundance of water to nourish new growth. “And the parched ground shall become a pool, and the thirsty land springs of water: in the habitation of dragons, where each lay, shall be grass with reeds and rushes.” Isaiah 35:7 KJV A word of Hope for our church. Let us learn to pray the Kingdom and be hungry enough to fast forward His purposes!” David Saw

“‘Focus on the Aligning, Let God do the Assigning!’ That put a name to the problem I had been facing! I didn’t realise that I had fallen into the common trap of feeling a false sense of fulfilment from being busy for God, doing many Christian activities, yet still feeling a sense of spiritual dryness inside. The crucial step I had bypassed was the Alignment. Now I’m increasingly aware of spending more time seeking God first and waiting for His leading before I fill my hands with good things to do.” Choo Li Min

“I thank God for Ps Henson being an Archippus carrying out his Kingdom assignment in the Church. As he constantly mentions, he is not teaching anything new, it’s all there in the Bible! But as he arranges the ideas and paints the picture, it becomes clearer what this calling to follow Christ entails for us, as individual children of God and as a community of faith. Through his teaching I became more aware of the tension of being ‘Almost Anonymous but known by name’ that resided within me. In a generation fuelled by social media and social insecurity, it is truly outstanding for Christians to be at once boldly confident in our identity in Christ as well as humbly secure to carry out our assignments without the need to draw attention to ourselves. It is something I grapple with as a leader in the local church but I believe that now that I am Awakened to this, as I focus on Aligning to Christ He will Refine and Empower me through His Spirit that I may carry out my Assignment with Influence for Him.” Shawn Eng

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