2017: A Year To Get Ready!

Another year is drawing to a close. Once again, it is time to look back, to consider how the Lord has led us, and to give Him all praise and glory!

When Archippus Awakening was birthed in 2014, it was a year of baby steps. The next year, 2015, was to be a season of sowing. Entering into the 3rd year, 2016 was for us a year of expectation and anticipation. Looking back at 2017, I now understand it to be a time of preparation through new exposures and experiences. Yes, through this entire year, I believe the Lord is saying to us, “Get Ready!”

Two Awakening Events (AWEs) in 2017
This year, we had, not one, but two AWEs! AWE2017, the first (our 3rd), was held over the weekend of 17-19 February. 65 Archippuses assembled. The second AWE was unexpected. But at the Lord’s prompting, we scheduled AWE2017.2 for 1-3 December. Registrations trickled in slowly at first. And then, the numbers surged. Finally, 76 Archippuses assembled for our 4th AWE. As always, although the content remains largely the same, the dynamics are so different for each AWE. We are just thankful that more and more are catching the vision and heartbeat of Archippus Awakening, and what it means to focus on the aligning and to let God do the assigning. [Read AWE2017.2: ArcKeepers Assigned]

AAA Seminar in April
After a successful AAA Seminar at Sengkang Methodist Church (3 Dec 2016), we were surprised by another opportunity to run another one-day seminar, this time, in partnership with Living Waters Methodist Church (1 Apr 2017). Read about the participants’ takeaways at T-Connections at AAA Seminar. Praise the Lord for the platform to declare the message of Archippus Awakening across the Body of Christ. If you missed these seminars, you can view the AAA Seminar videos HERE.

Four Church Camps
June was a super-packed month as I spoke at the camps of Full Gospel Assembly (Chinese Campus), Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church (TACMC), Bethany Emmanuel Church and Agape Methodist Church (Dolly Chia’s Testimony). Needless to say, I capitalised on every opportunity to share Archippus Awakening, whether it was the camp theme or not. The biggest thrill was to have the message declared in English, Chinese and Hokkien at TACMC Services and Camp. My prayer is that those awakened would know how to move rightly onto the next steps. [Church Camp Over: Now What?]

Archippus Awakening Goes To Indonesia
In partnership with GSJA Merdeka Bandung, Archippus Awakening made its debut in Indonesia in August 2017. At this Indonesian equivalent of the AAA Seminar, the Bahasa Indonesia version of Say To Archippus was commissioned. Katakanlah Kepada Arkhipus is now available in VISI Christian Bookstores. I give thanks to the Lord for all who served on TEAM ARKHIPUS!

Archippus Awakening in Tung Ling Bible School
The door opened for Archippus Awakening to be shared in TLBS through the School of Ministry module, “Knowing & Fulfilling Kingdom Assignments”. Although this is just one of the many modules taught, I see this as another indication of the Lord’s preparation for what’s ahead. As a lecturer (SOM & SOL) of this established and well-accepted equipping body also gives Archippus Awakening added credibility, as well as new opportunities to reach even more in the Body of Christ.

KINGDOM101: Kingdom Alignment for Kingdom Assignments
Our own kingdom aligning initiative continues through the expository journey of KINGDOM101. After our initial season at CT Hub, we shifted to FGA@Playfair. Although it can be a stretch at times, we covered another 18 teaching sessions, totalling 69 sessions since we started in March 2015. Attendance averages 50, with a stable pool of regulars who have committed to journey together to know the King, to embrace His kingdom, and to discover kingdom assignments. KINGDOM101 Teachings are available on our SoundCloud Channel. As at the time of this report, listenership has crossed the 26,000 mark, with quite a few listening in from outside of Singapore. Earlier year, this audio offering extended to the iTunes podcast platform. KINGDOM101 resumes on 10 January 2018 with another 20 sessions for the new year. [Download 2018 Flyer]

Mentoring Aligning Process (MAP)
On 1 July, we piloted the MAP, a 40-week mentoring aligning process designed to help Archippuses check alignment toward kingdom assignments. Led by Pastor Susheel, together with three other mentors (Henry, Sanford & Anna) this process involves a combination of collaborative learning and personal direction. After two trimesters (six months), response has been encouraging and positive from the 20 MAPpers (10 per group). We can’t wait to see how the Lord will deploy these Archippuses when MAP ends on 31 Mar 2018. Requests have already been received by others to participate in the next run of MAP in 2018.

An Assembly of Archippuses
More and more, we are discovering that the kingdom of God is way, way larger than what we understand, experience or see in our local churches. It is one thing to talk Christian, but yet totally another to live kingdom. In interactions over three short years, we have also discovered this sad state of affairs – it is not easy to find like-minded believers with a heart for the King and His kingdom. To this end, when the saints are awakened by the Lord, many struggle with staying awake or learning what it means to be on kingdom assignment for Jesus. Thankfully, we are beginning to see a kingdom community emerging through Archippuses, awakened, aligned and assigned. For sure, we don’t require a church institution, organisation or building for this to take place. Especially in and through this past year of experience and exposure, I am learning that the kingdom of God cannot be contained or controlled. It has to be released, and we must be ready to move as the Lord would direct.

2017: A Year To Get Ready!
This has been a year of preparation for something that is up ahead. What it is, and in what form, only the Lord knows. But the message (or more accurately, a word of caution) to me is clear. What God wants to do through Archippus Awakening cannot be achieved by one person. It may have begun with me, but it will grow beyond me. It has to. It must. If not, then the vision is way too small.

As always, God is wise and He is absolutely right. I can’t argue with Him at all. There have been many moments this year where I have felt totally stretched, wondering how I can even go on. And yet, the Lord says, “Get Ready! If you think 2017 is full, wait till you see what has been lined up for 2018 and beyond.” I hear the words of Jeremiah 12:5, “If you have run with the footmen, and they have wearied you, then how can you contend with the horses?”

Indeed, there is much to give thanks to the Lord for in 2017. But I sense the Lord has already gone ahead of us into 2018. He has confirmed the word of Rehoboth, for He has made room for us. The trumpet has sounded. Are we listening? It is time to “enlarge the place of your tent” (Isaiah 54:2). It is time to build the arc: A community of Archippuses who will assemble, exhorting one another to remain awakened, aligned and assigned. We will also be ready to release each one to his or her kingdom assignments in their Areas of Operation. We are not bound by membership or obligation, but by kingdom connections, partnerships and relationships. We will be fellow soldiers who will celebrate one another – our struggles, our successes, our stories.

Praise the Lord for His favour and faithfulness through 2017. I also give thanks for those He has brought to co-labour with me in this assignment of Archippus Awakening. Those who have started with me continue to cheer me on through their presence, partnership and prayers. Along the way, others have caught the vision and have joined the growing assembly of Archippuses.

We are ready, Lord Jesus. Lead us into 2018 and all you have in store for us. Our dependence is on You, recognising that it is entirely by Your grace. Through our weakness, enable us by Your Holy Spirit. In all things, receive all praise, honour and glory!

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