Alignment Check: "…a much needed ‘back to basics’ guide in my desire to fulfil my current assignment."

Book Review of Alignment Check by Lily Chong
Alignment Check: this is so timely for me, a much needed ‘back to basics’ guide in my desire to fulfil my current assignment.
During the launch of Alignment Check on 19 September 2018, I remember Ps Henson telling us to read the book slowly – maybe a chapter a week and to spend time mulling/reflecting over the questions at the end of each chapter. Immediately, I wondered if I could do that. True to myself, I didn’t succeed as I kept turning the pages. I also told myself that this book will not be sitting pretty in my bookshelf. Its rightful place will be next to my Bible as I must consult it consistently. Continue reading “Alignment Check: "…a much needed ‘back to basics’ guide in my desire to fulfil my current assignment."”

Imm Sim: "To know my Archippus assignment has been very liberating!"

Can I be busy in ministry, yet not hear Jesus call me a “good and faithful servant”? How can I be a Mary in a Martha world? What is my “one thing”, then?
These questions plagued me for a long time, especially when I realised Jesus’ return is so near and one day I have to give an account of my life to Him. I had been busy and productive, at home, in church, at work. Yet, I could not shake off that nagging feeling that I had missed the point. Exactly what “the point” was, frustratingly, eluded me.
Around this time as well, God had been giving me glimpses of my calling with seemingly isolated phrases like “kingdom agenda”, “alignment”, “Issachar, discerning the times”, “intercession” and “warfare”. All well and good, but what did they mean???  I felt like I had many jigsaw pieces at hand but no clue as to what the big picture should look like.
These jigsaw pieces fitted snugly together for me when I found out about kingdom assignments through the message of Archippus Awakening at a church retreat (27-29 May 2018). At the sessions, I heard Henson explain how it is possible for a Christian to be busy and dedicated in church activity and yet miss the one thing God has uniquely assigned this individual to do. He also explained how alignment with God’s end-times kingdom agenda is every Christian’s call. I heard the very phrases God had been showing me explained in the light of an Archippus assignment. By the end of the retreat, I fully realised that God’s call on my life – my kingdom assignment – in these last days and for the rest of my life, is to be an intercessor for His kingdom. Talk about an awakening!

Imm (extreme right), at Bukit Panjang Methodist Church’s Leaders’ Retreat in May 2018.

To watch Henson teach is to watch an Archippus in action. The passion, joy, fulfillment in his voice and demeanour are so evident. It is the privilege of one living out God’s assignment for him.
Today, I affirm and acknowledge myself as an Archippus. Rather than be bogged down by busy-ness in many areas, I am busy in the one assignment God has uniquely called and gifted me for.  To know my Archippus assignment has been very liberating. It translates to how I live day to day, and I know for certain what roles I must take up and what I can shake off.
The jigsaw pieces have come together to form the big picture for me. And what a beautiful picture it is!
Imm is a wife, mother, intercessor and home tutor (in that order). She willingly gets out of bed for coffee, prayer and cooking, (not necessarily in that order). Imm worships at Bukit Panjang Methodist Church.


Alignment Check: "…an easy book to read, but not an easy one to process and live out…"

Book Review of Alignment Check by Kailin Huang
I was in a season of convalescing (after a life-threatening reaction to infection and a neck operation). While I rejoiced at God’s goodness and merciful deliverance, I was struggling with new found physical weakness and uncertainty. “Can I still continue with my demanding work? What am I then to do with my life that has been preserved?”
And the most frequently asked question, “What is my kingdom assignment?”
I am so delighted that with the publication of Alignment Check, that question is answered … with more questions to spur us in the right direction.
The first four chapters tune us in to the heartbeat of Archippus Awakening – why there is an urgent need for saints to be awakened to fulfil their kingdom assignment. (I highly recommend reading the companion volume, Say To Archippus, for a better understanding!)
Over the next forty bite-sized chapters, Henson guides us how to “Focus on the Aligning. Let God do the Assigning.”
Alignment Check 101: The process does not start with me, but with Christ the King whom I am aligning with. What a loving rebuke!
Alignment Check is an easy book to read, but not an easy one to process and live out, because it challenges the man-made norms of “religion” we are so inclined to settle into. (No wonder the author recommends reading a chapter a week!)
In a conversational yet graciously provocative way, the author dispels much “Christian-ese” and many half-truths I had grown accustomed to, encouraging us to live for the King, who is full of grace and truth. Here are some examples that stood out for me:
It convinces us of where we start, “For the love of Christ compels us…” (p37). It rebukes, “We are not nearly as interested in the will of God as we are about the will of God for me” (p55).  It exhorts us to “Boast in Weakness” (Chapter 32) for “He excels in our weakness.”
But the greater lesson in this book is hearing and seeing how an awakened, aligned, assigned saint lives! Every chapter is lit with Henson‘s remarkable personal story of faith (and coming back to faith), that includes leaving his ministry positions to move on his kingdom assignment of Archippus Awakening. This is a living testimony we can “look to as an example of one moving purposefully and faithfully on assignment” as Apostle Paul is (Chapter 13: Observe Others on Assignment).
I can already foresee that this will be one book I will return to whenever I need a wake-up call or “spiritual chiropractic” to realign. And all the merrier, when surrounded by a community of like-minded saints, Archippuses who, now awakened and aligned, can spur one another on to fulfil their kingdom assignments!


Kailin boasts in her two neck scars, which are marks of God’s goodness and mercy in preserving her life. Her spiritual birthday (3 August) is the same as Archippus Awakening’s. Since her exodus (another story!), she’s been drawing together people and their plans at Picture People Plan.

Alignment Check: "In these days of secular, nominal and cultural Christians … we have to go deep and get back to what really matters."

Book Review of Alignment Check by David Ang
When Henson asked me to share a review of his new book, Alignment Check, my jaw dropped as it is a THICK BOOK(!). However, as a good faithful friend, I readily obliged. And when I started reading it, I could not put it down until I finished it (did it in two and a half days).
Both my mind and spirit were brought to a deep examination of my inner life in Christ. I was reintroduced to authentic Christianity minus the familiar bells-and-whistles, revivalistic rah-rah type of Christian chiong (hype) which the church has grown accustomed to. Instead, Alignment Check provoked a deep, introspective and honest look at how I am living my life for Christ; and Christ only.
For me, Alignment Check recovers the simple but high call of a disciple: that plain but demanding beckoning to live the kingdom life. As Jesus said to Peter, “Follow Me,” this same invitation is still being extended to all who desire a life lived for the Master and the King. To be sure, this was a no-ifs and no-buts call which not just changed Peter’s life, but led to the greatest movement on the surface of the earth.
Contained within this 45-chapter volume is that possibility of such a promise to recapture the momentum of what began two thousand years ago. It carries an impartation which could move the needle for the Body of Christ through awakened Archippuses who read and learn from it. In these days of secular, nominal and cultural Christians, an Alignment Check is both timely and sorely needed: we have to go deep and get back to what really matters.
Knowing the author personally, and noting the coherence and integrity between the writer and the writings, made the reading of Alignment Check that much sweeter and more enjoyable. Definitely not just a regurgitation of some nice Christian theories, or some doctrine read elsewhere and reproduced here. Alignment Check was truly written from Henson’s heart, exemplified through his own life and ministry.
If you desire to be aligned with Jesus and be assigned for Him, Alignment Check is a must read…


David serves as the Executive Director of ACS Oldham Hall. He is married to Amy, and very blessed with three children. The family worships at Kum Yan Methodist Church. David loves … to read … what else? 🙂

Lay Leng: Surprises on Guam

By Tan Lay Leng

1. Seminar Success!
God has indeed gone ahead of Team Archippus to Guam and started His awesome work in the hearts of these beautiful people at the AAA Seminar. We were much encouraged by their hunger to receive the Archippus Awakening message by Ps Henson. They kept coming to express appreciation for the timely message and ask for more copies of Say To Archippus and Alignment Check. All the books were sold in no time, so we had to leave some disappointed! The Lord Himself shall bless these awakened hearts, that the message will take root and many be aligned and move on their kingdom assignments towards God’s destiny for Guam! To God be the glory!
2. Song: So Will I
The Guamanians sing beautifully and their worship team chose the song “So Will I” that God used to touch my heart. I used a portion of the lyrics to introduce my sharing on my Archippian journey :
I can see Your heart in everything You say
Every painted sky
A canvas of Your grace
If creation still obeys You
So will I
I shared how God encourages me in my Archippian journey that the joy of obedience outweighs the challenges as I align with God. I had fun in front of a gracious audience!
3. So Shines the Son!
The Lord thrilled me to no end with His ever-changing splashes of exciting colours in the sky at sunset. Every time I see a sunset, my heart wells up in gratitude towards His goodness. I am full of gratitude to be on His assignment with Team Archippus at Life in the Son Christian Fellowship. We had much joyful interaction with one another as well as with the people on Guam. It was a very small part I played but I serve a big God whose zeal accomplished all that had happened in Guam.

Team Archippus (from left): Siew Hoon, Lay Leng, Helen, Ps Mark, Henson, Henry, Ruth & David.

“LORD, You establish peace for us; all that we have accomplished You have done for us.” Isaiah‬ ‭26:12

Siew Hoon: The Lord Indeed Had Prepared Hearts to Receive the Awakening Message

By Toh Siew Hoon
My Impression of Guam:
Guam is a beautiful place.  Streets there are neat and clean, people are friendly and hospitable.  I am especially amazed by the beautiful clouds and sunset everyday.
Our Kingdom Assignment in Guam:
On Friday 5 Oct: I felt privileged to be able to partake in the Guam Ministers’ Association monthly luncheon.   The message shared by Ps Henson at the luncheon was just right.  I felt it was a timely word from God for the ministers to hear and be awakened.  I was so glad that complimentary copies of Say To Archippus brought by Ps Mark Benavente were gone in no time. At the AAA Seminar that evening, one of the ministers approached the book table to buy a set of Say To Archippus and Alignment Check.  I asked him, “Didn’t you get a free copy of Say To Archippus at the luncheon?” And he replied, “I went up to speak to Ps Henson for a while and when I turned around, the books were gone!”

On Saturday 6 Oct: In the opening worship set, I was so fascinated by the lyrics of the song, “So Will I”:
If the stars were made to worship so will I….
If creation sings Your praises so will I….
As You speak
A hundred billion creatures catch Your breath….
If it all reveals Your nature so will I….
Every painted sky a canvas of Your grace
If creation still obeys You so will I….
If the mountains bow in reverence so will I….
If the oceans roar Your greatness so will I
For if everything exists to lift You high so will I….
I simply poured out my heart to worship our awesome God.  Yes Lord, so will I …
I felt that throughout the whole seminar, the anointing of God was upon Ps Henson as he spoke.  Every session was impactful and every word spoken was powerful.  Lay Leng’s sharing was very anointed too.  As for me, I was quite nervous during my sharing.  The night before, I was trying to put in place what I had in my mind to share but very quickly succumbed to sleepiness. In the morning, I had no time to think anymore but could only ask the Lord to help me. I was very encouraged when a few sisters came to thank me for my sharing.

During the session “Finish the Race”, the slide of horses waiting to be unleashed at the race caught my eye.  It was not the first time I had seen this slide but it jumped out at me this time. It reminded me of a vision I had when Ps Henson, Lay Leng and I prayed together before the trip: a vision of athletes getting ready at their starting lines waiting for the gun to be sounded. It seemed to be an affirmation from the Lord that Archippuses in Guam would be awakened, aligned and assigned for the purposes of God.
The Lord indeed had prepared hearts to receive the awakening message.  I was very encouraged to see the response of the people at the altar, and many kept coming to buy the books (which sold out very quickly).  May both books, Say To Archippus and Alignment Check, help them go deeper and be aligned and assigned on their kingdom assignments.

On Sunday 7 Oct: I felt the presence of the Lord once I stepped into the sanctuary of Life in the Son Christian Fellowship that morning. When worship started, His presence became stronger.  I sensed the love and presence of God was like a canvas above everyone.  When the song “Nothing is Impossible” was sung, I could not help but jump for joy (I have never jumped in worship but was prompted by the Holy Spirit to jump this time).  I sensed the Lord was saying, “Now celebrate with joy. For I am doing a mighty work in the hearts of my people here.”
What the Lord is teaching me:
1) Do not doubt visions or impressions I receive (sometimes I am not sure of what I see and hear, I will ask if it is of the Lord or myself).  Just pray what I see and hear from the Holy Spirit.  The Lord is faithful to see His desires come to pass. 2) What it means to worship Him in awe.

Alignment Check: "It keeps pointing me to Christ! … a delightful read."

Book Review of Alignment Check by Tan Lay Leng

Alignment Check by Pastor Henson Lim is a practical guide and a pleasant read that motivate a personal alignment check. It keeps pointing me to Christ!

The author, whose first book is Say To Archippus, is the founder of Archippus Awakening, a kingdom initiative dedicated to the awakening of the saints to know and fulfil our God-given kingdom assignments. For awakened saints who desire to move on their kingdom assignments, Pastor Henson Lim’s sister book Alignment Check answers the “I’m awakened. What next?’’ question.

As a practical guide, Alignment Check provides many handles for its readers to hold on to, to apply what it means to align with Christ. In a clever use of the acronym A-R-E-A, four aspects of the Alignment Check are explained, so readers understand the journey from Assembly Area (AA) where we know Christ to the Area of Operation (AO) where we reveal Christ. Each of the four aspects – Alignment, Refinement, Empowerment, Assignment – is presented in detail and with clarity.

In Part One: Alignment, a chapter is devoted to what we should observe in others who are moving purposefully and faithfully on assignments (Chapter Thirteen: Observe Others on Assignment). It is easy to tell others to “imitate me, just as I imitate Christ”, but what do we exactly observe? Alignment Check draws from Scriptures to explain how we should observe these ones, to apply the principles learnt from their lives. “Dealign from Self, Align with Christ” is one of my favourite chapters in Part Two: Refinement (Chapter Twenty-One).  I draw hope from this chapter, like I do from the other chapters, that living for my King is never in vain. In Part Three: Empowerment, the statement, “Rest is a God-given privilege and provision through which we experience His faithfulness and goodness in ways that surprise us.” totally gripped me (Chapter Thirty-Four: Work from a Posture of Rest). Seven aspects of rest are explained to answer the question, “How does one rest well?” From the first aspect (Rest is Worship) to the seventh one (Rest is Eschatological), I was immensely motivated to check my own alignment and accept God’s invitation to enter His rest.

The chapter “Submit Your Abilities to God” in Part Four: Assignment is especially meaningful for my personal alignment check (Chapter Forty-Two). It upsets a belief I did not know I had held. The author writes, “More often than not, in trying to determine where a person should serve, the tendency is to look at their abilities (strengths, talents and gifts).” He further challenges his readers that we could do something well and still did not know our assignments. To help his readers grasp this principle, Pastor Henson recounts his meeting with Dr Benny Prasad, the musician, describing how Dr Benny sees himself first and foremost as a servant of God sent to proclaim a message. Dr Benny was invited to different countries for his abilities, but he was very clear of his assignments. The sub-point, “Abilities Facilitate Assignments” did a home run for me. I told the Lord I would give my abilities back to Him, for His kingdom purposes.

Alignment Check is one book I found myself, while taking mealtime breaks with friends between reading, not able to wait till my next reading. There is a strong sense of anticipation as to what the next chapter and the next chapter may offer! It carries an awesome authority with a personal touch that draws me to desire obedience to my King.

I also love the thought-provoking questions after each of the 40 chapters. They force me to review the material several times, which in turn motivate me to pause and reflect; an Alignment Check! These questions present a splendid platform for Alignment Check to be used in a small community of like-minded ones to embark on a journey of checking alignment together. Including his personal stories and drawing from daily life examples, Pastor Henson writes with a candid yet Christ-centred conversational style. It makes Alignment Check a delightful read.

One more thing: I could feel a heat (warmth is not intense enough to describe it) that burnt inside my heart as I progressed in my reading. Almost immediately in me surged a desire to know my King and what He says in His Word. I yearned to obey Him and be aligned with Him and His kingdom. During a Kingdom Prayer Initiative session with fellow Archippuses, one of them prayed the words in my heart; that Alignment Check is like a teddy bear one wants to hug close to one’s bosom!

Call it a ‘ten-year-series’ guide, a textbook, a manual or a survival kit to checking alignment, it is certainly a not-to-be-missed read for anyone serious to be awakened, aligned and assigned for the kingdom of God!


Three things freak Lay Leng out : the colour purple, ice cream waffles and drawing in my bullet journal. (They rhyme!)

Pastor Rey Sanico: To Fulfil Our God-given Assignment, We Need to Regularly Check Our Alignment

Coming to AWE2018 at Changi Cove has been an awesome experience.
My wife and I came with an expectation to receive words of guidance in our journey and our assignment from God. There were many issues in our hearts that have distracted us as we pursued our kingdom assignment.
At AWE 2018, God ministered to us in a special way. We understood the importance of being in ALIGNMENT with God. Ps Henson emphasised this: “Focus on the aligning. Let God do the assigning.”

Now it has become clearer to us that as we desire to fulfil our God-given assignment, we need to regularly check our alignment with the Lord, His Word and the Holy Spirit.  The teaching, prophetic words, prayers and fellowship were packed with messages and insights that I am carrying now to bring awakening in my city and region in the Philippines to fulfil her prophetic destiny and assignment.
Thank you Ps Henson and Team Archippus for hosting a life-transforming AWE2018.
Ps Rey & Cecile Sanico

Pastor Rey Sanico, New Life Fellowship, Butuan, Philippines
AWE2018 @ Changi Cove Singapore was my first awakening event. I love to see Jesus exalted and His Kingdom expand. My passion is in teaching and leading God’s people. I train pastors, and I equip and mobilise the body of Christ to be actively involved in the Great Commission.

Adrian Chan: I wish I had known about Archippus Awakening much earlier

My family and I had recently relocated back from Bhutan where I served as the Leadership Resource Person in the King’s Office to advise on leadership development in the kingdom.
Archippus Awakening or Pastor Henson Lim were unknown to me until 25 March 2018. I had googled “awakening” and come across his blog. That same day, I immediately signed my wife, Poh Cheng, and myself up for AWE 2018. Realising that there was a book Say To Archippus by Pastor Henson, I emailed him to get a copy.
On the first day of AWE 2018, a total stranger struck up a conversation with me and then offered to pray for me. However, he did not get to pray until the second day. I woke up early for Kingdom Prayer Initiative, and in the evening, my wife and I again bumped into the stranger. Sunny (Thank you brother!) remembered me, and as he prayed, I caught a main point that stuck with me: “Not to be afraid of the release that is to come.”
During the altar call that evening, I was prompted by Olivia to go up to Pastor Henson to be prayed for. I had been happily soaking in the corporate worship, something I truly missed while working in Bhutan. Pastor Henson prayed over me and three things stood out for me from what he prayed: ‘Mouth Piece’, ‘Puts things right’, ‘Share what it means to serve the king’.

What is my assignment? I don’t know yet. I wish I had known about Archippus Awakening much earlier. Just like the ‘ark’ we built in the alignment activity, I am not only a broken vessel running on faulty wheels, I am also the meddlesome pilot not willing to let go of the wheel and allow the Spirit of God to move me as He wishes. Hence I know from AWE 2018 I need to work on my own aligning and allow God to do the assigning. About my own alignment process, there is much refinement and empowerment to be done still. There is much dying to self and much equipping to ensure that I am the right horse for the course (or in Archippus speak, the right stallion for the right stadion).
From today onwards, I put down in my daily task this: “Review and Do my Alignment Check”. What that entails, it will probably differ from day to day, season by season. But it will be a daily tithe of time to be quiet before God, to know the mind and will of the King of kings. I had blogged about the limited time we have on earth. Hence, in my computer, I already have a countdown clock that marks the time I have left till I am 70. Today, I add one more countdown timer marking the day I completed AWE 2018. As it stands now, this second timer reads 15 hours, 42 minutes. The time is ticking towards the final arc. It is time to get up.

From left: Henson, Serene, Poh Cheng & Adrian.

Adrian Chan, International Baptist Church
I have been prompted to reflect on “awakening” for a while before I decided to google for more information. Lo and behold, I found Pastor Henson’s blog and AWE 2018! I signed up immediately! My family and I recently relocated back from Bhutan, where I spent the last three years serving in the King’s office as the Leadership Resource Person. In serving an earthly king, this experience allowed me to witness the parallels in our service with our King of kings. Now that I have a language and framework to describe my assignment experience in Bhutan, I am looking forward to living out a new awakening, aligning and assigning back here in Singapore.

Awakening Event: Archippuses of Bedok MC Awakened Aligned & Assigned at AWE2018!

In April 2018, the Archippus Awakening message was shared with the women of Bedok Methodist Church at their WSCS Retreat in Malacca. When they learnt about an upcoming Awakening Event over the weekend of 3-5 August where the Alignment Check would be taught in greater detail, they promptly registered for AWE2018.
With eleven of them present at AWE2018 (ten sisters and a brother), they were the largest representation from a single local church that Archippus Awakening has ever hosted at an Awakening Event.
We are so encouraged that these Archippuses are now eager to share with even more Archippuses when they return to their home church. Read their testimonies and takeaways below and give God all praise and glory:
“Dear Ps Henson & Team
Thank you for the awesome AWE2018 weekend. The definition of discipleship you have shared is now crystallised in our minds, and truly that is exactly the life Jesus lived: embracing difficulties, suffering and death, denying self and obeying the Father. Jesus completed His task well to receive His reward, sitting at the right hand of the throne of God. Indeed,the teachings included a major reorientation of some preconceived and prescribed ideas of what discipleship is. From playing church and programmes to doing kingdom work for the King. From consuming feel-good Christian preaching to embracing every hard truth in God’s Word. From simply sailing through life to truly running the race that we may receive the reward. Your message from God has indeed challenged us to do as we are assigned, according to His perfect will, with His ongoing empowerment and grace. Thank you once again for being the voice of Jesus, and sharing with us the tools to equip us for our kingdom assignments which is so beautifully summed up in the tagline: focus on the aligning, let God do the assigning.” – Sally Cheong & Evette Tan
“I am now AWAKENED, ALIGNED & ASSIGNED, and totally in AWE of Jesus for anointing Pastor Henson to deliver HIS 1-2-3-4 message! The endtime is near. Let’s wake up other Archippuses and get more people into HIS KINGDOM!” – Mollee Tng
“As an Archippus, I am a disciple of Christ. I am to know the Person of Christ and not just know about Christ. As an Archippus, I embrace the difficulties and challenges in the refinement process. This is discipleship. The alignment activity helped me realise that to run a good race, I must be aligned and re-aligned in order to finish the race and finish it well. I am deeply inspired to apply what I have learned at AWE2018 and I also hope to share the message of Archippus Awakening to awaken as many saints around me as possible. A big Thank You to Ps Henson and the working committee of AWE2018″ – Annie Yeo
“Dear Pastor Henson & Team
Thank you for a wonderful AWE2018 weekend at Changi Cove with like-minded Archippuses. The first time I heard Pastor Henson at a 3-day-2-night retreat, the Archippus Awakening message left me thinking and reflecting on my position in Christ. At AWE 2018, I received much assurance from God as I am about to embark on another assignment. I had said yes to this assignment with fear and reluctance and even regretting it, so it was good to know that Noah had to go through the refinement process (possibly ridicule by others, questioning by loved ones) while obeying God to build the ark, becoming the lineage for Jesus who endured the cross to the end so the whole mankind is saved. AWE 2018 was so well run – not just God’s message delivered by Pastor Henson but almost every segment, be it the 1-2-3-4 quiz on Friday or the alignment activity on Saturday, all served to highlight and bring out the essence of the ONE message so effectively and powerfully to us. My prayer is that as we are being launched into the world following the Adullam assembly at AWE2018 weekend, we will all be found faithful in being the Archippus in our area of influence.” – Chia Koon Hong
“I am an ‘underwhelmed’ soul in need of an awakening in an overwhelmed schedule.  AWE 2018 was a timely wake-up call to review my busyness. I do not want to do so many things and miss out on God ‘s assignments. With a renewed kingdom mindset, I am excited to embark on the journey of discovering what God has in store for me. I am Archippus, looking to doing HIs assignments from a posture of rest and not feeling daunted by the pain that may come with the aligning.” – Neo Lay Tin
“I have never realised how misaligned I was and at AWE 2018, I discovered where my position is. Thank you Ps Henson and Team Archippus. I am now eating and sleeping these three words: awakened, aligned, assigned. There is much to internalise and digest, but I have learnt to do it with regards to God’s kingdom.” – Jovi Low
“With the Archippus Awakeningmessage delivered to me, I recognise that there is much work needed to address my misalignment at where He has assigned me. I received my ‘fellow soldier’ appointment in awe and gratefulness. Thank you Ps Henson and team for all your faithfulness and obedienceto Him in this journey to help us unpack the ‘Build the Arc’ message, and more importantly, to understand His Kingship. I see the sacrifices behind you and the team in order to assemble me back into the Archippus battalion. With much tears and great joy. I am encouraged by all of you.” – Mark Teo, an Archippus falling in.
“Fear and doubt engulf me as I am about to move into a new AO.  Drawing from Ps Henson’s sharing at AWE2018, I learned a lesson from Noah, who aligned with God and responded with obedience when he was asked to build an ark.  As he responded with obedience, he received God’s empowerment. The alignment activity was an awakening experience. I could never imagine myself crawling on the floor on my stomach and blowing the ‘ark’ across the finishing line.  Going forward, there will be challenges, but as long as I stay focussed and move within the lane God assigned to me and with His empowermen,t I will run and win the race. I am thankful I have a community of Archippuses to cheer me on when the going gets tough.  It is my desire to awaken other sleeping Archippuses so they will be AWAKENED, ALIGNED and ASSIGNED.  Thank you Pastor Henson and team for an AWE-some2018.” – Irene Tung