Welcome to the website of Archippus Awakening!

Archippus Awakening is a new and fresh ministry dedicated to the awakening of saints that they may know and fulfil their God-given Kingdom assignments. More than just another Christian initiative, it is A MANDATE that I have received in the Lord for these final days, from which A MESSAGE will be declared with urgency and passion, trusting that the Lord will bring about A MOVEMENT as only He can.

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For sure, this cannot be achieved on my own. To this end, I am confident that the Lord will be leading like-minded men and women to partner me in this. As you browse this website, I pray that you will remain open to how the Spirit will lead you. As an individual, you could become an Archippus Ambassador to join me in this exciting journey, helping others find their place in the Kingdom. As a church or organisation, you could become an Archippus Agency to host or facilitate the training and sending out of Archippuses. Or perhaps, you have been awakened to see yourself as an Archippus and you have a deep desire to know your assignment that you may move to fulfil it faithfully.

Watch “The Birth of Archippus Awakening” Video

Stay in touch with us because more will be shared and revealed along the way. SUBSCRIBE to receive blog posts and updates. LIKE our Facebook Page and join a growing community of Archippuses. Go to ASK for frequently asked questions. If you have comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact me. I’d love to hear from you.

In His love and for His glory!
Henson Lim

“Let every man find out what God wants him to do,
and then let him do it, or die in the attempt.”
Charles Spurgeon

2 responses to “Home

  1. Hi Henson I had col 4.17 leap of the page this morning and found your website very encouraging. My wife and I serve in a church in Uxbridge London England. Just wondering how you are doing since 2014. We feel we also have a Macedonian call on our lives and I really enjoyed your vision for body ministry.
    I pray that the Lord will bless you and keep you in all your endeavours and make you to fruitfully reproduce yourself
    Be blessed Pete and Glo

    • Hi Peter, what a joy to hear from you! Was ministering at a church camp when your note came through. Thanks for your word of encouragement. It’s been two years but I feel we’ve only just begun. As the Lord opens the doors, I will declare this message of Archippus Awakening. Let’s keep in touch for we never know how the Lord may lead us to co-labour for His kingdom. My email is brohenson@gmail.com. LIKE our Facebook page 🙂

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