Church Camp Over. Now What?

Let me begin by giving praise and thanks to the Lord.

This year, He opened the doors to four church camps. That means four opportunities to declare the word of the kingdom, to speak into lives. And for some, more specifically, the message of Archippus Awakening. Yay!

Yet, as exciting as it sounds, this church camp season has also been tremendously demanding and tiring. It was literally one camp per week with a couple of days of rest and recovery in between. If not for His grace and strength, I would never have made it through this entire month. (For the record, I am still recovering and have not exactly caught up on my sleep yet.)

Even so, with whatever energy and strength I have, I will shout and praise His Name! I never take any of these for granted, and I will always count it an honour and privilege to be able to serve my King and His people!

So, church camp is over. Now what?
No, I am not asking for myself. I have finished another leg of my race and I will move on to the next. My assignment continues through the work of Archippus Awakening.

But what about my brothers and sisters in Christ? Church camps are over. Now what?

I have no doubt that there would have been encounters, stirrings, awakenings. How can there not be? I believe that when God’s people make time to meet with Him, God will meet with His people. When the word of the kingdom is preached, the Holy Spirit will speak clearly and personally. That is a given because our God is faithful and true to His Word.

But what happens after someone is awakened?
If one does not know what he or she is being awakened to, then the chances of him or her falling back asleep is extremely high. Church camps (or similar settings) can become events where one goes to for a spiritual high or fix. Over time, this becomes expected and deceives the believers into thinking that is all there is – a once-a-year-booster-shot for the Christian walk.

If what is experienced is left at the camp venue or merely recorded in the camp booklet, that presents another challenge. Often, unfortunately, this is the case: camp is camp;  and church is church. Somehow, at camp, we are more open to the moves and manifestations of God. But now that we are back in church, it’s back to business as usual.

More often than not, the tendency is to jump from being awakened to finding something to do (presuming that is being assigned) – “I have been awakened at camp. Now I go back to church to serve.” Sounds right. But not exactly. This is why I make such a big deal of the Archippian strategic process: AWAKENED. ALIGNED. ASSIGNED. The key is to check alignment, that one would be rightly postured to receive kingdom assignments. But how many would actually do this? Or know how to? Admittedly, it is much easier to just do something than to pray and wait for the Lord to direct.

These are, of course, general statements and observations from one who has spoken at more than a few church camps. For sure, I am extremely encouraged when people respond to God’s Word and make a fresh commitment to live for Him. That said, I also know that it is what comes after that makes the difference.

Always, always remember that an awakening is only the first step towards the next steps that God has prepared for you.

Once again, I praise God for all He has done at the four camps (and many others in the month of June). I am believing that there would be individuals – Archippuses – who have not only been awakened, but will move on alignment that they will each receive their kingdom assignments!

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    June has been a whirlwind month – church camp season! Thanks to one and all for praying for me as I ministered across four camps. Trust you enjoyed your own church camp too. But now that church camp is over, do spend a moment considering the next steps before the routines and requirements of church douse the fires of awakening. Blessings!

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