To the Nations: AAA Sandakan 30-31 Aug 2019

Archippus Awakening had just marked her 4th Anniversary in August 2018. Soon after, my second book, Alignment Check, was commissioned in September. Two weeks later, Team Archippus went to declare the message of awakening in Guam, USA.

After this heavy season, I went on a personal retreat in the middle of October to rest and to recuperate. Checking into the Metropolitan YMCA, I had every intention not to think about the ministry or work. All I wanted to do was sleep. More easily said than done.

On the first day, reading Jeremiah 1:4-10, I noticed that Jeremiah’s appointment and assignment was “to the nations” and “over the nations”. These words caught my attention because just a few weeks earlier, a prophetic word was released over me, that I should be “prepared to go to the nations, across the oceans and seas I will send you.” Those who know me will know that my preference is to stay at home and not go anywhere. However, for the sake of the assignment of Archippus Awakening, the Lord had already opened doors to Bandung (Indonesia), Tanauan Leyte & Kidapawan City (Philippines) and Guam (USA). Where else? I wondered.

As I pondered the phrase “to the nations”, an email arrived that very same day – as if on cue – from a Revd Canon James Lee, from Sabah. Although Malaysia is our closest neighbour, I had never had the opportunity to preach there before (camps and retreats for Singapore churches do not count).

Canon James was in Singapore a few weeks earlier and our mutual friend in David Leong had presented him a copy of Alignment Check. Perusing the contents of this freshly commissioned book, he felt prompted to get in touch with me. The rest, as they say, is history. We connected via WhatsApp that night, opening the way for an AAA Seminar to be conducted for the very first time in Malaysia.

Team Archippus (from left): Henson, Siew Hoon, Charlotte, Wai Yee, Amara, Lay Leng, Susheel.

At the invitation of Revd Canon James Lee, in partnership with Church of the Good Shepherd (Anglican) Sandakan (COGS), the Archippus Awakening message was declared in Malaysia, significantly over the weekend of Malaysia’s Independence Day (30-31 August 2019). Team Archippus comprised Ps Susheel, Siew Hoon, Lay Leng, Wai Yee, Charlotte, Amara and myself. [Read Team Archippus’ Sandakan Report]

As the date of the seminar drew closer, the number of registrations climbed steadily. Whilst COGS members made up the majority, about 20% were from other churches and denominations. The AA message was shared by Ps Susheel, Lay Leng and myself (with Wai Yee translating), across six sessions: two on Friday night and another four on Saturday. In between, participants were treated to Archippian stories by Lay Leng, Amara, Ps Susheel and Siew Hoon, supported by COGS translators Emily, Jus, Grace and Annie respectively (in Chinese and Hakka).

To the glory of God, the AA message was very well received. Discussions are now underway as to how best to serve the many who have been awakened. God willing, we may get to conduct an Awakening Event (AWE) in Sandakan so that the Alignment Check can be taught more deeply and practically.

I’ve often said “God opens doors. I open mouth.” We give God all praise and thanks for the opportunity to serve the saints – Archippuses – in Malaysia through COGS. We pray that the Lord will use Sandakan Archippuses – awakened aligned assigned – to impact Sabah, the whole of Malaysia, and beyond!

Thank you, David, for sharing Alignment Check with Canon James. Thank you, Canon James, for responding to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, opening the way for Team Archippus to be in Sandakan. Just a while ago, we were complete strangers to one another. Today, we are fellow soldiers and kingdom partners for the glory of Jesus and His kingdom! And thank you, leaders and members of COGS, for your love, partnership and hospitality, looking after Team Archippus so very well when we were in Sandakan.

Team Archippus with Revd Canon James Lee (extreme left) and his wife, Emily (second from right).

Last October, all I wanted to do was to retreat and hide in my little room. However, God had the nations on His heart. Yes, Lord. Team Archippus stands ready to go “to the nations”, as and when assigned and directed. In the meantime, rejoice with us and give God all the glory as you read the testimonies of Sandakan Archippuses who have been blessed by the message of Archippus Awakening:

“God opens doors, I open mouth.” Praise God for His word of confirmation through Ps Henson Lim for me that as long as God opens doors, I open my mouth. God has indeed opened doors for me to preach His Word in different denominations of His Church at the Sunday Service, as well as to share the Good News to lost souls in the marketplace, and to declare His Word to children in schools and inmates in prison.

Thank God  for Canon James Lee who invited Team Archippus led by Ps Henson Lim from Singapore.  At the AAA seminar, I learnt that  I have assignments from God and for His Kingdom after I have been reborn in Jesus Christ. I begin to recognise that for the past 20 years, when God gave me different assignments in different seasons, He Himself personally equipped me through various discipleship trainings for His work of ministry. I also started to rethink what my purpose is with my current position as a staff member at COGS.

Another amazing thing that happened during Team Archippus’ visit was when I served as a translator . Before I began to translate for Ps Henson at the Sunday service,, I saw that my left hand was glittering. I believe God anointed me with His glorious presence and encouraged me not to be afraid. After Ps Henson had declared His Word, during the closing prayer, he prayed for God to impart His gifts to the body of Christ. I saw my left hand shining more fully. I believe that God is well pleased with Ps Henson for faithfully declaring His Word and at the same time, He comforted me as I had felt my translation was not good. Then God sent His angel to encourage me, a sister came to tell me, “You translated very well”. She told me that she is not from COGS but she had heard that the sermon would be accompanied by translation so she decided to come. I was encouraged!

Grace Chan

Thank God for Ps Henson Lim and Team Archippus who took time to come to COGS with the Word of God and the Awakening Archippus message. Personally, I am very grateful that through this seminar, I learned what it means to be Awakened, Aligned, and Assigned. I am asking questions like: What am I awakened for? Where have I been part misaligned? Where is my  area of operation? What is my assignment? These questions also made me rethink what my purpose is with my current position as a staff member at COGS. As the questions remain in my mind, I believe that I will be able to understand with greater clarity through the wisdom of the Lord Jesus. For now I am clear about the call that God wants to express in my life and my future. With that, I want to declare that I AM ARCHIPPUS … AWAKENED, ALIGNED, AND ASSIGNED!

Eldrin Lagayan

The teaching on “Did Archippus know his assignment?” granted me clarity on how and what I should do next. I resolved to deliver my best for God in my assignment to organise the upcoming Christmas celebration for the church. All this while I had thought that serving at the church service, attending the church service, reading the Bible, doing church activities, trying to be a better Christian and atrending bible study class is being a “good Christian”. Understanding the difference between the concept of AA and AO gives me  a better understanding of why I do what I do. I am to reveal Christ in my AO even as I get equipped in my AA. God helped me see my misalignment in the kingdom of God very clearly and by His grace He will help me realign. I thank God for giving Pastor Henson and his team to this wonderful assignment.  May God continue to empower them to open the eyes of more Christians so we can build the arc with more Archippuses.

Shane Ho

One of the things I was awakened to at the AAA Seminar was the concept of the Kingdom of God. Once I accepted Jesus Christ, I was saved into the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is advancing all the time and it will keep on expanding. I have to keep advancing as the Kingdom of God advances.  This encouraged me to move diligently and faithfully on the assignment God has entrusted me. There is no complacency in the work of the kingdom. It is like in a race which I need to focus and strive to finish by His grace.

Ang Pian Ming

A big Thank You to Ps Henson and his excellent team members for the deeply insightful and enriching AAA seminar. I have to confess that after Canon James Lee in his excitement recommended this seminar to COGS, I was like many others, thinking that it would be just another seminar. I had never imagined that Ps Henson has such a great gift in delivering God’s Word. The 1-2-3-4 teaching (1 message, 2 verses, 3 words and 4 traits) touched the hearts of many. I am pretty sure that those who struggle to stay awake have been awakened and I pray that the freshly commissioned Archippuses of COGS will continue to stay awakened, get aligned and be assigned forvour King. May revival come forth to Sandakan. 

Jus Ng

At the AAA Seminar, I was touched by the teaching on the four traits of an Archippus. I have been serving in the Boys’ Brigade ministry for more than three years. I was starting to feel aimless and seeing all I was doing as meaningless activities. I was not able to see it as a God-given assignment. I knew it was assigned by God but I was slipping into a neglect, giving excuses like i was busy and other officers could do it. I came to a point where I asked God if it was the ministry for me. At the seminar, God not only convicted me that I was not wholehearted, He also showed me He has called me to be a leader. I started aligning with Him and began to equip myself with His word daily to prepare to lead the youths to the Lord in His way. Thank You once again for the AAA seminar. I am Archippus. Awakened , Aligned and Assigned!

Jerry Goh

I agree with what Ps Henson said in one of his teaching sessions that the days of  spiritual superstars are over. Indeed, God will use the almost anonymous ‘nobodies’ to complete His kingdom assignment. I was also touched by the sharing of Sister Amara, a 73-year-old missionary still on kingdom assignment. When God wants to use a person, there is no limit what He can do. What is impossible with man is possible with God.I was also encouraged that as we are  the army of God and we must be trained as soldiers that can fight the enemy in the battlefield. Thank You Ps Henson for reminding us that we are to empowered by God and keep up our fighting spirit. We have to constantly remind ourselves not to be lukewarm. By His grace,  He always gives us another non-elimination round.

Chiew Jet

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