Imm Sim: "To know my Archippus assignment has been very liberating!"

Can I be busy in ministry, yet not hear Jesus call me a “good and faithful servant”? How can I be a Mary in a Martha world? What is my “one thing”, then?

These questions plagued me for a long time, especially when I realised Jesus’ return is so near and one day I have to give an account of my life to Him. I had been busy and productive, at home, in church, at work. Yet, I could not shake off that nagging feeling that I had missed the point. Exactly what “the point” was, frustratingly, eluded me.

Around this time as well, God had been giving me glimpses of my calling with seemingly isolated phrases like “kingdom agenda”, “alignment”, “Issachar, discerning the times”, “intercession” and “warfare”. All well and good, but what did they mean???  I felt like I had many jigsaw pieces at hand but no clue as to what the big picture should look like.

These jigsaw pieces fitted snugly together for me when I found out about kingdom assignments through the message of Archippus Awakening at a church retreat (27-29 May 2018). At the sessions, I heard Henson explain how it is possible for a Christian to be busy and dedicated in church activity and yet miss the one thing God has uniquely assigned this individual to do. He also explained how alignment with God’s end-times kingdom agenda is every Christian’s call. I heard the very phrases God had been showing me explained in the light of an Archippus assignment. By the end of the retreat, I fully realised that God’s call on my life – my kingdom assignment – in these last days and for the rest of my life, is to be an intercessor for His kingdom. Talk about an awakening!

Imm (extreme right), at Bukit Panjang Methodist Church’s Leaders’ Retreat in May 2018.

To watch Henson teach is to watch an Archippus in action. The passion, joy, fulfillment in his voice and demeanour are so evident. It is the privilege of one living out God’s assignment for him.

Today, I affirm and acknowledge myself as an Archippus. Rather than be bogged down by busy-ness in many areas, I am busy in the one assignment God has uniquely called and gifted me for.  To know my Archippus assignment has been very liberating. It translates to how I live day to day, and I know for certain what roles I must take up and what I can shake off.

The jigsaw pieces have come together to form the big picture for me. And what a beautiful picture it is!

Imm is a wife, mother, intercessor and home tutor (in that order). She willingly gets out of bed for coffee, prayer and cooking, (not necessarily in that order). Imm worships at Bukit Panjang Methodist Church.


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