Chelsea Leong: Will I Be Awakened Only To Fall Back Asleep Again?

Will I go through another ‘camp high’ only to fall back into slumber? What is going to happen at this ‘AWE camp’? Will I experience His strong presence again?

Battling with these questions, I decided to attend AWE2017.2. There was a yearning never to be awakened and only to fall back asleep. I want to, like Matthew the tax-collector, drop all when I hear His call once more : Follow Me.

I stepped into the room where we all gathered, still uncertain what to expect. Ps Henson said God’s presence was there the moment the first person stepped in. True enough, God’s presence immediately filled my heart as we sang the first song, ‘Lord, Prepare Me’. I felt a deep stirring and thirst in my heart, followed by a deep sense of repentance. I had been far from God, and I told Him I wanted my heart to be His sanctuary once again.

More breakthroughs followed. As we revisited many biblical truths, I felt liberated to learn that the ways of God are not hard to follow. In fact, they are simple and straightforward. It is only a matter of whether we have set our hearts to want to follow them. I realised how important it is to align myself with God before fulfilling the assignment. I realised that there is a work prepared for us beforehand to do. I realised that the times are urgent and the days are evil. I realised that, like in the days of Noah, we can choose not to board the ark because we can be so caught up with our own lives.  I realised that God is calling us. God is calling me, and has always been calling me. It is ultimately my choice to respond.

By the end of AWE2017.2, I had made a decision. I want to walk in His ways. I was especially heartened to be alongside so many brothers and sisters who also desire to walk in God’s ways. I know it will not be easy, but having the company of these fellow Archippuses, I can stand firm in my resolve as I depend on His empowerment.

The spark in my heart was once again ignited at AWE2017.2 to pursue intimacy with Him. Keeping in mind that ultimately, when everyone dispersed, it would be my own race to run, I took courage to know that the greatest reward will be when I hear Him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant…enter into the joy of your Master.”

Chelsea Leong, Grace Assembly of God
When Ps Henson came to Grace Assembly to preach, the message resonated in my heart so strongly that I knew the Holy Spirit was beckoning me to an awakening! I wanted to sign up for AWE2017.2 (1-3 Dec 2017) but I couldn’t seem to find any friends to be my roommate. Little did I know that God was setting me up for a divine appointment with Lay Leng, also from Grace Assembly. I attended KINGDOM101 and Ps Henson connected us. When Lay Leng said she was also looking for a roommate, I knew it was God’s answered prayer!

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