AAA Sandakan: Testimonies Keep Rolling In

The AAA Seminar at Church of the Good Shepherd may have ended but the testimonies of how the Archippus Awakening message has impacted the saints keep rolling in. After the final teaching session on “Go for Gold”, Ps Henson released a word over the congregation that he saw parcels of different sizes being released from heaven and encouraged them to do a prophetic act of signing for the parcels as they received them. In our kingdom conversations with different ones, Team Archippus was encouraged to learn how God has used the Archippus Awakening message to confirm the assignments they have already received. We can only marvel at God’s timing for AAA Seminar to be held in Sandakan, Sabah.

Thanks to Rev Canon James Lee and Lay Leng for compiling the following contributions:

I thank God for the AAA Seminar which appropriately points to the urgency of our time to be awakened, aligned and assigned.

I am so amazed and grateful of the timing of this seminar. Shortly before Ps Henson and Team Archippus arrived, the Lord has been putting into my heart an assignment. Imagine how it touched my heart when after the final teaching session, Ps Henson released the word of seeing many parcels come down for us  to receive. It was a confirmation for me!

Elizabeth Kho

Thanks be to God! Through the Archippus Awakening message, in particular, the three words “awakened aligned assigned”, God has awakened me in the area of my ministry – I have to identify my kingdom assignment. After the AAA Seminar, I took time to review my ministry. Is my current ministry an assignment from God? I see myself as someone who loves God, obeys God, shares the gospel with people, follows God, and offers my all to serve Him faithfully. Pastor Henson brought up a good reminder: God would ask us one day, “Are these the things that I have told you to do?” Yes, God, are these the things that You want me to do? I believe that I have understood my mission in life, and my ministry has been going in the right direction over the past years. However, there are still areas that lack clarity, and I need to pray and seek God’s guidance, that He may point me to the right direction. O Lord, You have sent down the parcel, and I, Your child, have already signed to receive it. Dear Lord, I am here, send me.

Ps Wong Hyen Tze

At the AAA Seminar, I learnt that we have to be alert and watchful at all times as our Lord Jesus is returning soon. We, the saints, must be prepared and ready to fight a good fight for our Lord. Ps Henson spoke about a special breed of horses called the Lipizzanners, which became show horses when they are actually warhorses. This reminded me not to be caught up with busyness and neglect to seek God’s will.  It also reminded me to equip myself and be ready to fight the spiritual battle with our Lord. As I go through difficulties and struggles, I have to put on the full armor of God to fight a good fight, and to wisely use the time that God has given to us.

We must also understand that God has kingdom assignments for each one of us. We have to find out the assignments that God wants us to fulfil as well as His plans for our lives. As we carry out our kingdom assignments, we should reflect from time to time and realign the misalignments in our lives. If we do not reflect and realign ourselves on a regular basis, our spiritual life may become stagnated, and as a result, we may not be effective in our kingdom assignments. Therefore, we must first seek God’s heart, and then recognise our place and position in His plan, allowing Him to lead us to our kingdom assignments, otherwise, we may miss our kingdom assignments and lose our sense of direction and purpose in life.  

Ps Chen Yulian

It has been 25 years since I responded to God’s call and started serving in COGS.  Through God’s guidance, and with my own deep desire to study His Word and pray fervently, I have grown closer to God. By God’s grace, I have also grown in maturity in my ministry work, my relationships with people and my spiritual life; and my journey in serving God and His people has been smooth and peaceful. Day after day, year after year, from early morning to late night, I have been serving mechanically at the Sunday worship services, small group meetings, prayer meetings, family visitation, sermon preparation etc.  Gradually, my heart has started to lose the zeal and passion that I had when I first came to know Jesus. With my heart turning cold, I have slipped into a spiritual slumber.

But thanks be to God, He knows and understands that ministry people do get weak, helpless and disappointed. And, many thanks to Canon James Lee, who had invited Pastor Henson and Team Archippus to hold the AAA Seminar in COGS. Through the seminar, I have been awakened, recharged and realigned. I endeavor to equip myself further as a soldier in the Lord’s army and charge ahead to serve Him. The word that Paul had given to Archippus is also a timely word for me, “Take heed to the ministry which you have received in the Lord that you may fulfil it.”  

Rev Chong Fen Chung

During the AAA Seminar, God corrected me on one particular point during the session on STAYING AWAKE. When I saw the picture about the 11th hour, I saw myself as one who was born in a Christian family and I  have been a Christian for 28 years. But how have I been staying awake for the last 28 years? Have I really prepared myself? Am I awakened from my slothfulness? Do I really have an intimate relationship with Jesus through Bible reading and prayer? How many persons have I brought to Christ? Am I a good example to show who Christ is to the people? Have I fulfilled the Lord’s will in the ministry among the young adults? Many other questions surfaced during that time. But I know the answer to all the questions above is NO! I have not been STAYING AWAKE. Till this very last 11th hour, I have not been awakened from my own comfort zone. With that, I know I am not worthy to be given the recognition of the Lord as a good and  faithful servant (Matthew 25:21 & 23). Through this AAA Seminar, I am now awakened spiritually! I want to continue to learn to STAY AWAKE from now on.

Paulina David

The AAA Seminar was unlike other seminars I attended. I was considerably impacted. Not only was I awakened, I pray that I will take the step of faith to be aligned and submit to God’s purpose and be ready to receive His assignments. 

The AA to AO teaching was particularly helpful to me in my understanding as a fellow soldier of Christ. We can be complacent Christians in church thinking that God is pleased with our busyness, not knowing that there is a larger kingdom purpose. Unless we understand what the kingdom of God is, we are not able to move to our AO where we bring kingdom impact and influence. 

I am asking God, “Where am I misaligned?”

I learnt that Alignment Check is about knowing Christ and being aligned with Him, being refined and becoming like Him, being empowered and knowing that I can do nothing without Him, and it is an ongoing check when I move on kingdom assignments.

Ps Henson uses a pragmatic approaching to his teaching which is clear and simple to understand. I am glad I attended the seminar and have definitely learnt from all the teaching sessions.

Monita Lim

I learnt at the AAA Seminar that I am an Archippus seeking to be awakened, aligned and assigned for the kingdom of God. I am encouraged and inspired to be obedient to fulfil the assignment from God.

Alice Chang

I want to thank Father God for bringing Archippus Awakening from Singapore to Sandakan through the efforts of our Rev Canon James Lee.  I am truly blessed by the powerful message of Ps Henson Lim and team which awakened me that I should not stop at the good news of salvation, but to receive the good news of the kingdom by seeking out what my God-given kingdom assignments are. After all, the ultimate goal in the biblical race is to please our Lord Jesus Christ, see His face and hear Him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” I’m confident now that I’m definitely better aligned and equipped, thanks to the teaching of Ps Henson’s Alignment Check: A-R-E-A which is in line with the current theme of COGS: “Season of Realignment”. I am also encouraged by the inspiring testimony by Amara that by His grace, God will also greatly use anyone regardless of our age. I pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to empower Ps Henson and Team Archippus to awaken more and more believers around the world. To God be the glory. 

CH Foo 

I am a retired schoolteacher. I was ordained as a non-stipendary deacon last January. Being new in church ministry, I am thankful to God for the AAA Seminar that helped me see clarity of purpose in my ministry. I pray that as I align with other church leaders who have aligned according to God’s will, this assignment from God will impact others for His kingdom.

Albert Lintikan

First of all, I would like to thank Ps Henson and his team for coming to COGS. It was great to know that I am an Archippus and that Archippuses can be found everywhere. Like what Ps Henson said, Archippuses are like war horses trained to fight and for battle. Many of us go to camps and conferences to receive training and knowledge, but don’t apply what we have learnt, so instead of being war horses, most of the time we are just show horses. We need to be awakened, aligned and assigned for the work of God. I AM ARCHIPPUS.

Eton Liew

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