Team Archippus Takeaways: David & Aaron

More than just going to Kidapawan City to serve and give, Team Archippus also learnt and received much. Be encouraged by their reflections as they moved on kingdom assignment for Jesus.

David Lim

“Every time I go to the Philippines and subsequently go home, I find myself wanting to go back, and this time was no different. I went on this trip wondering what I was going there for, and came back having had the most enjoyable weekend of my year so far. Iโ€™ve only known these people for three days, but it feels like Iโ€™ve known them my whole life. Singapore has so much to learn from the Philippines. And I have so much to learn from them as well.”

Aaron Lim

“Knowing my Dad would be in need of a photographer for this trip to the Philippines, I decided to help out. When I arrived at the Philippines, I already had the assumption that this was going to be like any regular trip. It turns out that I was wrong. Unlike any other trip, I had the opportunity to interact with the Filipino youth in the church, and as we talked and played games, I was really blessed by them. And when I watched the whole church worship, I could see they were doing it with all their heart. I have really been blessed by them and I do not regret coming at all!”

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