God Opens Doors. I Open Mouth.

It was our first meeting. After a time of introduction and sharing, we opened our calendars, checked dates, and confirmed two services. Yes, another opportunity to declare the message of Archippus Awakening in a local church!

Since receiving this message on 27 Oct 2013, slightly over two years now, this is how it has been. At times, the pastor or leader is familiar with what I have been assigned to in Archippus Awakening. Other times, I get connected through a mutual friend or am referred by someone to meet someone else. Or someone gets wind of Archippus Awakening through the website or my blog, and requests a meeting. Or as I am discovering more frequently these days, these have read the book SAY TO ARCHIPPUS and are stirred by the prophetic message to get in touch with me.

Whichever and however, I marvel at how the message of Archippus Awakening is slowly but surely being shared across the Body of Christ! For a new and relatively unknown entity fronted by a nobody with a not-quite-as-easily-understood message to trumpet, this is really not too bad at all! And yet, truth be told, when asked how this has been achieved or how we are progressing, I have to still honestly say, “I don’t know!” Everything has been entirely by the Lord’s grace and according to His timing. And going forward, I am none the wiser, other than to keep relying on Him and allowing Him to direct me one day at a time.

With a little spare time the other day, I took a moment to recount the various platforms (services, camps, retreats, meetings, seminars, etc) and places (churches, ministries, fellowships, etc) where opportunities were given to share Archippus Awakening at:

  • 3:16 Church
  • Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church
  • Barker Road Methodist Church
  • Bartley Christian Church
  • CFM Marketplace Fellowship
  • Chapel of the Resurrection
  • Charis Methodist Church
  • Christalite Methodist Chapel
  • Emmanuel Church of Singapore
  • Faith Methodist Church
  • Full Gospel Assembly Singapore
  • General Conference WSCS
  • Glad Tidings Church
  • Good News Baptist Church
  • Hakka Methodist Church
  • Hinghwa Methodist Church
  • Jesus Our Refuge Church, Philippines
  • Jesus Storehouse
  • Kidapawan AG Church, Philippines
  • LPA Life Marketplace Fellowship
  • Living Waters Methodist Church
  • Living Water Fellowship
  • Metropolitan YMCA Y’s Men Fellowship
  • Military Christian Fellowship
  • Shekinah AG Church
  • Singapore Christian Canaan Church
  • Tanglin Fellowship
  • Wesley Methodist Church
  • World Revival Prayer Fellowship

Praise the Lord! And after the meeting this morning, two more services have been set for All Saints Presbyterian Church.

Informally, on a personal basis, we know that the reach is far wider. At AWE2015 and AWE2016, our very own Awakening Events, more than 50 local churches were represented. And we have not even taken into account those who participated in our seminars and conferences. I believe that at the right time, the Lord will use these connections for His kingdom’s purposes too!

When I first began back in 2014, I had no idea how Archippus Awakening would move or progress. The Lord has proved Himself mighty and faithful over and over again. After all, this is His ministry and His message. I am just a vessel given the privilege to declare what needs to be declared.

Truly, God is the One who opens the doors. And when He does that, my part is to simply be faithful to open my mouth.
To God be the glory!

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