AWE2019: Six Firsts at the Sixth AWE

by Tan Lay Leng

Three days and two nights came and went in a blast. First things first, God certainly showed up in our midst. AWE2019 may be Archippus Awakening’s 6th Awakening Event* but there were many firsts that we experienced over the weekend of 26-28 July. Let me highlight six significant firsts at AWE2019. (*AWE = AWakening Event. Read: The Need For Our Own Awakening Event)

1. First AWE with 67% First-Timers

Whilst we have always had encouraging responses at AWE, Team Archippus encountered a good problem at AWE2019. Many more had heard about Archippus Awakening, resulting in a larger proportion of first-timers. Truly, the message is spreading wider and further. When the 67 freshly-commissioned Archippuses received their Archippus Affirmation certificates, they were beaming with pride and joy. Just a few moments before the commissioning, Peter Tan, having been impacted by the Archippus Awakening message, had asked Ps Henson during a panel Q&A how as an “Archippus graduand”, he could make AA message known to many others. It was the first time Team Archippus heard of the “Archippus graduand” expression!

2. First AWE Participants Looked for Their Facilitators

At the ingenious ice-breaker game, participants were tasked to identify their facilitators using eight given facts about them. It was hilarious to hear participants asking one facilitator at a time, “Do you love durians? Do you love durians?” Ps Susheel confided later that he was actually asked if he was a homemaker! So much about an alignment check, matching facts to facilitators! Led by Sarah and David in another fun ice-breaker, “The Shepherd’s Voice”, participants had to pay close attention to a script read by David, with attempted distraction from Sarah’s voice, to align left at the word ‘left’ and align ‘right’ at the word ‘right’. You could imagine the uproar when many participants saw themselves completely misaligned in the final direction they ought to be facing. So set the stage for AWE2019 into an intense learning of what it means to focus on the aligning and let God do the assigning.

3. First AWE All Geared Up

In his teaching, Ps Henson skillfully used the gear system to explain the power of alignment. Explaining that every aspect of our lives is connected, Ps Henson exhorted us that aligning one aspect would affect another aspect, just like how when one gear moves, another moves and the gear system runs. Think of the power released when we align with God and His purposes as we move from Assembly Area to our Areas of Operation. Now think how when Archippuses move on their God-given kingdom assignments and align with one another, we move towards the national destiny of Singapore! On the first evening, a gear-shaped coaster was intentionally presented to every participant and in their Archippus Articulation groups, facilitators led in a meaningful time of consecration, asking God to prepare and posture our hearts for Him to teach us what it means to check alignment.

4. First AWE with 6 Nations Represented (and Prayed For)

Throughout AWE 2019, we were exhorted to think kingdom. Ps Susheel and Christina John led the Kingdom Prayer Initiative (KPI) on Saturday morning, focusing on our personal alignment check. Piercing questions like “How much does adulation, affirmation and appreciation of others matter to you when you do your assignments?” and “Are you doing what God assigned you to do or does your busyness give you significance?” were asked. Many expressed later it was a powerful time of reflection and realignment. KPI on Sunday morning, led by Nigel and Christina, focussed on a corporate community level to declare “Your kingdom come, Your will be done” over Singapore and nations. We prayed for Archippuses at all levels – from leaders to members, across all churches – to be awakened, aligned and assigned for our King. We repented of a complaining spirit, of selfish pride and of taking offenses easily. As a body of Christ from 43 different churches, we decreed His kingship over the six nations represented; and others which Archippuses had a heart and burden for. God’s mighty presence visited us, yet again.

 5. First AWE with New Alignment Activity

On day one, Ps Susheel used the teaching on the Adullam Assembly to remind us that we were all gathered to no one else but Jesus. Lay Leng then used the 1-2-3-4 device (1 Message, 2 Verses, 3 Words, 4 Traits) to explain the relevance of the Archippus Awakening message to the body of Christ. These helped set the stage for the teaching on Alignment Check. Besides group articulations to reinforce the teaching, participants also had fun in a new alignment activity anchored by Young Archippuses Daryl, Fayth and Gideon.. As the name ‘Move It Move It” suggested, they had to focus on their alloted symbol and colour and followed the accompanying direction to move to another quadrant. This called for focus again! You could not really “copy” another person’s move! Needless to say, it was yet another reminder for every Archippus to wake up, know what God has given us to do, and move on that assignment!

6. First AWE with Alignment Check Book

The 101 participants had the privilege of a “manual” in the Alignment Check book to beef up their understanding of the teaching received. Although Alignment Check has been a key focus since the very first AWE in 2015, there has never been a resource for reference and review until now. Launched and commissioned in September 2018, going forward, we pray that the Alignment Check book will serve all Archippuses well beyond AWE2019 as they continue to conduct their personal alignment checks. At the same time, we know that God has given us Scriptures and the Holy Spirit to help us align, that we may reveal the Christ in the area of influence He has assigned to us.

“But we will not boast beyond limits, but will boast only with regard to the area of influence God assigned to us, to reach even to you.” 2 Corinthians 10:13 ESV

O, and I must add this quote:

“We are worried about the result but God is looking for our response.” Henson Lim

The Lord, He is coming soon. As we align our hearts with His kingdom purposes, may He be pleased with our response. We thank the Lord for the core team of AWE2019 – Soon Hin, Phei Nee, Daryl, Siew Hoon, Lay Leng, David, Reuben and Linda – who served selflessly and sacrificially. We also praise Him for how He has exceedingly answered all our prayers to see the Name of Jesus be lifted high in every kingdom conversation, connection and collaboration. To God be all the Glory!

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