Our Very Own Awakening Event: AWE2017 17-19 Feb 2017

AWE2017 is our 3rd Awakening Event. When asked how it went, the phrase that comes to mind is, “Same, same, but different.”

If you are familiar with Archippus Awakening, we only have one message to proclaim. That never changes and no apologies will be made if I am found to be repeating. This applies to our Awakening Events (AWEs) too. However, instead of only declaring an awakening, the focus is more on how to align that all may move purposefully towards discovering kingdom assignments. That too, is not new as the same material has already been presented in the past two Awakening Events (AWE2015 & AWE2016).

So, how was AWE2017 different? Four main points are observed:

Firstly, we never know who signs up for these AWEs. The make up is always different. Hence, the dynamics change from AWE to AWE. This time, 65 Archippuses assembled, representing 30 churches, including Philippines and India. The age range was also wider, from 25 to 77 years old! More than half were first-timers. The second- and third-timers came for very different reasons – to learn again, to revisit key points, to connect with others, and more importantly, to serve new Archippuses.

Secondly, unlike previous runs, more Archippuses were involved, each taking different sessions. I used to handle everything, speaking throughout the three days, across eleven teaching sessions! As more and more embrace the heartbeat of Archippus Awakening, I was able to assign roles to different people. This is all a part of training, raising and releasing Archippuses, and I get to rest a bit too – haha! Praise God for Nigel & Albert (icebreakers), Anna (Adullam Assembly), Reuben (1-2-3-4), Lay Leng (Staying Awake), Albert & ShuRong (Alignment Activity) and Susheel (Empowerment). Everyone did their part so well.

Thirdly, we tried our best to engage the different senses for better learning and retention of concepts. We reviewed the 1-2-3-4 of Archippus Awakening through a fun quiz by Reuben. To understand the challenges facing this generation, Lay Leng screened a video and then facilitated the discussion and interaction. In between teaching sessions, Albert & ShuRong conducted a hands-on activity where every group had to build an Archippian Racing Car – from plastic bottles, bottle caps, straws, satay sticks and balloons. The race that ensued was hilarious as the cars were tested out and pitted against each other. It was a very creative way of learning and understanding the importance of alignment – the main focus of AWE2017.

Fourthly, I made a deliberate decision to reduce the size of discussion groups to four or five per group. The purpose was to have everyone involved at a much deeper level, where each is given the opportunity to share and contribute. We also increased the number of discussion sessions so that participants can engage with what had been taught for better and more meaningful processing.

For sure, there are many other factors are contribute to the colour and dynamics of an Awakening Event. Many of these cannot be quantified or defined so clearly. For example, for those who have attended before, everyone’s spiritual journey is at a different point from the last AWE. Also, circumstances and events surrounding the church are also different. This means that the context of AWE is always changing and shifting. The key is to remain aware and sensitive to the Lord’s leading that we may move along His prophetic timeline.

Personally, I am greatly humbled by how the Lord has led and enabled us all through AWE2017. Although the content remained largely the same, I thank God for the inspiration and creativity to present it differently. There was also a fresh anointing that made each point come alive for the rather varied assembly of Archippuses. I firmly believe that when God’s people make an effort to gather in His name and for His purposes, the Lord graces us with His love and presence. Many experienced this through the times of worship, prayer and ministry.

How will the next AWE be? When?

I don’t know and I have no idea at all! The intention is never for AWEs to become routine or predictable. That we will have another Awakening Event is certain. But when and how? Pray along with us that we may respond rightly to the Lord’s leading. Nothing is stopping us from having AWE2017 2.0. Or we could wait until AWE2018. The format may stay, or it may change.

All I know is that the next AWE will be … same, same, but different.