Alignment Check: “…pushes and points the reader back to God.”

Book Review by David Mok

There are four types of people in this world – those who add, subtract, divide or multiply. Pastor Henson is an exceptional multiplier! He was my Lecturer in Tung Ling Bible School on the ‘Art of Preaching and Teaching’, Keynote Speaker for Military Christian Fellowship, and recently our invited Speaker in Lighthouse Evangelism to encourage our Leadership and Staff Team.

His latest book, Alignment Check has affected deeply how I perceive and perform ministry, sharpening my edges across areas of intercessory prayer, personal discipleship, even evangelistic conversations with friends and family.

I love his frequent use of relatable examples and biblical analogies. In Alignment Check, he has enhanced his teachings further with various Greek word studies – for example agon (to contend for victory) and stoicheo (to march in order) – and how these contribute to a deeper understanding of kingdom assignments. Read on also to the last chapter for what the Hebrew words tebah and aron can mean for us today. “Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” (Revelations 3:13, NIV)

This book has reinforced and helped me re-visit the process of walking out my calling as a Son, Soldier and Servant Leader in God’s Kingdom. The process prescribed here requires personal ownership and taking inventory of one’s own Alignment, Refinement, Empowerment and Assignment (A-R-E-A) more consciously and conscientiously. 

Pastor Henson’s first book, Say to Archippus, spurs spiritual urgency through its key message to awaken the saints to take heed of our kingdom Assignments. This second book, Alignment Check, builds on this urgency to provide further clarity with many useful handles written inside. I have chosen this book (with the many highlights and bookmarking done) as an essential form of guidance that I will refer to frequently, together with my Bible readings.

Indeed, Alignment Check pushes and points the reader back to God. I have given this book away to friends and ministry partners, and everyone has received it with deep gladness. “So watch your step. Use your head. Make the most of every chance you get. These are desperate times!” (Ephesians 5:15-16, MSG)

Get awakened, aligned, assigned to make your next season the best one yet!


About David Mok

David is on staff with Lighthouse Evangelism. Before he went full-time with the church, he spent 7 years in the private sector working on the implementation of innovative educational and training delivery solutions in a variety of settings. He started his professional career working 7 years as an Army Officer in the SAF. 

His interest in what the Bible says about kingdom principles and values inculcation took him to Tung Ling Bible School (TLBS) where he graduated from the School of Ministry in 2015 and School of Leadership in 2018. He has also been serving actively with the Military Christian Fellowship (MCF) Singapore since 2004. 

While in the private sector, he gained valuable experience while working at up-and-coming education technology (EdTech) companies in Singapore. He continues to pursue his passion of creating effective learning experiences which are biblically principled, research informed and practically relevant. He enjoys spending his free time with his beloved wife Esther Grace, son Josiah Shalom and daughter Rachel Joy.

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