Would You Consider The Archippus Affirmation?

In my personal blog, ONE DAY AT A TIME, I shared how important it is to have Core Convictions.  If you have not considered this before, I highly recommend that you draw up a list of core convictions for yourself. “It is a worthy exercise as it will bring clarity to your walk with the Lord, strengthen your resolve as you serve Him, and also provide focus as you navigate through life’s many distractions and uncertainties.”

For Archippus Awakening, I also felt it necessary to ‘define’ who or what an Archippus is, and what are certain core beliefs that enable him to stay focussed on his kingdom assignment. This resulted in the Archippus Affirmation.

I affirm and acknowledge myself as an Archippus.

I may be almost anonymous but I am fully known by name and have found grace in God’s sight. I am fearfully and wonderfully made, created in His image, saved and called according to His purpose and grace.

Structured around the four value statements of an Archippus – Almost Anonymous. Aware but not Apathetic. Assignments not Activity. Anything but Aimless. – the Archippus Affirmation serves as a pledge for anyone who considers himself or herself as an Archippus, desiring to know and fulfil God-given kingdom assignments.

I am aware of the signs and urgency of the times. The days are evil and the time is short. I will not live as one who is apathetic but will walk wisely and circumspectly, filled with the Spirit, knowing His Word, understanding the will of the Lord, making the most of every opportunity and participating in the advancement of His kingdom.

The Affirmation also provides the context of why an Archippus should always remain awakened, aligned and assigned. Many of the statements will look familiar because these have been drawn from Scripture.

I will always determine to know my God-given kingdom assignment in every season that I may be faithful to fulfil it in my area of influence. I will discern between Christian activity and kingdom assignment, appreciating that busyness does not necessarily mean fruitfulness. I will not be distracted by anything that will cause me to miss my assignment, that which has already been prepared for me beforehand.

Each time, I review this Affirmation, I am reminded of why I do what I do. It helps me to refocus, urging me to press on no matter how tired or discouraged I may be. My prayer is that it will be a source of inspiration and encouragement to many others too.

I am anything but aimless. I will be clear and focused on what the Lord has assigned to me. Each day is filled with purpose and adventure, journeying with and relying wholly on Jesus for apart from Him, I will not be fruitful. Thus I shall run the race, with certainty and resolve, with perseverance and endurance, looking to the prize I shall receive when I one day stand before my Lord and Judge, Jesus Christ.

At the end of AWE2015 and AWE2016, we presented a personalised copy of the Archippus Affirmation to every participant. It is not to be just another certificate of attendance. It is meant to be a grim reminder for each Archippus to live purposefully for Jesus and His kingdom. That said, no one can make it personal except the person himself or herself. To this end, participants are challenged to prayerfully consider the Affirmation; and when ready, to sign it as a commitment to the Lord.

This is what it means to be an Archippus and I gladly join the ranks of others who, like me, desire to please my Master and to hear the words, “Well done! Good and faithful servant!” Our readiness is determined by our faithfulness. We will gather to encourage, exhort and edify one another. We will train and run together, spurring each other on, laying aside every weight and sin, eyes fixed on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith.

I am Archippus. Awakened. Aligned. Assigned.

The next time someone asks you what Archippus Awakening is all about, or who Archippus is, you can point them to the Archippus Affirmation. Even better, make the Affirmation personal, and then tell them what you stand for!

Click to download a pdf copy of the Archippus Affirmation.

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