An Archippus Awakening Webinar: The Awakening Context

AAA Webinar kicked off with the sounding of the shofar and participants were immediately ushered into the clarion call of the Archippus Awakening (AA) message in the eleventh hour: Wake Up, Archippus! Know your assignment. Go and fulfil it.

Every person who has heard the AA message remembers these three words loud and clear: Awakened. Aligned. Assigned. Summing up the thrust of the AA message, the three words are collectively known as the Archippian Strategic Process. More recently, this process has been broadened to the Awakening Context, the Alignment Check and the Assignment Culture.

What’s this Awakening Context all about? 

Recognise that we are indeed living in urgent times. It is hard to miss the alarming rate of the declining morality that is taking place. What about erroneous and deceptive teaching that has sadly impaired spiritual visibility? Is the Church alert to what is taking place around us? Is the Church asleep?

Henson writes in Say To Archippus: “Don’t miss the eschatological backdrop of the night that is fast giving way to the break of dawn! The days are evil and the time is short. This is not the time to be sleeping. Wake up! Get up! Arise!”

Are you also hearing the urgency in Paul’s words to Archippus in Colossians 4:17: And say to Archippus, “Take heed to the ministry which you have received in the Lord, that you may receive it.”? Have you been awakened to know and fulfil your kingdom assignments?

This Awakening Context provides the basis for a required constant Alignment Check. An understanding of how to constantly check alignment is needed as alignment clarifies assignments and assignments reveal misalignments.

Out of an alignment with our King, we move on kingdom assignment; as opposed to a volunteer-mentality. When more and more in the Body of Christ serve with such kingdom purpose and conviction, an Assignment Culture is created.

Calling Forth Nations to An Awakening!

For the first time, Team Archippus, led by Soon Hin, welcomed more than 400 representatives from 14 nations in various time zones. Leading up to the webinar, our KPI (Kingdom Prayer Initiative) team has been pouring out prayers for the nations beyond Singapore. We speak an awakening into the nations! That many Archippuses from across the globe will move rigorously on their kingdom assignments!

Questions…& Awakening

Reuben, our friendly host, interacted with Henson in a lively Q&A segment, with many questions that reflected an awakening happening among the participants: I am awakened. How do I find my assignment? Now that I am awakened, I want to care for my son like an awakened mum, is that an assignment? What if I keep asking God about my assignment and He remains silent? What if my pastor asks me to do something but I know it’s not my assignment?

Together with Gideon and Siew Hoon, Reuben also engaged us in poll questions to refresh our learning. It was interesting to note the one question which seemed to trip many participants. One even asked why the answer was not the option that reflected the highest rating! Well, for the sake of our readers, here’s the question:

Referring to the significance of the name “Archippus”, Henson taught that the issue is not that horses are negative or bad. The issue is (1) Ready & Prepared (2) Reliance & Trust (3) Resilience & Perseverance.

Have fun answering.

Stories of Awakening

To put hands and legs into the Awakening Context, five Archippuses were invited to narrate their awakening journeys. No longer just clocking attendance in church activities, Gideon and Rani have been awakened to say yes to what God has asked them to do. Annie’s awakening is a heart-warming one. Where she is planted, God has opened her eyes to serve Him with an assignment mentality.

On the third day, for the first time, we had Maria, our overseas Archippus, from the beautiful land of Dubai, share her Archippian story. The search for the person of Archippus that led to an awakening was nothing short of amazing. Andrew, who engaged us delightfully, related his awakening experience, first about his connection with Henson in Vietnam, leading to him reading Say To Archippus within a few days. An already awakened Andrew then felt validated about his own journey to live kingdom; to follow Christ, and not to follow the crowd. Amen.

Time for an Alignment Check: AWE2021

So, Archippus, you have been awakened! Stay awake! Move to the next step: the Alignment Check. Join us at Alignment WeekEnd 13-16 May (AWE2021). Prepare to go deep as you move towards aligning with the Commander of the end-time army and fulfil your God-given kingdom assignments.

AHA! An Honest Awakening Moment

Finally, my heart has been warmed to read of the impact brought about by Henson’s teachings. Enjoy the AHA! moments here (including the entries from the 10 winners of the Win-An-E-Book contest):

“I am #jesusready for the kingdom assignment God has defined for me.” Eva Yong, Singapore

“Don’t be a show horse, be a war horse.” Steven Yip, Australia

“We should not be too caught up with activities that we miss what God has assigned us to do. Knowing His heartbeat and hearing His voice help us to be in tune with Him.” Anna Lau, Singapore

“God so loves us to awaken us in these last hours. When He gives us assignments, He will also give us the might (horse) to fulfil our assignments.” Art Esmeria, Cambodia

“Discipleship is loving God and loving people.” Maricelle Derecho, Philippines

“When we learn to obey God first in and above everything, we will not oblige to anything that is not of Him.” James Lee, Malaysia

“As a soldier in God’s army, I must be a ready one.” Anthony Lee, Singapore

“God is preparing me for my kingdom assignment. It is not about being busy in church activities but being fruitful in fulfilling our kingdom assignment for the glory of God.” Beverly Revilla, Philippines

“Attending this AAA Webinar has indeed awakened the Archippus in me! Yes, I want to be in that number when the saints go marching in! Sensing the urgency, I am praying that I will know my exact assignment in His kingdom.” Sarah Foo-Ang Kai Ling, New Zealand

“I must be discerning of my priorities to focus on fulfilling my assignment. To do that, I stay connected with the Holy Spirit to guide and direct me towards His kingdom mentality.” Judy Wong, Singapore

“We cannot rely on our own strength to fulfil our God-given assignments. God’s work must be done in God’s empowerment.” Guna Sekar, India

“Our worship of God is not confined only to the church context, but wherever God assigns us to.” Andrew Wong, Singapore

“It’s not activities but assignments. I must make a constant conscious effort to align with God in order not to drift from my God-given assignments.” Bernard Law, Singapore

“My personal relationship with God does not count on how small or how lowly I may think of myself but on how I align with God to carry out His assignment for the advancement of His kingdom.” James Banny, Malaysia

“The Archippus Awakening message struck a chord in me, reminding me that I must rely on God’s grace every day in my kingdom assignment of caring for my son.” Jolyn Chua, Singapore

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