Cornie Wong: Questions Answered Before During & After AWE2017.2

I had questions before AWE 2017.2. I had questions during AWE 2017.2. They were answered just before, during and after AWE 2017.2.

I had sought the face of God. I had wondered about our Abba Father, how He looked like. And God showed me Ps Henson, a father of seven!! What captured my attention is the manner of a loving father. So, I appreciated that! Thank you.

Before attending AWE 2017.2, I had realised in my prayers I have not truly forgiven and reconciled with a few individuals throughout my life. The Holy Spirit gradually reminded me those people, whom I did not even know I was still holding a grudge. On the first day, Ps Henson said, “I now stand in the place of the person who hurt you, I just want to sincerely say, ‘I am sorry.’”

Oh, that…. just turned my emotional state upside down!  Sorry is so hard to say, for some people, yet I needed so badly for them to acknowledge their wrongdoings and just apologise. I needed to hear that. I just didn’t know how badly I needed to hear it, especially from someone in authority. It was as though, that act, that word… was ENOUGH for me to be justified. I was wronged and the situation was then made right.

I want to face these persons again and truly test if I have indeed crossed this hurdle. So many times I had thought I had forgiven them, yet, it was not so. These people were authoritative persons in my life, people whom I trusted yet, failed me. I just didn’t realise I was holding on for some 30 to 40 years. So long?

I was growing nevertheless as I increased my prayer time since I stopped work for a year and a half. It was my desert moment. But God was gracious. He never left me. He sent me people whom I could share my struggles and thoughts in confidence. I feel comforted that there are God-sent people just to support me and be kind to me. God is good.

I realise I need to continue to align my purpose with God through prayer and being with God-minded people. I did ask God about a community where I could trust, fit in, and serve. I observed such humble servants with genuine simplicity and God’s love in the community of Archippuses. Is there room for me, I wondered? ! I know God will put me in the right place of work, and family, in His time.

I just want to thank God for His everlasting love. I love You God.

Cornie Wong, Sacred Heart Church, Johor
I appreciate nature and enjoy visiting historical sites. Food oooo … I love a lot of varieties, stretching from East to West!

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