Focus on the Aligning. Let God do the Assigning.

The title of this post bears repeating. So, here goes …

“Focus on the aligning. Let God do the assigning.”

Sounds straightforward enough, doesn’t it? And yet, it is way too easy to miss it altogether. Especially in today’s culture of busyness, the natural default is to rush out to do something. And if you are reasonably occupied, all’s good (even better if it’s with Christian stuff). It doesn’t matter if you know what you are doing or not. No one’s complaining because attendance is impressive, numbers are up and participation rates are high … it sure looks like revival! Yes? Well, not quite.

After five years of declaring the message of Archippus Awakening, I cannot tell you how many I have met who have been-there-done-that and yet somehow know that there is something more to the Christian life. These would have been regarded as ‘committed’ Christians – on fire! However, in our coffee sessions, the same questions and concerns seem to surface over and over again … I am very involved, so why do I still experience this emptiness? After all the doing and serving, after all teachings, why do I still not know my kingdom assignment? Is this all there is to church? To Christianity?

As much as Archippus Awakening is about awakening the saints (a.k.a. Archippuses) to know and fulfil their God-given kingdom assignments (c.f. Colossians 4:17), the Lord clarified the strategic process early on through these three words: Awakened. Aligned. Assigned. He made it very clear that whilst awakening may take a moment, alignment is a process. And it is through the checking of alignment that assignments are discovered or received.

To those who may be struggling with similar questions or issues as those mentioned above, I only have this simple line to offer: yes, you guessed it … Focus on the aligning. Let God do the assigning.

Sadly, to many, it sounds way too simplistic or too passive. These think: I’ve been a Christian for so many years; I know quite a lot; I am already aligned. Well, good for you! However, if you are really rightly aligned with the King and His kingdom, why then are you still clueless about your kingdom assignment? It just doesn’t line up. In Archippian lingo, that’s misalignment.

Whilst I do not question the good intentions of believers, I have come to observe that more than a few are not aware of their own misalignments. Without realising it, the alignment is more with traditional practices, religious rituals, organisational agendas, churchy activities, worldly mindsets camouflaged in Christian-speak; than it is with Jesus and His kingdom. Hence, the need for an awakening first; then the proper checking of alignment that one may be rightly postured for kingdom assignments.

For this reason, I laboured to write Alignment Check as a practical hands-on volume to serve those who have been awakened with the desire to be aligned and to discover kingdom assignments. If you are serious about wanting to be rightly aligned with Jesus and His kingdom, prayerfully consider this kingdom resource**. But be warned: the Alignment Check points will challenge the status quo and provoke you to examine the very core of what you claim to believe.

This is also why Archippus Awakening organises and hosts our very own Awakening Events (AWEs). We’ve been doing this since 2015 and the response has always been very encouraging to the glory of God! As you will notice from the comments below, beyond just an awakening, a key takeaway is the importance of the Alignment Check:

“I have personally learnt that the alignment is more crucial and that if we are aligned, then whatever assignment will follow.” Jeann Woo, Living Waters Methodist Church

“Hence I know from AWE2018 I need to work on my own aligning and allow God to do the assigning. …From today onwards, I put down in my daily task this: “Review and Do my Alignment Check”.” Adrian Chan, International Baptist Church

“Now it has become clearer to us that as we desire to fulfil our God-given assignment, we need to regularly check our alignment with the Lord, His Word and the Holy Spirit.” Pastor Rey Sanico, New Life in Christ Fellowship, Philippines

“‘Focus on the Aligning, Let God do the Assigning!’ That put a name to the problem I had been facing! I didn’t realise that I had fallen into the common trap of feeling a false sense of fulfilment from being busy for God, doing many Christian activities, yet still feeling a sense of spiritual dryness inside. The crucial step I had bypassed was the Alignment.” Choo Li Min, All Saints Presbyterian Church

“In order to stay on track of my Kingdom assignment, I need to constantly review my alignment check. My key takeaway point: Focus on the aligning, let God do the assigning. To God be the Glory!” Mrs Dolly Chia, Agape Methodist Church

“When I joined this event I was low in awakening, not well aligned, and I was not totally assigned. But after I participated in this AWE, Holy Spirit has convicted me and changed my way of thinking and attitude completely.” Pastor Philip Yeluri, Hallelujah Ministries, India

“Personally, I was greatly blessed by the reminder of the need to be first aligned to and stay aligned with my Master, in order to know and stay faithful to His assignment for me.” Cyndrill Hon, Good News Baptist Church

Register for AWE2020:

At AWE*, you will meet Archippuses who assemble from different local communities with one common desire to be awakened, aligned and assigned. The various aspects of the Alignment Check will be presented in detail, allowing participants time to discuss and process the contents with like-minded kingdom saints. This overview and introduction will help you kickstart the Alignment Check on your own (or with others) when you return from the weekend.

AWE2019: Six Firsts at the Sixth AWE

In case my rambling has distracted you from the main point, here it is again:

“Focus on the aligning. Let God do the assigning.”

I don’t how else to say it, or to make it sound more profound. If your desire is to know and fulfil your kingdom assignment, make the Alignment Check your priority today. If you don’t know how to go about checking your alignment, give your pastors, leaders and teachers no rest until they show you. I am sure they’d be more than delighted and willing. To be fair, the issue is often not with the leaders but with the expectation of the believers. Truth be told, it is much easier to sign up for activities than it is to seek the Lord for assignments. Or we think that everything can be solved with yet another seminar or conference.

Dear Archippus, it is not more teaching you need. With all that you already know, focus on the aligning and leave God to do the assigning. The more aligned you are with the person, purposes and prophetic move of Jesus and His kingdom, the clearer you will see how you fit in, where you ought to be and what has been prepared for you to do.

Once more, for good measure:

Focus on the aligning. Let God do the assigning.

*In view of Covid-19 situation, AWE2020 will be a ZOOM Webinar. Five sessions with breakout discussions over the Hari Raya Haji weekend of 31 July – 2 August. More details: Register now:

**To order SAY TO ARCHIPPUS and ALIGNMENT CHECK, visit our online shop. Also available at CRU Media and Faithworks.

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