AAA Seminar 2017: LWMC Shares

It started out as an in-house seminar to build on what was shared at Living Waters Methodist Church’s Camp in December 2015. We met in January to discuss and plan. Halfway through the meeting, I asked Rev Aaron Tay (PIC), “Would you be willing to open this up to the Body of Christ?” And immediately, without hesitation, he replied, “Sure!”
This was rather unexpected to be having another AAA Seminar so soon since we had just organised one at Sengkang Methodist Church on 3 Dec 2016. But the Lord had opened another door for the message of Archippus Awakening to be declared and my part was to be obedient to open my mouth accordingly!

Although we had a short runway to publicise the AAA Seminar (with AWE2017 in between), the turn out on 1 April 2017 was extremely encouraging. We have already shared some takeaways in “T-Connections at AAA Seminar 2017” and featured a personal testimony by an Archippus who was duly awakened, aligned and assigned.
We praise and thank God for the partnership of Living Waters Methodist Church, and their willingness to serve the Body of Christ with the message of Archippus Awakening. Appropriately, LWMC members formed a major part of all who assembled that day. I am excited and encouraged to have received the following responses and feedback from them. As you read these, I pray that you will likewise be encouraged to be one who is awakened, aligned and assigned for Jesus!
Thank you, Rev Aaron Tay, Rev Chan Siew Chye and LWMC for your co-labour!

“Pastor Henson not only teaches about Archippus Awakening, he models it. And that makes his teaching and ministry so relatable and impactful. The message of Archippus Awakening is one that will encourage and equip the people of God to embrace and be faithful to the call of God in their lives. At one of the sessions, Henson shared about war horses and it spoke to me of how we are meant to be war horses in the Lord’s battle to advance His kingdom here on earth and not war horses for show only.” Rev Chan Siew Chye

“I have personally learnt that the Alignment is more crucial and that if we are aligned, then whatever assignment will follow. The reminder to discern between an assignment and an activity is crucial especially when many tend to just keep busy and wear busyness as a badge. And that we are inclined to do Christian activities out of obligation or out of a sense of importance or position and this may be very relevant to us in our church.” Jeann Woo

“The  AAA seminar on 1st April 2017 is a great reminder for me to stay awake ( ready & prepared) for assignments which are very different from activities from church. For this I need to pray for more faith,obedience ,guidance and wisdom from God.” Kho Hiang Lan

“The AAA seminar is a good reminder, in particular, on aligning to God’s will and desires. Both retreat and seminar help me to pray more, discern more, especially on the happenings and people around me, and the spirit within me, to make more targeted choices.” Pee Gim Onn

“I was particularly encouraged by the statement to “Focus on the aligning; let God do the assigning”.  I would certainly recommend the seminar to others. … By God’s grace, I found the AAA seminar to be a refreshing reminder to be captivated anew by Christ and to joyfully persevere with the assignments to which He has called me in this season.” Benjamin Grandey

“The Seminar was a spirit-filled one that had awakened my spirit and made me understand more clearly the Assignment given to me. I was so happy to be a volunteer on that day and so glad that the LWMC is able to partner with Rev Henson to reach out to the community.” Alice Kang

“The imagery of horses (not donkeys) and the little clip on the Lipizanner horses was most impactful – the beauty, strength and grace of the horses that move in – sync with its rider/s inspire me to continue to persevere to run the race together with Jesus (as the rider who leads and controls),to the finish line so as to receive the crown of righteousness from Him.” Pek Gan

“Besides the more direct and cerebral takeaways, I believe God also did something within me. I felt my spirit was stirred throughout the seminar and I really felt God’s presence and love as Rev Henson Lim issued an altar call. I was touched by the Lord and wept as I was playing Cajon in front that session. It was a much needed encouragement.” Fernaldy

Watch the Seminar Highlights Video:

If you’d like to partner us to host an “Awakened. Aligned. Assigned.” Seminar to declare the message of Archippus Awakening to even more in the Body of Christ, email Henson at

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