Awakening Event: Good News Baptist Church Camp 19-22 June 2016

Good News Baptist Church’s camp ‘started’ at their Sunday worship service at Citimac Industrial Building. Although not all would be at the camp, the introductory message was still relevant for everyone present that morning. “Are You Ready?” served to set the tone for the camp theme, “God’s Assignment for His End-Time Church”.

After a simple lunch, we set off for Pulai Springs Resort in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. That evening, after opening address and worship, campers gathered in small groups to discuss the morning’s message. Over the next two days, I shared the message of Archippus Awakening across four sessions: “Another Awakening”, “God’s Prophetic Timeline”, “Alignment Check” and “When God Gets Our Attention”.

Although a tad heavy and serious at times, I was very encouraged by the attentiveness of the campers. Given a rather relaxed camp programme, there was ample time and opportunity for discussion and processing. This served well as it allowed the campers to talk things out and through with one another.

Being an itinerant speaker, I get to appreciate the diversity in the Body of Christ as I minister at different churches. Beyond weekly services on Sundays, it is usually at camps where the dynamics of a local church are more fully expressed. And that was what I experienced at this camp. Clearly, GNBC is a family church with all age groups represented. There was a level of simplicity, casualness and warmth with each other. And yet, there was also a deep desire and hunger for the things of God.

On the final morning, I was pleasantly surprised that so many would step up to share what they had learnt and experienced. All in, the Thanksgiving and Testimonies session took 1.5hrs! Each person’s willingness to share openly and vulnerably revealed the comfort and trust within this local congregation. And to hear of how they have been awakened as Archippuses to be aligned and assigned for God’s end-time move – I give thanks and praise to the Lord for allowing me to play a small part in this congregation’s journey.

Special thanks to Senior Pastor Hon for the invitation two years back! And to the church leadership for accommodating me when I had to request for a shift of dates owing to an oversight on my part. Thanks to Elder Mark and Lay Hoon for taking such good care of me. And to all at GNBC for their warmth and hospitality at the camp.

Be encouraged by the feedback and comments from the campers:

“The Archippus Awakening messages are very precise and concise in helping God’s people to recognise God’s process in and after the awakening of Christians in the End Times. Personally, I was greatly blessed by the reminder of the need to be first aligned to and stay aligned with my Master, in order to know and stay faithful to His assignment for me. The knowledge that His empowerment comes by resting in Him and that He will do what He has assigned us to do are amazing revelations and great assurances. All disciples of Christ need to hear and heed this Archippus Awakening Call!” ~ Cyndril

“The Church has to awaken and cannot be complacent. It is very scary to think that I have the promises of God but not His presence. I need to align myself with the Word of God through my relationship with Christ. Only then will I be able to discern with the power of the Holy Spirit His truths and His will for my assignment for His Kingdom purpose and for His glory.” ~ Sudipta

“Rev Henson’s message has deeply impacted my significance in God’s Kingdom. Archippus, who was almost anonymous, was mentioned in the Bible.  I am reminded to check my alignment in Christ, taking practical steps to become like Christ.” ~ Josephine

“The messages are very practical and applicable to my daily life. We must change our mindset to fulfil God’s will and not our own will. I am also reminded that if one member of the family members is realigned, the rest of the members need to adjust to this realignment as well. The whole household is affected by this one member. I pray for God’s wisdom and guidance in my life journey and may His presence be with me.” ~ Jun

“After being a stay-at-home-mum for three and a half years, I was seeking the Lord for direction whether to return to work or not. However, the Lord reminded me through Col 4:17 to complete the ministry that He has called me to. I was reminded of how the Lord has called me to the ministry of home-making when I was pregnant with my first child. However often times in this journey, I have asked the Lord, ‘how long more?’ I struggled with my sense of identity as a stay-at-home-mum. During one of the sermons, the Spirit of the Lord directed two piercing questions to me. They are ‘Do you love me?’ and ‘who am I to you?’ The Lord knew that I needed to know that I still love Him and that He is my LORD and King. And if He is my LORD and King, then even the smallest task such as changing a dirty diaper, I will do it with my all unto Him. And even the most insignificant task, as I do it unto Him, will bring Him much delight! I used to think that I am in the Assembly Area. But I have been reminded that my home is the Area of Operation. Indeed, may the Lord use me and my husband to raise a mighty ‘army’ for the Lord.” ~ Lydia

“The segment on “Moses: Mediocre in Midian” was an affirmation on God’s calling me to my current assignment. I am reminded to focus on God’s assurances and not on my struggle of adequacy. God will do all the work and He has graciously invited me to participate in His kingdom’s work. It is a privilege to see and experience His hands at work. When we serve, it’s not about us, but all about the Lord. Hence our focus should be on Him, to rely on Him and look to Him to lead us. When this happens, the results will bring glory to His name. As I carry on with my assignment, I need to constantly align myself to God, lest I go off-track. Such alignment along the way will refine my character and my thoughts. This process of sanctification, with obedience and willingness to change, and by His grace, we will be transformed more and more into Christ-likeness. So, until God calls me into another assignment, I need to stay focused, to continually realign to His will, do not be complacent and remember my need to abide in Him, all for His glory!” ~ Lay Hoon

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