Mrs Dolly Chia: I Need To Constantly Review My Alignment Check

GC WSCS Leadership Development Seminar
16-17 March 2018 at YWCA Fort Canning Lodge
Theme: Alignment Check

Although it was my third time hearing him deliver the message on Archippus Awakening, I am blessed to receive new insights as Pastor Henson has the knack for demystifying difficult spiritual topics.

As a “called out one”, I need to be ready for the challenges ahead. I need to stand up for my faith by enduring any conflict of values and disruption to plans.  As an ‘awakened’ Archippus, I need to be constantly vigilant and alert, like a soldier who is ever mindful of the surrounding area around the battle field where the enemies could spring an attack. In the same way, the enemy could disrupt and foil the plan, which God has assigned to me.

Pastor Henson’s message affirms God’s covenant of love to me where I could count on the faithfulness of my Chief Commander (Jesus Christ) to lead me out of any conflict and complex situation in victory.  I am deeply grateful to God for considering me worthy to be included in His Kingdom’s plan, after testing my faith and obedience. In a way, Pastor Henson’s skilful presentation of the Word of God had a part in deepening my commitment to serve Him.

On another note, the visual training of a 4-wheel bicycle has left an indelible impression on my mind as it reminds me of my daily walk with God, and the constant need to put the Kingdom lifestyle into practice where my faith and walk would be observed by others for the following:

  1. soundness of doctrine
  2. authenticity and genuineness where my words and actions are congruent with my beliefs
  3. passion and faithfulness in my kingdom pursuit

In order to stay on track of my Kingdom assignment, I need to constantly review my alignment check. My key takeaway point: Focus on the aligning, let God do the assigning. To God be the Glory!

Mrs Dolly Chia, Agape Methodist Church

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