Pastor Philip Brings Back the Message of Archippus Awakening to India

Although the message of Archippus Awakening began Singapore, it is definitely not limited to Singapore. To this end, we are alway open for believers from around the region to join us at Awakening Events to learn more about Archippus Awakening and to bring this message back to their countries.
Pastor Philip Yeluri of Hallelujah Ministries, India, came for AWE2017, and here are some of his takeaways from his time of fellowship with fellow Archippuses:

It’s been over a month since I have participated in AWE 2017, met you personally. All I can say is I had the best, fantastic time. If I missed this event I would have lost (missed) some best, precious time and some wonderful teachings. 
When I decided to attend, I was struggling with financial issues. I never thought I can make to this event. But God is so faithful, He provided for me to book tickets. I came by faith that God would surely supply. As I trusted in Him, He miraculously provided for my return tickets while I was in AWE.

When we entered the room, I felt a great atmosphere of the Holy Spirit. This was a brand new experience for me when I compare to the other events that I attended. By every word you and others taught, my spirit was so encouraged. Honestly, when I joined in this event I thought I am a pastor and there was nothing I can learn from this event. But as the sessions went on, all my pride came down and I felt like a brand new believer. In every session I learned some new things.
I thought I am awakened, aligned and assigned as I am already in ministry field serving the Lord. But when I started hearing your sessions, I realized that I am not doing the ministry in a right way. My eyes were opened, I was awakened in my Spirit, and Holy Spirit has convinced me I was not aligned with His paths. I was doing my own things based on my own knowledge and understanding. But I learned to be aligned with God. 

Apart from the teachings, I love the group discussions so much. This is also new experience to me. In most of the conferences I attended never give the time to discuss what we have learned or observed from the teaching sessions. But in this event I have got plenty of time discussing what we learned and to share our understanding.
In each session we worshipped the Lord. I felt God’s presence over all of us, especially on me, like heavenly atmosphere. As I watched many people came to you and were prayed by you, some were healed instantly and many were touched by the power and anointing of God. My spirit says go front for prayer with Henson. But I ignored and I stood so strong. Again my spirit told me to step forward as I have some sickness in my body. I ignored twice, but all of sudden I felt some one pushed me to stand in front of you. I looked back and checked but I found none. You came to me and asked me what my problem is. I shared my sickness with you and you prayed over me. While you are praying something went off from me and I felt like feather. I praise God for the healing of my problem which I was suffering for many years!
Altogether the total AWE2017 is a great experience in my life and surely it’s the best time I had than any other conference. For me It’s a great time of fellowship, learning and encouragement, and also a TIME OF AWAKENING, TIME FOR ALIGNMENT, and TIME TO GET ASSIGNED. When I joined this event I was low in awakening, not well aligned, and I was not totally assigned. But after I participated in this AWE, Holy Spirit has convicted me and changed my way of thinking and attitude completely.

As I got my assignment in AWE, with so much of enthusiasm, I came back to my country, back into my ministry, I applied the things what I learned from AWE and believe me I have got some very good result and response from my church and from people around me. I taught the same teachings in my church; they are well received and followed by them. They gave me some best compliments and encouraged me for attending this type of conference.
While leaving you showed me great love and asked me to meet the next day for coffee. Thank you so much for spending time with me and encouraging me so much in my spirit. The love you showed to me, the attitude you had at me, reminds me, compelled me to do so with my other co workers. Thank you Rev Henson for showing, being a living example of an Archippus.

Praise the Lord for awakening, aligning and assigning this Archippus from India! Thank you, Pastor Philip, for taking time and making effort to share your Archippian journey with others! May the Lord enable you to awaken even more Archippuses in your country to declare and establish the kingdom of God in the lives of many in India.

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