Bukit Panjang Methodist Church Camp 2019: Soul Food

by Imm Sim

In what can only be described as fine dining for the soul, Camp A3 (Awakened Aligned Assigned), which saw some 300 members attending, was a divinely rich, satisfying and nourishing time for Bukit Panjang Methodist Church. Over 3 days, 13-15 June 2019, we savoured bible truths helping us to realise what it means to live in God’s kingdom rather than just attend church.


For starters, we heard the whys & wherefores of an Awakening: What is it? What is it for? Why? Why now?.

Over the course of the camp, we were reminded again and again that Jesus is King, that He preached the gospel of the Kingdom, that lukewarm is not delectable. We were challenged not to settle for anything less than the best of our efforts because we will see our King Jesus very soon! And we must give Him an account of our lives.

It is a message that requires courage to serve out. But served out courageously it was. And a good thing too, for many hearts were stirred, convicted and challenged.

Don’t Order the Sotong!

In the vernacular, being a sotong is to be clueless or unaware of the obvious. We were reminded that we are living in the last days. God’s children should not remain clueless about what God is doing in these days. Every Christian needs to awake, take his/her place in His Kingdom and do what He has planned for each to do.

Being watchful and vigilant is the way forward. It is how we will fulfill God’s Great Commission for us. 

Tasted and Seen

Many campers rededicated themselves to the Lord and received healing, release and direction during the camp.

Many expressed a desire to discover what their kingdom assignments are. This has resulted in post-camp sessions called “Awakened. Then How?” in which burning questions on how to wait on God to receive our unique assignments from God are discussed.


Let the testimonies below speak for themselves:

“I need to be effective in what I serve and do, not for showing but be submissive and obedience to God assigning job. Alignment is a life-long process. I want to have a willing heart, obedience and allow the Holy Spirit to transform me. Draw close to him each day; be sensitive to his voice and rooted in His word. Be ready to take up greater work He assigns me.” 

“God’s assignment for my family is so exciting! Next step for me might be to fast & pray for alignment and further confirmation.” 

“The Camp was a great refresher for me. Through it, I’m reminded to constantly check my alignment, and to re-align to the will of God. I am very much reminded that discipleship through obedience & (re)-aligning can be costly. One does need a steely resolve to follow Jesus. But it’ll be worth it, because HE is worthy of it all.”

“I have been awakened to see a bigger picture of God’s Kingdom purpose in my life, in the assignment that He has given to each follower. The Great Commission.”

“I have a new sense of privilege and greater desire and joy to partner Jesus in the day-to-day mandate of parenting, supporting my husband and all the home making related responsibilities. I see that all these mandate tasks as part of the preparation for me and my family for God’s greater kingdom agenda. Another precious lesson for me is to learn to be empowered by embracing the way of weakness. God’s grace is sufficient for me and His power is made perfect in my weaknesses when I choose to depend on Him daily. This truth is liberating because it is not about me but what God wants to accomplish in and through His broken vessel by grace.”

“I have a greater sense of urgency now and realise the spiritual warfare after awakening is intense. More prayer is required. I will align myself to God and His Kingdom assignment for me.”


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