AAA Seminar Butuan City 12-13 April 2019: Testimonies & Takeaways

Praise the Lord for another successful AAA Seminar, this time in Butuan City, in partnership with New Life in Christ Fellowship, Philippines! In his own reflections, Pastor Rey Sanico of NLCF wrote, “It has always been my great desire to bless and serve the body of Christ. Now the Lord has answered all my needs to fulfil my kingdom assignment which is to change lives and raise workers for the harvest. I have now in my hand and heart this life-changing revelation to awaken the body of Christ that the saints may be aligned with God and fulfil their God-given kingdom assignments.”

More than just another seminar, we are thankful and very encouraged to receive testimonies of how lives and hearts have been impacted by the message of Archippus Awakening. Give God all the glory as you read the following contributions from pastors and participants:

I was so blessed to have attended the AAA Seminar on 12 and 13 April 2019. I was awakened to know what God wants me to do. I have been doing a lot of Christians activities inside the church but the question I am asking now is; are those things really what God told me to do? During the two-day seminar, I received a fresh and new revelation from the Lord that I need to be aligned according to God’s design and finish the work of ministry that God has assigned me to do. It was a time of renewal, refreshing and restoration in the ministry that God has entrusted me. Thank you so much Team Archippus for sharing with us your knowledge, experience and passion for God’s kingdom.
God Bless You!
Brother Eubert Tagupa
New Life in Christ Fellowship
Ochoa Butuan

To our delight, the AAA Seminar has enlightened our minds. We have been reminded on how to be focused in our ministry. It has also taught us how to serve and help others to align themselves in serving the Lord. This seminar has totally equipped us and guided us to be mature and faithful servants of the Lord.
Thank You Team Archippus. Thank You Pastor Henson.
God Bless You and more power!
Pastor Verge Mordeno
New Life in Christ Fellowship Caloc-an

Archippus Awakening brings an impact in my life and in my ministry. I was reminded that I need to be awakened or aware about what is happening in the ministry God has given me and I need to be aligned to our heavenly Commander. There will be no assignment if there is no alignment. Thank You Team Archippus for a unique and new revelation that you have brought into Butuan City, Philippines.
Pastor Leo Andres Augis
New Life in Christ Fellowship
Ochoa, Butuan City

Dear Pastor Henson,
Thank God for the wisdom and love you shared with us through the Archippus Awakening message, as well as the two verses Colossians 4:17 and Philemon 2.
I have been totally blessed, awakened, aligned and assigned. I fully understand the importance of relying in and depending on God’s power, being in His will and obeying His command. I also learnt to heed the ministry He has given me so I can move from the assembly area to the area of operation as I do my alignment check. I affirm to myself that I am Archippus and that I cannot do this without God’s guidance. I am called for a divine purpose to pursue His kingdom assignments. With the presence of the Holy Spirit, I can do things for His glory. 
“And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” II Timothy 2:2 
To God be the Glory.
Pastor Eugenia Atillo Cubillas
New Life in Christ Fellowship

I am very blessed and honoured to be present at the two-day AAA Seminar by Team Archippus from Singapore held in Butuan City. A week ago, our pastor announced the seminar and I had felt excited, knowing it would be about AWAKENING. I asked my churchmates to join me at the seminar. The night before, I could hardly sleep not because of excitement but I heard some unusual disturbance. As a result, I had little sleep and when the day of the seminar came, my bed seemed to be pulling me back. But I said to myself I would RISE and go for the seminar! I said, GOD, THIS IS FOR ME.
During the seminar, the words that were spoken were fire to me…really! It consumed all my pride. Like Jeremiah, I also felt that God’s words were like fire shut up in my bones. The message went directly into my heart. There were too many awakening revelations to weigh and reflect. But I know God’s grace abounds and He is faithful to be with me as I obey Him. I am also convinced of the difference between being a saved Christian and a Christian who races to fulfil God’s kingdom assignments. Truly an awakening message! I have spent most of my time in church activities but God impressed me to go deep… I would also be checking my alignment with regard to how I struggle with putting too much focus on accomplishments. It would be so forever regretful for me if I had missed the two-day seminar. Oh I say to GOD, I WILL RUN THE RACE TO WIN. I bring all my weaknesses to Him so that His power may rest in me. It is no longer I who live but Christ lives in me. 
Awakened Aligned Assigned!
Sis. Janicel Faith B. Dela Victoria
New Life in Christ Fellowship
Nasipit, Agusan del Norte, Philippines

I am so blessed at the AAA Seminar. The teaching helped confirm the ministry which God has given me. I have been awakened in my spirit to focus on the ministry as I align with Him. 
Thank You for the teaching.
Bishop Rodolfo B. Dalapu
Lighthouse Full Gospel Tabernacle Assembly of God
Buenavista Agusan Del Norte

The AAA Seminar was a great move of God for an AWAKENING in the Body of Christ for Butuan City that we may be ALIGNED to God’s purpose in doing His Kingdom ASSIGNMENTS in our respective areas of operations. Our sensitivity to the move of the Holy Spirit in these trying times is important to keep us fixed and focused on each of our own calling in God’s kingdom agenda. It’s not about us, it’s all about God. How we respond to Him and His call is critical.
Pastor Roseller Espere
Living Hope Community Church

I have been so blessed to receive a new learning and an awakening in my spiritual heart, eyes and mind. Honestly, the name ‘Archippus’ is new to me. Thank God I was at the AAA Seminar to learn about Archippus. I had thought Archippus is only a name and not important at all, but God gently chided me about that thinking. On the first day of the seminar, there was a clash in my class schedule but my heart really wanted to go for the seminar. After I had resolved in my heart to attend the seminar, my classmate called me to say there would be no class for that whole day! PRAISE GOD!

I have been in a season of weariness and discouragement in all aspects of my life, but when I was listening to the Word of God from the different speakers, God spoke to me and He renewed my strength with His word and encouraged me. What really impacted me that became a personal ‘rhema’ word was that I need to be serious about my Christian walk with God, to be awakened, aligned with God and He will give me the assignments. When we respond to God’s calling, He will not only provide for us but He will never never leave us nor forsake us. I will be serious in my Christian life now, this is not the time to be a lukewarm Christian. This is the time to do the will of God, for it is not my will but His will. Thank You for responding to the assignments that God has given to you. What I receive in AA I will use it in AO. 
To God be the Glory.
Eunilyn R Tagupa
New Life in Christ Fellowship 

Greetings to you Pastor Henson Lim. Your visit to Butuan City, Philippines was a great blessing to the body of Christ. May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless you and your team. I am Archippus. Awakened. Aligned. Assigned. These words have been a great guide in my journey with God.
Thank You so much.
Pastor Arthur Endencia
New Life in Christ Fellowship

I was once a mere churchgoer and an observer who longed to have her own ministry at church. My heart’s desire was to serve as a projectionist and worship leader. I told myself I would become that someday. I stayed active serving God and others in church and over time, although at first I did not recognise the ability I have to lead, God’s grace enabled me and I was appointed to serve as a projectionist and worship leader. 
I am convinced by the Archippus Awakening message to stay faithful in ministry we have received in the Lord and fulfil it. Today, I do have four members on my team, Team Jesus, and by God’s grace we will continually stay awakened, aligned and assigned for Jesus!
To God be the highest praise! 
Jessa Joy Gabutan
NewLife Agusan Pequeno

The Archippus Awakening message was an eye-opener and a blessing to us. I was reminded that there is a ministry needed to be fulfilled, an assignment needed to be done before He comes. A fire was put in my heart, a passion to pass the message to other servants of God. It was clear to me that although I have an appointment, I must be awakened to know the assignment God has for me. This changed my perspective about the ministry in these last days in the body of Christ.

Thanks be to God for sending to us Pastor Henson and his team who paved the way for all ministers to receive the message that had a great impact on us. Personally, I have been so challenged. In fact, I just returned from Talacogon Agusan Del Sur speaking about the Archippus Awakening message at their District Overnight Prayer, with their leader Rev. Narciso Balaba.

Awakened Aligned Assigned,
Pastor Jean Amante
Church of God Philippines

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