Bedok MC Leaders’ Retreat 12-13 July 2019: “My First Assignment Was To Awaken Other Fellow Believers.”

The first time I heard the message of Archippus Awakening (AA) was at Bedok Methodist Church (BMC)’s Woman’s Society of Christian Services (WSCS) Retreat in 2018. Following that Retreat, I signed up for Awakening Event (AWE) 2018 as I was awakened to know what else is there for me.  

These two events awakened something within me and I realised that though I was heading towards retirement age, it was not time for me to go into slumber mode. In my own perception, I have done enough for God in these past years of being in full-time ministry. It was time to take it easy. It dawned on me that subtly, I had gone out of alignment to God in the business and busyness of being involved in church work. The arc in the AA logo just spoke to me that it was not the end for me, the clock is still ticking towards the end. I may have my primary assignment but there are still other assignments that He wants me to fulfil. First I must get my alignment right. Focus on the aligning and God will do the assigning was so clear.

After the AWE, my first assignment was to awaken other fellow believers. It was with much excitement and thanksgiving that an AA Weekend was planned for leaders and potential leaders in the different ministries in BMC. A total number of 120 leaders took time out to attend the one-and-half-day retreat to be AwakenedAlignedAssigned! as they listened to Pastor Henson’s message.

Praise God for the stirring that took place amongst our leaders at the retreat. A number of leaders shared the personal impact made on them. May we, Archippuses at BMC stay awakened and seek to align to God so that He can lead us to the assignment He has for each one of us.  

To God be the Glory!
Alicia Cheo

From left: Simon, Alicia, Henson & Kannan

“An impactful awakening call”

Lucy, Care Group Ministry Committee Member

“My perspective of doing God’s work has taken a new focus and I am stirred to find my kingdom assignment. I think this is a good awakening for the rest of the church members too and I am keen to share with my CG at the next meetings. The testimonies of the Archippuses gave us a good insight on what kingdom assignments encompass.”

Choi Thim, Care Group Leader

“Ignite the fire on living for the kingdom of God and am wondering what is the kingdom assignment that God has in store for me? Also created a sense of urgency on the end times and who has not heard the good news. Evangelism has become urgent and crucial.”

Candy, Care Group Member

“Incisive and refreshing! I felt the message really cut deep in terms of how we as Christians are meant to live out our calling and do it intentionally. Instead of focusing solely on what we need to do, Ps Henson reminded us of who we need to be: people who are, first of all, awakened to the reality of the Kingdom of God and aligned to the King of this Kingdom. Definitely a message that is much needed for Christians in our day and age to hear and understand.”

Kannan, Pastoral Team Member, BMC

“I am glad I came for the AA seminar, being involved in some of the ministry of BMC in the past and present, I feel being awakened again and I pray my journey ahead will be meaningful as I align in the spirit and find joy and strength in the assignment from almighty God.”

Robbie, Glowing Years Ministry Committee Member

“The end is near, Am I ready? Know my assignment and be faithful with what the Lord has entrusted me.”

Gina, Care Group Leader

“Personally, taking charge of CWT group has awakened me to want to serve the Lord responsibly and diligently. Assuring members of their salvation and urging them to truly surrender their lives to God and also to not only look after their own interests but also the interests of others as well, should be in alignment with God’s will.”                              

See Lay, Care Group Leader

“With AA I am able to fully embrace God’s purpose and calling upon my life with kingdom mindset and further align myself towards the fulfilment of His purposes. I start to evaluate my involvement in Christian activities and service from a kingdom assignment point of view. In doing so I am able to be more intentional and purposeful as a kingdom citizen to advance God’s kingdom purposes.”

Ivy, Cluster Leader, Care Group Ministry

“Though I am committed to help with my grandson, thankful I could still attend BSF, MasterLife, seminars like this and serving in some small ways.  However I will still pray to God on my alignment. Ps Henson Lim’s talk has stirred in us the AAA vision. We will remember to do assignments for God’s Kingdom and not just Christian activities.”

Doreen, BMC Local Church Executive Committee Member

“I was impacted by the urgency and clarity of Ps Henson’s call to “stay awake” and be aligned, to know Jesus more as King (not mainly Savior), and to seek to live out my kingdom assignment, being ready and watchful for His return. His message is still vivid in my mind these couple of days.”

Angie, Care Group Leader

“After the retreat, I am better able to differentiate between Kingdom assignment (know what I need to do) and Christian activities (what others want me to do). Another essential tool in this retreat is the AAA. I’m more aware (awaken) and will align (pray and wait) myself to make sure it is a God-given assignment rather than a Christian activity.”

Joe, Chairperson, Chinese Ministry 

Grateful for the sessions where Henson was open and impartial enough to call out to each of us to address the white elephants in our lives… in our ministry… and how we live for Christ or ourselves.

Simon, Pastoral Team Member, BMC

Pastor Henson’s message about us entering into God’s Kindgom first as family and sent out as army was a good reminder for me not to get so comfortable in the new family that I lose sight of my role as soldier in His Kingdom.  It brought to mind 2 Tim 2:4 about pleasing my commanding officer (trust and obey) and not getting entangled in civilian affairs.

Veronica, Missions Committee Member
TEAM ARCHIPPUS (from left): Susheel, Christina, Phei Nee, Fayth, Henson, Serene, Siew Hoon & Lay Leng.

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