AAKO Philippines: Archippus! Awakened! Aligned! Assigned!

By Lay Leng

To God be the glory, the Archippus Awakening message is resounding in the Philippines. During the same week when Typhoon Odette hit, Pastor Rey Sanico led his congregation in sounding the Archippus battle cry as a prophetic declaration over the nation of the Philippines: “Archippus! Awakened! Aligned! Assigned!” Typhoon or not, God’s kingdom advances!

It all began when Pastor Rey received the first copies of Say To Archippus in June 2018. He promptly shared it with other pastors in Butuan City and the feedback was extremely encouraging.

Pastor Rey and his wife Cecile joined the assembly of Archippuses in Changi Cove Singapore at AWE2018 as we marked four years of Archippus Awakening.

After that Awakening Event experience, he wrote, “The teaching, prophetic words, prayers and fellowship were packed with messages and insights that I am carrying now to bring awakening in my city and region in the Philippines to fulfil her prophetic destiny and assignment. To Fulfil Our God-given Assignment, We Need to Regularly Check Our Alignment.”

The seed was planted and we started praying and planning towards bringing the message of Archippus Awakening to Butuan City, Philippines. That desire became a kingdom reality when Team Archippus arrived in Butuan City in 2019. The AAA Seminar was conducted to more than 100 pastors, leaders and members.

Team Archippus has since been keeping in touch with Pastor Rey. By God’s grace, in November 2021, Team Archippus, with Pastor Rey and his team Pastor Gershon, Pastor Julius and Pastor Nelson, “walked-through-Say-To-Archippus”, the training and equipping to echo the message of Archippus Awakening as an AAKO (Archippus Awakening Kingdom Outpost) in Philippines.

(L to R) Pastor Julius, Pastor Nelson, Pastor Gershon, Pastor Rey

A fervent Pastor Rey, having been set on fire by God, has taken the training to his primary leaders, equipping them to also declare the AA message in their spheres of influence. In his own words, Pastor Rey has testified that the AA message has impacted his family life, his ministry, his church and his nation! We give God all praise!

Pastor Rey at the training session with his primary leaders

Keeping the Archippian Strategic Process of awakened, aligned, assigned, we are now looking forward to journey with Team Philippines (comprising other Archippuses from the marketplace) in the year 2022 in Alignment Check towards many in Philippines being assigned for King Jesus!

Pastor Rey (left) and Pastor Nelson (right) all ready for Alignment Check!

Pray with us and partner us to see AAKOs established in your area of influence, that many more may be awakened, aligned and assigned for Jesus and His kingdom purposes!

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