AAKO Uganda: Going Places for King Jesus!

By Lay Leng

There has been much excitement in the Archippian camp in the year 2021 as we receive praise reports both in Singapore and across the nations. At AAKO Uganda (AAKO: Archippus Awakening Kingdom Outpost, pronounced “echo”), whether on platforms inside or outside the church, to the young or old, Team Uganda, for one, has been unstoppable in echoing the Archippus Awakening message beyond where they would have imagined.

Buule declaring the AA message to the youths

God had dropped a seed in team leader Juuko’s spirit in the year 2018. He was listening to Pastor Henson teach on “Knowing & Fulfilling Kingdom Assignments” at Tung Ling Bible School, School of Ministry. As Pastor Henson spoke on serving God in a more significant way through knowing and fulfilling our kingdom assignments, Juuko could sense his passion arise for the mission to awaken a sleeping church.

He began to pray. In 2020, a door was opened when he was invited to attend the AAA Webinar. The Archippus Awakening message came back to him as a reminder of what God had spoken to him three years ago at Tung Ling Bible School.

With the fire burning inside him, Juuko touched base with Pastor Henson and conveyed his desire to be equipped by Archippus Awakening to sound the clarion call in Uganda to awaken saints in the body of Christ to know and fulfil their kingdom assignments.

Through a series of conversations and many prayers, God has brought about a small birth of a partnership between Uganda and Singapore to see many across Uganda awakened, aligned and assigned for King Jesus and His kingdom.

Juuko (middle) and Buule (right) on kingdom assignment for Jesus

Juuko has since assembled a core team to come alongside him. Team Archippus Singapore walked through the equipping and training with the four brothers, Juuko, Buule, Samson and Victor, to see an AAKO birthed in Uganda. The entire perspective of ministry for Juuko and his team has shifted from the four-walled church to the greater mission of the kingdom of God.

In early December 2021, Victor echoed the message of Archippus Awakening at Cornerstone Community Church in Kagaba village in Wakiso District. He was told only on that day that the public address system was down but Victor’s spirit was up and going. On he went, proclaiming to the saints to be awakened that there are individual assignments to accomplish and to get aligned with God towards being assigned for Him.

Victor sharing the AA message from his heart

Victor confessed that public speaking was something he does not do often but by the grace of God, he shared that many people talked to him after the service, telling him how they were blessed with the message and challenged to wake up and seek to know their kingdom assignments. We know that God is at work!

We cheer Team Uganda on to see many hearts fired up for our King and a wildfire of kingdom assignments break out in Uganda and beyond!

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  1. Team Singapore thanks for cheering us on! Indeed we are unstoppable. God is taking us places to advance His Kingdom. Thanks for your continued support and encouragements. 2022_is for big doors for us to echo the AA message. Forever grateful for the awakening

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