Alignment Check eBook


ALIGNMENT CHECK is a practical manual for those who have been awakened with the desire to be aligned towards kingdom assignments.

Introduces the Alignment Check framework to move from Assembly Area (AA) to Area of Operation (AO).

A handy guide with 40 alignment check points to revisit fundamentals and challenge the status quo.

Discussions questions for personal or group processing at the end of each chapter.

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Henson‘s first book, Say To Archippus, carries the message and heartbeat of Archippus Awakening, a kingdom initiative dedicated to the awakening of the saints to know and fulfil their God-given kingdom assignments.

ALIGNMENT CHECK is a practical follow-on volume for those who have been awakened with the desire to be aligned and to discover kingdom assignments. Written as a handy guide for personal or group processing, it revisits fundamentals, challenges the status quo, and provokes all to examine the very core of what we claim to believe.

ALIGNMENT CHECK goes beyond the spiritual highs of a great conference, an engaging speaker or that awesome church camp. When all is said and done, if Christians do not live for the Christ, that is misalignment.

Is there more to Christianity than church service, cell group and that odd ministry trip when convenient? There definitely is! Jesus invites all to participate in the advancement of His glorious kingdom. And it begins with an ALIGNMENT CHECK. Focus on the aligning. Let God do the assigning.

    1. Hello Archippus
    2. Awakening & Aligning
    3. From AA to AO
    4. Alignment Check: A-R-E-A
    5. Start with Love
    6. Know the Christ
    7. Check Your Communication Lines
    8. Seek the Kingdom of God
    9. Renew Your Mind. Discover His Will.
    10. Stay in Community. Not in Comfort Zone.
    11. Gather with the Right Purpose
    12. Journey with the Like-Minded
    13. Observe Others on Assignment
    14. Wise up to the Times
    15. Turn & Return to God
    16. Appropriate the Cross
    17. Deal Decisively with Issues
    18. Redirect Your Freedom
    19. Follow the Christ. Not the Crowd.
    20. Debunk Discipleship Myths
    21. Dealign from Self. Align with Christ.
    22. Take Up the Cross
    23. Accept the Tests
    24. Suffer Well
    25. Hold Fast to the Personal Word
    26. Feed on the Word
    27. Partner the Holy Spirit
    28. Immerse Yourself in the Kingdom
    29. Pursue Godliness
    30. Pray the Kingdom
    31. Fast Forward
    32. Boast in Weakness
    33. Press the Button
    34. Work from a Posture of Rest
    35. Demystify the Call
    36. Clarify Your Assignments
    37. Stay the Course
    38. Go the Distance
    39. Fight the Good Fight
    40. Run in Such a Way
    41. Chart Your Timeline
    42. Submit Your Abilities to God
    43. Start Where You Are
    44. Reign with Christ
    45. Build the Arc

ISBN: 978-981-14-8067-6
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