Awakening Event: Archippuses of Bedok MC Awakened Aligned & Assigned at AWE2018!

In April 2018, the Archippus Awakening message was shared with the women of Bedok Methodist Church at their WSCS Retreat in Malacca. When they learnt about an upcoming Awakening Event over the weekend of 3-5 August where the Alignment Check would be taught in greater detail, they promptly registered for AWE2018.

With eleven of them present at AWE2018 (ten sisters and a brother), they were the largest representation from a single local church that Archippus Awakening has ever hosted at an Awakening Event.

We are so encouraged that these Archippuses are now eager to share with even more Archippuses when they return to their home church. Read their testimonies and takeaways below and give God all praise and glory:

“Dear Ps Henson & Team
Thank you for the awesome AWE2018 weekend. The definition of discipleship you have shared is now crystallised in our minds, and truly that is exactly the life Jesus lived: embracing difficulties, suffering and death, denying self and obeying the Father. Jesus completed His task well to receive His reward, sitting at the right hand of the throne of God. Indeed,the teachings included a major reorientation of some preconceived and prescribed ideas of what discipleship is. From playing church and programmes to doing kingdom work for the King. From consuming feel-good Christian preaching to embracing every hard truth in God’s Word. From simply sailing through life to truly running the race that we may receive the reward. Your message from God has indeed challenged us to do as we are assigned, according to His perfect will, with His ongoing empowerment and grace. Thank you once again for being the voice of Jesus, and sharing with us the tools to equip us for our kingdom assignments which is so beautifully summed up in the tagline: focus on the aligning, let God do the assigning.” – Sally Cheong & Evette Tan

“I am now AWAKENED, ALIGNED & ASSIGNED, and totally in AWE of Jesus for anointing Pastor Henson to deliver HIS 1-2-3-4 message! The endtime is near. Let’s wake up other Archippuses and get more people into HIS KINGDOM!” – Mollee Tng

“As an Archippus, I am a disciple of Christ. I am to know the Person of Christ and not just know about Christ. As an Archippus, I embrace the difficulties and challenges in the refinement process. This is discipleship. The alignment activity helped me realise that to run a good race, I must be aligned and re-aligned in order to finish the race and finish it well. I am deeply inspired to apply what I have learned at AWE2018 and I also hope to share the message of Archippus Awakening to awaken as many saints around me as possible. A big Thank You to Ps Henson and the working committee of AWE2018″ – Annie Yeo

“Dear Pastor Henson & Team
Thank you for a wonderful AWE2018 weekend at Changi Cove with like-minded Archippuses. The first time I heard Pastor Henson at a 3-day-2-night retreat, the Archippus Awakening message left me thinking and reflecting on my position in Christ. At AWE 2018, I received much assurance from God as I am about to embark on another assignment. I had said yes to this assignment with fear and reluctance and even regretting it, so it was good to know that Noah had to go through the refinement process (possibly ridicule by others, questioning by loved ones) while obeying God to build the ark, becoming the lineage for Jesus who endured the cross to the end so the whole mankind is saved. AWE 2018 was so well run – not just God’s message delivered by Pastor Henson but almost every segment, be it the 1-2-3-4 quiz on Friday or the alignment activity on Saturday, all served to highlight and bring out the essence of the ONE message so effectively and powerfully to us. My prayer is that as we are being launched into the world following the Adullam assembly at AWE2018 weekend, we will all be found faithful in being the Archippus in our area of influence.”
 – Chia Koon Hong

“I am an ‘underwhelmed’ soul in need of an awakening in an overwhelmed schedule.  AWE 2018 was a timely wake-up call to review my busyness. I do not want to do so many things and miss out on God ‘s assignments. With a renewed kingdom mindset, I am excited to embark on the journey of discovering what God has in store for me. I am Archippus, looking to doing HIs assignments from a posture of rest and not feeling daunted by the pain that may come with the aligning.” – Neo Lay Tin

“I have never realised how misaligned I was and at AWE 2018, I discovered where my position is. Thank you Ps Henson and Team Archippus. I am now eating and sleeping these three words: awakened, aligned, assigned. There is much to internalise and digest, but I have learnt to do it with regards to God’s kingdom.” – Jovi Low

“With the Archippus Awakeningmessage delivered to me, I recognise that there is much work needed to address my misalignment at where He has assigned me. I received my ‘fellow soldier’ appointment in awe and gratefulness. Thank you Ps Henson and team for all your faithfulness and obedienceto Him in this journey to help us unpack the ‘Build the Arc’ message, and more importantly, to understand His Kingship. I see the sacrifices behind you and the team in order to assemble me back into the Archippus battalion. With much tears and great joy. I am encouraged by all of you.” – Mark Teo, an Archippus falling in.

“Fear and doubt engulf me as I am about to move into a new AO.  Drawing from Ps Henson’s sharing at AWE2018, I learned a lesson from Noah, who aligned with God and responded with obedience when he was asked to build an ark.  As he responded with obedience, he received God’s empowerment. The alignment activity was an awakening experience. I could never imagine myself crawling on the floor on my stomach and blowing the ‘ark’ across the finishing line.  Going forward, there will be challenges, but as long as I stay focussed and move within the lane God assigned to me and with His empowermen,t I will run and win the race. I am thankful I have a community of Archippuses to cheer me on when the going gets tough.  It is my desire to awaken other sleeping Archippuses so they will be AWAKENED, ALIGNED and ASSIGNED.  Thank you Pastor Henson and team for an AWE-some2018.” – Irene Tung

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