Naville Chia: It Is All About The Kingdom Ultimately

It was only a few years ago that a certain sense of purposelessness permeated my existence. I remember sharing with a church friend how I admired individuals such as Nick Vujicic. I had then just read his book ‘Unstoppable’. Compared to him, I was nowhere close to having any semblance of a purpose in life.

However, as I pieced together the various situations that I had been involved in, which either held some significance or contributed to an outcome more favourable than expected, my thoughts began to shift gradually away from one of purposelessness.

Certain other events when brought to mind also made me think otherwise, in particular, a prophetic utterance by a pastor who prayed over me, not knowing who I was or the situation I was in, that I would be like an archer hitting the bulls’ eye, on the target each time. Further encouragement would come from a close friend, a man of prayer, with the remark : You were born for a time such as this.

On hindsight, attending Ps Henson‘s Archippus Awakening Seminar was like walking on a path marked out for me. It was as if someone knew that I needed more understanding of my calling and was directing me to just the place. But it was not all about understanding a calling or an ‘assignment’. More than that, it was about ‘alignment’ first and staying aligned all the time. Even before that could happen, there must have been an ‘awakening’.

Awakening is more than a mere awareness. In my case, it was a stirring, and at some points, almost a pang. Tears or silent cries would sometimes follow the pain, the joy or the confusion.

During the session on ‘assignment’, bold and small arrows were used to depict main and sub assignments respectively. I discovered that my ‘arrow shooting’ main assignment is seasonal or periodic in nature while my sub-assignments of mentoring and writing are on-going. At least, this is what I came away with from the AWE 2017.2 session.

It has to be said in conclusion that it is all about the Kingdom ultimately, not my little world nor yours, not even my church nor yours. It is about seeing everything from the kingdom perspective and seeking the Kingdom first. That’s where ‘alignment’ comes in. And that is why it’s so important that you and I stay aligned.

Naville Chia, Agape Methodist Church
I attended the AAA Seminar in Dec 2016 at Sengkang Methodist Church to suss out the speaker. Then I met the speaker again at church service and later at a church camp at Batam in June 2017. Since then I got to know Ps Henson better and attended KINGDOM101 session in October. I enjoy reading, writing, music, movies, dining, and chilling out.

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