Lay Leng: AWEsome Acceleration!

AWE 2017.2 is my third Awakening Event but I think it is the most special.

Not too long ago, I participated in a silent retreat as part of MAP (Archippus Awakening’s Mentoring Aligning Process). The Holy Spirit spoke to me that He would send the young ones to me, and He would cause their souls to be knitted to mine. Little did I know I would be assigned to facilitate the young adults group at AWE.

Having left the teaching service and done freelancing work for the past five years, I had almost gotten used to a slower pace of life. I had, however, no time to be apprehensive about my level of energy not matching theirs. Charles, Chelsea, Sue-Ann and Terry had been more than delightful. They expressed their hearts with authenticity, encouraged one another sincerely and earnestly desired to live out kingdom principles in their sphere of influence. I witnessed the Holy Spirit leading us in some deep conversations during our small group sessions.

The final Archippus Articulations time was the most meaningful to me. I encouraged them to ask the Holy Spirit for a word for someone in our group. They started releasing words to me that caused my spirit to leap. One of them received the word ‘mother’, (I had secretly wished the word to be ‘sister’ haha) and shared that she believed God would be sending more young ones like them to me so that I can show motherly love to them. That was a confirmation from the Lord!

Two more words came : ‘opportunity’ and ‘doors opening’. Lo, I just received a new assignment to edit a course book on singing. The writer is a Thai vocal director living in Bangkok and he writes songs for artistes and organisations.

I’m excited! I look forward to partnering with the Holy Spirit in what God has in store for me. Praise the Lord!

Tan Lay Leng, Grace Assembly of God
Lay Leng is an expressive introvert who loves to eat prawn noodles and was in the teaching profession for over 15 years. She enjoys cycling and spending time with her nieces and nephews. At the “In the Last Days” Conference, she kept smelling a sweet fragrance before the Holy Spirit whispered, “Lay Leng, pay attention to the Truth that will be spoken.” Ps Henson Lim took over the microphone and began to share about Archippus Awakening. Lay Leng found that her ears were pricked, her heart was leaping and her tears kept rolling, resonating with every word. She started connecting with Archippus Awakening. On the commissioning night of AWE2016, she received this prayer, “You shall spread the sweet fragrance of Christ wherever you go.”

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