Awakening Event: AMKMC Combined Zone Conference 19 Mar 2016

My relationship with Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church (AMKMC) began 10 years ago when I was invited to speak at their church camp in Penang. Since then, that relationship has deepened through other opportunities to preach and teach there. Across the years, friendships have been formed, and also kingdom partnerships. More recently, at the Cell Leaders’ Retreat in 2014, the notion and message of Archippus Awakening was shared with these brothers and sisters in Christ.

Helpers with STA
It is thus significant that two years later, I am invited back to declare the message of Archippus Awakening at a one-day Combined Zone Conference. After reading SAY TO ARCHIPPUS, Sharon Teh rallied six zone leaders to organise this conference for their members to know how to discover kingdom assignments. At  my request, the title of the conference was changed to “AWAKENED. ALIGNED. ASSIGNED.” The initial target was 150 participants. But as the date drew near, the sign up surged to 270! Needless to say, the organisers and I were all very encouraged.

That morning of 19 March, there was a certain buzz, an air of anticipation, as I stepped into the beautiful sanctuary on Level 3. I knew that the Lord was present and ready to work in the hearts of the Archippuses who had taken time to learn. After a short but meaningful time of praise and worship, I took the opportunity to present copies of SAY TO ARCHIPPUS to the pastoral team of AMKMC. After that, I proceeded to declare the message of Archippus Awakening across three broad segments: Another Awakening, Alignment Check and Finish the Race. In between, we had a good time of fellowship over lunch and in discussion groups. Finally, it was truly heartwarming to see Archippuses respond to the altar call, each desiring to know and fulfil his or her God-given kingdom assignments.

Henson Speaking Long Shot
It is never easy to cramp so much information within one day. But credit must go to all for their attentiveness and response. Here are key takeaways from some of the participants:

Every member of God’s family is a soldier in God’s kingdom. I am awakened to the kingdom’s cause, so I can encourage other believers to arise for God’s kingdom which is here and now.

It’s a new revelation for me as I do not know about Archippus at all, no matter what role or job God has put me to, reminders from Paul is always helpful and timely to finish the race and all glory for God.

Not the usual message that we hear from the pulpit, Ps Henson has got the message clear and that time is near, do all things for God and glory to Him, obey His commandments to reach out to our neighbours and loved ones.

Ps Henson’s message affirms some of the things that I have been receiving from God.
Moving forward, the cell is considering to use the book as our next cell study commencing from Jul 16 as a post-conference continuous learning.

The white gown of the bride. Only mention in the conference. Credit to the speaker.
Awaken to have a heighten sense of urgency in work for Kingdom. Need to prepare to run the race in the way Paul encourage Christians to do.

Personally, the analogy of the Assemble Area (AA) and the Area of Operations (AO) struck me most. An army only fulfilled its purpose in the AO and not at the AA. This is the same for the Army of God. “

That it isn’t about me but about Him; I used to think about how the Lord can add value and significance to my life.  While these are undeniable and important, they are not key as we are the creatures serving the Creator.  We often get it the other way round.
The Gospel of Jesus’ Kingdom.  He is King.

That what we do should always be according to His will.  There is no point being busy with activities which are not what our Lord wants us to do.  We must be ALIGNED to His will.

All thanks and praise to the Lord for this relationship and partnership with AMKMC. May He continue to stir in the hearts of these fresh Archippuses that they may be faithful to run their races and to fulfil their kingdom assignments to the glory of His name!

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