Our Very Own Awakening Event: AWE2016 15-17 Apr 2016

When we first decided to go ahead with AWE2016, we couldn’t help but wonder: “Is it too soon since AWE2015 in August 2015? Who will attend?” When the initial response was a little slow, these questions would come back to taunt us, over and over again. It drove us to our knees as we submitted this back to the Lord. After all, this is His message and we are merely His servants to declare it faithfully.

To the glory of God, entirely by His grace, the registrations picked up and final count was 75 Archippuses, representing 44 local churches! Of these, one-third comprised of second-timers. These attended AWE2015 and decided to come back for more, and to serve other Archippuses. Appropriately, the other two-thirds were first-timers, some of whom we had never met before. These had heard of Archippus Awakening, or had been invited by friends, and had signed up to learn more! We had three pastors fly in from South Mindanao, Philippines, to join us. More significantly, we asked the Lord for young adults and He graciously answered our prayers!

And so, on the morning of 15 April 2016, this assembly of Archippuses set off for Swiss Belhotel in Batam, for AWE2016, with excitement and anticipation. To make the most of everyone’s time there, the programme was packed and intense. The objective was clear: To train, raise and release Archippuses to know and fulfil their God-given kingdom assignments. There were breaks for meals, for rest, for fellowship; but not for shopping, swimming or sightseeing.

After a fun time of ice-breaking led by Bick Guan, and checking into our rooms to freshen up, we got down straight to business. The first session “Adullam Assembly” helped set the right perspective for Archippuses. Regardless of our personal discouragements or hurts, we gathered to Jesus for restoration and realignment, that we may be ready to be sent out for His kingdom purposes. On the first night, we revisited “Archippus Awakening Fundamentals” through ONE Message, TWO Verses, THREE Words & FOUR Traits.

The next morning started early with Kingdom Prayer Initiative (KPI) led by Soon Hin & Siew Hoon. The prayer focus, aptly, was on family, marriages and parenting, with an emphasis of knowing the Father’s love first. That set the tone for what would be taught on the second day as we dived deep into the process of ALIGNMENT across four sessions. In between, we had two guest speakers. Dr Alex Tay (Hakka Methodist Church) helped us discern between sacrifice and obedience, and how God always desires the latter more than the former. Pastor Eddy Chan (Glad Tidings Church) provided a pastoral perspective of how the local church can embrace and work with the message of Archippus Awakening.

That night, Henson challenged participants with “Three Mountains”. Are we content to stay at Middle Mountain, to camp at the level of mediocrity? Drawing from Jesus’ discourse on the Mount of Olives, would we be found faithful and ready for the Lord’s imminent return? And finally, as in Elijah’s challenge atop Mount Carmel, would we continue to vacillate between God and the world? Are we fruitful in all we have been assigned to do? Extending from this 3rd mountain, Elijah went on to a fourth, Mount Horeb, where he received a mandate and proceeded to throw his mantle upon Elisha. Prophetically, mantles were thrown on any who desired to know and fulfil kingdom assignments. As we did that, we were graced with the presence of the Lord and many experienced a fresh touch and even received fresh commissions.

On the final morning, Garry and Lay See led in KPI as we prayed through all we had learnt the day before. We prayed for the Lord to keep us awake, to keep us from slumber. We asked for the Lord to awaken the Body of Christ all over Singapore and the region. We asked for Him to align us, at the same time, praying for and encouraging one another. Significantly, we rallied around the youths and young adults present as we prayed for the next generation of Archippuses!

In the final session, Henson delivered the second part of what he shared the night before. Although the mantle was thrown on Elisha, it was not until he took up the mantle that he began to move on his own assignment with power. And yet, in between, there would be a season of training. Henson challenged everyone not to just be content to receive teaching or have someone pray over them, but commit to a season of training, and then to personally “Take Up the Mantle” that there can be ownership and fulfilment of their own assignments. To help Archippuses in this process, Henson then shared the various initiatives in place for those who are serious and committed to keep moving on, after AWE2016.

AWE2016 Group Pix
For sure, it was a packed and intense weekend but that was only to be expected. As Archippus Awakening is not an organisational church, we never know if or when we would see any of these faces again. We just do our part to sow, and believe that God will enable us through these kingdom connections that some would blossom into kingdom partnerships.

We started out not knowing how AWE2016 would be, not even knowing who would sign up. Once again, our God has done exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or imagine. All thanks and praise goes to Him, who alone deserves the highest honour and greatest glory! We firmly believe that He continues to work in the hearts of every Archippus, and we look forward to greater exploits and testimonies up ahead.

Thanks and appreciation too, to all who chipped in and made AWE2016 possible: Linda, Reuben, Bick Guan, Soon Hin, Siew Hoon, Garry, Lay See, Anna, Eunice, Christopher, Priscilla, Eddy, Stanley, Susheel, Christina, Nigel, Caroline, Aaron, Esther, Steven, Vincent, Lindsay, TF. And not forgetting our prayer warriors and intercessors too. Although these were not in Batam with us, their presence was greatly felt through their prayers and petitions! Thanks to these Archippuses who gave sacrificially and served tirelessly at AWE2016.


To God be the glory!

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  1. Thank you, Lord. It was Your hand that brought these Archippuses to Align themselves to You. It was You who made this all possible. All glory to You, Lord, as we press on with groundwork for the next AWE.

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