Sook Wai: God Refreshed My Withered Spirit

There are two things I would like to share.

One, God refreshed my withered spirit. At the recent AWE 2017.2, I realised the participants were men and women from different walks of life, go to different churches, have different spiritual journeys and are at different life stages. Despite the differences and despite not knowing anyone, I noticed I felt connected to them. I could not explain why. I was aware I experienced a group of people who were genuinely interested to hear the other person’s stories and to have conversations. They were seeking God to have a deeper relationship with Him and to transform their own lives. I was touched by the roomful of Christians who are intelligent, witty and humble and who were seeking to understand His Kingdom on His terms.

Freshly commissioned Archippuses at AWE2017.2: Awakened! Aligned! Assigned!

Perhaps this odd connection is best described by a  brother who shared his experience: “Actually we don’t know each other, but… it seems we know each other for very long.” He took the words out of my mouth. He sounded as perplexed by the experience as I was.  Such an experience was so important for me because the reason I went was to find like-minded folks who speak in a language that I resonate with. This deep connection unlocked a part of me which was quite dispirited and dead.

Secondly, through Rev Henson‘s teaching, I become aware of God’s confirmation that my issue is with alignment. I am awakened, I have received my assignment. But I face the danger of Wake to Sleep, that is, the foolhardiness of running on empty is real if  I do not Wake to Align. Rev Henson uses a contemporary style to reveal God’s passion and plan for His Kingdom.  He is like John in the wilderness of old, calling men and women who are willing to hear – only this time – the message is for Christians. The call has the same sense of urgency.

Writing this on 1 Jan 2018, I am grateful to God for Archippus Awakening. I know the action in the year 2018 is to align myself according to God’s way. The only way. With a renewed quiet devotion to God, I am quickening myself to act each day very mindful of seeking, praying and following God’s ways.

Thank You Rev Henson and his team of Archippuses for being trailblazers calling out to Christian men and women to answer the question: What are we doing with our lives as Archippuses? I remember this line written by a Chinese pastor in the book he gave me : 一起 做神无愧的仆人吧! (Together, let’s be God’s worthy servants.) And I want to live 2018 as such.  Glory to God!

Ng Sook Wai, Trinity Christian Centre
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