AAA Webinar 2022: An Archippus Awakening From The Ground Up

Zoom Webinar 1 to 3 April 2022

By Lay Leng

Over 1 to 3 April 2022, the eleventh-hour kingdom message of Archippus Awakening was declared to the saints in Singapore and across more than 20 nations. This year, the clarion call to wake up Archippuses to their God-given kingdom assignments sounded an emphasis to raise fellow soldiers from the ground up. Through six teaching sessions, Henson delivered fundamental truths to “destroy” mindsets that have caused the church to remain in slumber and in building up kingdom foundations, explained the need for An Archippus Awakening.

Diving quickly into introducing who Archippus is, Henson debunked the myth that only pastors and leaders who seem to many as spiritual giants in the likes of Moses, Joshua or David can do extraordinary things. In these last days, God will raise up the common man and woman to do great things in and through them. These are the Archippuses – fellow soldiers from the ground up – who will know their assignments and be obedient to fulfil them! It is the age of Archippus!  

Examine the ground of your belief. By putting “spiritual giants” on pedestals, do you consider yourself less worthy of what God has in store for you? And if this is so, you may miss out the fact that God has a kingdom assignment for you.

Day Two accelerated in intensity as Henson continued to revisit fundamentals of kingdom truths in two exciting topics “The Kingdom Advances” and “What’s In A Name”. Speaking at great length about the kingdom of God, Henson addressed the important distinction of salvation and kingdom. Archippus was a soldier in the Lord’s army. As believers of Jesus Christ, we have the same commission. While salvation is of paramount importance, it is but a means of being a part of God’s kingdom and participating in its mission. Are we awakened to Jesus being our King – and not just a ceremonial one? Or is He regarded only as our Saviour?

Check the ground of your doctrine. What do you understand by the kingdom of God? Do you see a distinction between being saved into heaven and being saved into the purposes of God’s kingdom? If salvation is a mere ticket to heaven, you may miss out being a part of God’s larger kingdom mission.

For many webinar participants who joined us for the first time, they heard the meaning of Archippus, “the chief horse” or “the master of horses”. Henson walked through with us useful biblical imagery of horses. Drawing from scriptures, Henson taught that the thing about horses is the issue of reliance and trust. Who do we trust in? Hence, who do we align to? Henson also asked many questions that provoked us to think about where our reliance is. He shared that the Lord spoke this into his heart: Instead of hamstringing the horses of the enemy, we have hamstrung our own. The methods of the world have crept into the church.  Do we need to realign where our reliance is? Are we relying on the methods than on the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit?

I hope by now you are convinced of the need to see where our footing is, in our theological and doctrinal understanding as well as mindsets and perspectives. It is no longer time to be horsing around, be part of the awakening of horses of an Archippian breed sent out to fulfil your kingdom assignments!

By the end of day two, we could not wait for day three to arrive, when Henson taught on “Staying Awake” and “Finish the Race”.

The groundwork of theology continued to be established in Henson’s teaching on how to stay awake in times like ours, amidst deception and erroneous teachings. He provided the eschatological backdrop of the awakening, urging us that the days are evil and the time is short. This is not the time to be sleeping. It is time for An Archippus Awakening! Go for gold, finish the race, fulfil your kingdom assignments.

Look closely into the roots of your understanding of the signs and times. Are you aware of the last days and sensitive to God’s end-time move? How do you stay awake? It is easy to fall back to sleep without a strong rooting in Jesus Christ, the Living Word.   

Fellow soldier! Archippus! Are your boots on the ground? Is the seed of the “word of the kingdom” you have received on good ground (see Matthew 13:18-23)? If so, arise and shine, the end is near, be Jesus-ready and go, faithfully fulfil your God-given kingdom assignment! We cheer you on, Archippus!

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