Five Years On: The Lord Speaks Through Trumpet Trees Again

In 2014, the Lord used the blossoming of trumpet trees in Singapore to give me the go-ahead to trumpet, to proclaim the Archippus Awakening message. Having received the message earlier in October 2013, I had only shared with a close circle of friends. Then, in April 2014, all over Singapore, it happened. After a dry season, then a sudden downpour, trumpet trees were blossoming everywhere. Seeing how it resembled the almond blossoms, I knew it was the Lord’s way of telling me, it was time. At the very next opportunity, Archippus Awakening was declared openly. [Read: Of Almond Trees & Trumpet Trees]

That was five years ago. Since then, as the Lord has opened doors, I have opened my mouth. The message of Archippus Awakening has been proclaimed not just in Singapore but also beyond, to the nations.

Last weekend, it happened again. Right in the middle of the haze, in a particularly dry spell, trumpet trees blossomed yet again. [The Straits Times: Sakura in the city: Trumpet trees bursting into full bloom across Singapore]

The timing couldn’t have been more precise; and prophetic. That same weekend, on Saturday 14 September, Archippus Awakening conducted a one-day training session to raise more proclaimers! 12 of us gathered for the very first Proclaimers Pilot to learn more about the message and how to declare it. By the Lord’s grace, more doors are opening and we need more Archippuses to carry the message. In the same way that the Lord used blossoming trumpet trees to affirm me at the start of Archippus Awakening, He has encouraged us once more, as if telling us through nature, “You are doing the right thing! Raise more Archippuses to take the message farther and wider!”

This evening, the haze cleared a little and I was able to go for an evening run. Cooling down, I looked up to see if I could see any more flowers on the trees. I saw just a few clusters, here and there. Many have fallen to the ground.

This was what I was prompted to share on Facebook:

How the trumpet trees blossomed over the weekend! Yet in a few days, this is all that’s left. I felt the Lord reminding me that the window to trumpet, to proclaim, is small. Very small. Amidst the spiritual haze, the deception and distractions, we must proclaim when it’s time to proclaim. Keep preaching and declaring. The window is small. Very small. And it closes way faster than we can imagine. #selah

After posting, as I made my way back home, I had an added perspective:

The Lord will raise many proclaimers … but only a few will be faithful, to persevere and last …

I take this as a personal reminder and warning. For sure, I am not the only prophetic voice in these final hours; there are many others. However, it is all too easy to start out with enthusiasm only to be distracted and drop out along the way. O Lord, help me stay the course, to finish the race, to fulfil my assignment. And as for those whom You will raise to co-labour with me, to declare and proclaim the Archippus Awakening message, I pray the same for them too.

Thank you, Lord, for always affirming and encouraging us, moving us forward. May we be found faithful to fulfil all You have assigned to us. Amen!

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