Archippus Awakening Shared At Very First Public Meeting

Today, 22 April 2014, is a significant day for Archippus Awakening. On this day, I got to share this new ministry in the very first ever public meeting at Metropolitan YMCA’s Y’s Men’s Christian Fellowship. Prior to this, I had only shared with very close friends on a one-on-one basis and two small groups by invitation.

Since the Lord gave me the go-ahead on 4 April (Of Almond Trees and Trumpet Trees) I have been bold to mention and introduce Archippus Awakening in my messages. However, this is the first time that I have had the opportunity to share the ministry in full. The response was very encouraging as many stood up when I made the call, identifying themselves as Archippuses, each eager to know and to fulfil their God-given assignments.

After the meeting, two intercessors stepped up to me, affirming that this was what they had been praying for – that the Lord would raise a Jonah in these final days to bring about an awakening to a church in slumber! I have no idea why they mentioned the prophet Jonah. All I know is that the Lord had earlier used Jonah to speak to me, and this was recently confirmed through another sister.

All said, I am thankful for the encouragement and affirmations thus far.¬†Whilst it is exciting to know that I am on the right track and that Archippus Awakening is indeed of the Lord’s leading, it is also very scary as I know this cannot be accomplished by my own strength. Every step of the way must be committed to the Lord and I need to rely entirely on the leading of the Holy Spirit.

The ball has started rolling. The floodgates have been flung open. There is no turning back now!

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