Is God Our True North?

Teo Ming Hui

I attended AWE2018 and AWE2020 and both times were equally impactful. I took away much. I truly felt the Archippus Awakening message is a wake-up call for slumbering Christians in this urgent hour.

At AWE2018, I was in a period of transition in my professional life and I felt God had sent me to be awakened. It was my first time hearing the message and there were many AHA moments. It awakened me to realise that as God’s children, we are called not to just fill our lives with church activities and Bible studies. God wants us to grow and mature, and there is much more to our Christian faith and walk with Christ.

In the months after AWE2018, I was eagerly seeking God’s assignment. I set off into small assignments and unknowingly, assigned myself back into activities. While I thought I was placed to do God’s work, I fell back into busy routines. Even as I took a step back to focus on His Word and fellowship, I realised I was at risk of going back into a slumber.

Fast forward into the year 2020 and it was probably God’s intention for me to be back to be properly aligned. This time round, my AHA moments were on various aspects where I am still misaligned.  I was also made to realise that two years on, though I had been awakened and I had sought alignment on my own, I am still aligning God to myself. Going back to AWE (2020) reminded me once again I needed to align to God, not the reverse, not to anything else. That I needed to journey with others and seek godly counsel to ensure I am truly aligned.

No matter how long our walk with God has been, we could still be blind to our many misalignments to His truth. Ultimately, this is a journey for our growth because God cares for us. Even if we thought we are serving others or serving our Kingdom assignments, we are truly the ones being served. His aim is to align us and refine us to become more Christlike.

So AWE 2020 was really a reminder for me, that we are called by God to discipleship. We are to focus on the aligning and let God do the assigning.

James said faith without works is dead. Witnessing the Archippian brothers and sisters on their kingdom assignments gave me an exemplar to what James was talking about. I truly feel more brothers and sisters need to hear this message and check our own alignment with God.

Had we been putting God into our own agenda, or are we truly aligning ourselves to Him? Do we obey and fear Him as our King? Is He the True North of our moral compass? Do we truly know what it means to be God’s disciples? Or we had been just been doing routine Christian activities and seeking His blessings every Sunday? Have we been making good of our salvation and faith?

Both AWE2018 and AWE2020 woke me up to these potent questions and reminded me to be aligned. I pray more brothers and sisters can come together to seek their own Archippian journey, so that God can disciple us, and refine us in the process.  

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