AAA Seminar in Philippines: Kidapawan City Assembly of God Church Shares

TEAM ARCHIPPUS travelled to Philippines to declare the message of Archippus Awakening in Kidapawan City through the “Awakened Aligned Assigned” Seminar (3 & 4 May 2018), in partnership with Kidapawan City Assembly of God Church. We give God all glory for His enablement and all He has done in the lives of our Pinoy brothers and sisters!

“As a pastor, Archippus Awakening helped me a lot in terms of giving me a sense of direction with regards to equipping God’s armies in our local church. When a fresh revival came last year, I knew in my heart God wants to accomplish something through His people for our city and perhaps for the entire province. And I know it won’t be possible without the people aligning to the person of God. Thus, intimacy before ministry was what stands out to me all through the time of the conference. All glory be unto God!” Senior Pastor Joel Acaso

“I am truly awakened. And now I see the real value of my salvation. And it’s not all about getting to heaven. I am saved for HIS purpose while waiting for HIS second coming.” Beth Riola

“Archippus Awakening really awakened me in many aspects of my relationship with God. I really thought that I was already a “Good Christian” because I was always in church, attending services, being in the Worship Team, doing little chores, etc. I thought I was there. I thought God was already pleased with me. But ever since this event, I was awakened about how much I lack as a true follower of Christ. A lot has changed within the way I think and see things. I now see a glimpse of what God is doing in order to shape me into what He wants me to be. There are lots of things I want to say. I pray that the Archippus Awakening movement would awaken more souls like me who hungers to be aligned with God more.” Jasper Teope

“To respond to God’s call is hard, but discerning where God wants you to be seems harder. This is a common struggle in Christians, especially when one decides to respond to the call of the ministry. When we speak of the ministry we usually limit it to children’s ministry, music ministry, evangelism, etc. Our minds are so confined in the four corners of the church when in fact, God has called us, Christians to a much bigger mission field, which is the Kingdom and not just the church. We need the church though, for this is our Assembly Area where we are awakened, aligned, refined, empowered and assigned. After going through these processes, we are then sent out to our respective assignments for we are not meant to just keep on receiving but designed to feed and be a channel of God’s goodness. We are called to do the work of the kingdom which is to preach the gospel to all nations and that includes our workplaces, families, friends and schools – if we are studying.” Vonkluck Herrera

“Awakened! Aligned! Assigned! I’m so blessed and thankful that I was able to join the Archippus Awakening seminar. I thought my Christian life before was ok but then I was wrong. I learned how to step out of my comfort zone. The good news of the kingdom is not just about the salvation, so live your life with the right purpose. That intimacy and a quiet time with the Lord is a must. Intimacy before ministry! As Pastor Henson said, ‘Focus on the aligning and let God do the assigning.’ Consider that you are not your own but His . Finish the race, Juls! And go for gold. This seminar has really made a big impact to my Christian journey.” Juliana Mei Kian

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