Our Very Own Awakening Event: AWE2015 28-30 Aug 2015

After one year of Archippus Awakening, we finally had our very own Awakening Event (or AWE)!

For us, any opportunity to awaken the saints with the message of Archippus Awakening is an Awakening Event. To this end, there have already been quite a few of such AWEs in the form of church camps, retreats and seminars where I was invited to share about Archippus Awakening (Read more at Category: Awakening Events). But on the weekend of 28-30 Aug, we got to organise a 3D2N AWE of our own.

We really didn’t know what to expect nor did we know who would sign up. Remember, Archippus Awakening is not a church (in its traditional and institutional understanding). As such, we don’t have a fixed congregation base to tap on at all. All we know is that we are here to serve the Body of Christ and whoever considers himself or herself an Archippus is welcome to register for AWE2015. And so, it was with fear and trembling (and lots of prayer) that we announced AWE2015 as a prophetic event with the following objectives:

  1. to train & raise Archippuses
  2. to seek & ask for the kingdom
  3. to interact & process
  4. to align & receive our assignments

Over the weeks that followed, it was so exciting and encouraging to see the registrations come in, slowly but surely. In the end, we had a total of 66 Archippuses (including five from Indonesia) at AWE2015 in Swiss Belhotel, Batam, hailing from 32 local churches! Regardless of backgrounds and experiences, the participants had one common objective – to be awakened, aligned and assigned for Jesus and His kingdom!

To make full use of our time there, the programme was intentionally intensive. I shared the heartbeat of Archippus Awakening through six sessions, supported by another four sessions; one each by Susheel John (Pastoral Perspectives), Hugh Yii (The Power of being on Assignment), Irene Chia (StrengthsFinder) and Jillian Lee (What Do You See?: An Introduction to Worldview). On top of that, we had two sessions of Kingdom Prayer Initiatives (KPI) on Saturday and Sunday mornings, led by Christopher Krishnasamy and Reuben Siew respectively. In between, we had great fun and laughter as we fellowshipped over the meals, breaks and discussion times (Archippus Articulations).

In the feedback, all the participants felt they are now better equipped to share the message of Archippus Awakening with others. To the question, “Would you encourage your friends to participate in the next AWE?”, all answered with a resounding YES! …

  • “Yes. It’s important to share this important message with others. I believe every Christian wants to know his/her assignment based on my interaction with my contacts. They need guidance to help to be awakened, aligned & assigned.”
  • “Yes, because they need to know what needs to be done.”
  • “Yes, because it’s a call for every believer to catch and understand their kingdom purpose.”
  • “Yes, to be kingdom-minded rather than busy with other activities.”
  • “Yes, I would. I find life starts to transform after being awakened and starting to walk the road of alignment. It will be so joyful to see believers being awakened, aligned and assigned!”
  • “Yes. And I desire to see more of God’s people awakened, aligned and assigned for God’s kingdom in Indonesia!”

All praise and thanks to the Lord for leading us to organise our very own Awakening Event, and for the extremely good response and participation. AWE2015 may have been the first but it definitely will not be the last. Archippus Awakening will continue to offer such events so that even more may be trained and raised as Archippuses – awakened, aligned & assigned. For sure, we cannot cover everything over such a short weekend. Discussion is already underway for a follow-up initiative through Archippus Academy.

To all who came for AWE2015, thank you for your participation and prayers! May you return to your various local communities and into your Areas of Operation to awaken even more Archippuses for Jesus. May the Lord guide and direct you as you seek to align with Him and His kingdom, knowing that when you focus on the aligning, He will most surely do the assigning!

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